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Top 10 Best Wooden Headboards in 2024 Reviews

by Dark Ereric
Wooden headboards

In modern architecture and the decorative world, you should know the importance of small things that can impact your room décor. We can start by changing the headboard for your bed. Having a different and unique headboard will change your bedroom. The wooden headboard is the focal point of any room, so it must be the best in room.

Not only for decoration, but this wooden headboard also helps in different activities such as you can rest your back, or you can take a book and comfortably read while sitting on your bed. There are so many others benefit of having a headboard.

With more designs and different features, there are many wooden headboards available in the market that claims to be best. So we have picked the top 10 best wooden headboards and reviewed each of them separately here. Read this complete guide to have a better idea about the designs and features of wooden headboards.

List of 10 Best Selling Wooden Headboards in 2024

#10. Liberty Furniture INDUSTRIES Thornwood Hills Panel Headboard

Liberty Furniture INDUSTRIES Thornwood Hills Panel Headboard

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If you ever wondered about your bedroom design that how it would have looked in mid-century. Then you can buy this Liberty Furniture wooden headboard. This particular board is designed according to mid-century, and it will enhance the interior of your bedroom. The wooden board is brown in color, and it has Rock Beaten Gray Finish. It also contains the particleboard, which gives detailed complements to a wooden board.

This Ameriwood home board has pre-drilled holes. Mostly, this hole can be fitted well with any full or queen-sized bed. It also offers a bed frame and matters separately. When you look closely, this board looks like a rustic wooden board that will be a great attraction in your place. This wooden headboard will be delivered flat at your door. You can easily assemble this board to your bed, but it is recommended to help any person while assembling. The size of this wooden board is 81 x 2 x 64 inches

Why we choose it
  • Attractive rustic design
  • Extra particleboard
  • Mid-century design
  • Perfect fit for queen size board
  • Rock Beaten Gray Finish
  • Size 81 x 2 x 64 inches

#9. Walker Edison Furniture Company Wooden Headboard

Walker Edison Furniture Company Wooden headboard

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As the brand name suggests, this company is very well known to complete all your furniture need.

From the patio to the bedroom, everything you need you will find here. If you are moving into your new apartment, you must have a perfectly designed bed for sleeping. To make your design better, you can buy this wooden headboard manufactured by Walker Edison Furniture Company.

This headboard is made of wooden and metal. The attractive design of this headboard is surrounded by a metal border that makes it very strong. The rest of the headboard is made of high-grade MDF. For more safety, this board is correctly laminated. The metal frame is rust free as it is coated with powder. The dimension of this headboard is 48” H x 62″ L x 2″ W, and it can easily fit any queen-sized bed.

Why we choose it
  • Made of metal and wood
  • Rustic design
  • Powder-coated metal
  • Better branding
  • Fit on any queen size bed

#8. Sauder Wooden Headboard

Sauder Wooden headboard

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The Sauder Line of furniture is a brand with a wide variety and designs of wooden furniture that can enlighten your living place. This well-known American brand has deep roots in Mideast. Suppose you are in your bedroom, and you see there is no headboard behind your bed. This will surely make you uncomfortable. The headboard gives a focal point to any bedroom.

This Sauder wooden headboard will add a stunning design in your bedroom. This headboard is designed with a perfect framed panel design. For better fitting, it comes with for hole. The headboard is finished in classy sindoori mango design. When you buy this headboard, you will get a detailed instruction book to fit it easily. The size of this headboard is 67.95 x 2.76 x 55.87 inches.

Why we choose it
  • Sindoori mango design
  • Full-size bed
  • Attractive focal point
  • Framed panel
  • Easy to install

#7. Barn Walls Wooden Headboard

Barn Walls Wooden headboard

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If you are looking for a headboard with a solid color mixture, you can go with this headboard. The headboards manufactured at Barn Walls are handcrafted and had more originality. The existing décor your room surely stands out as this handcrafted headboard will be installed at the back of your pillows.

The specialty of these headboards is that these are not fixed at your bed; you can hang these boards on your wall. You can easily take out without any bolting and fixing. This makes it very easy for anyone to install at any place. The headboard is thick and made with rustic panels. The size of this headboard is Length 64.5″ x Width 2″ x Height 36″.You will get hooks and nails with this headboard so that you can easily install this. These are compatible with any adjustable beds.

Why we choose it
  • Fully handcrafted design
  • A solid mixture of colors
  • Does not attach to bed
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with three sets of panels
  • Solid rustic wooden panel

#6. Home Styles Full Headboard Constructed of Natural Rattan Woven Wicker

Home Styles Wooden headboard

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Have you ever wonder how would it feel if your headboard has a soft padding for extra comfort. If you are looking for such a wooden headboard, you must check this Home Styles wooden headboard. The macro island queen design makes this headboard more interesting.

This headboard has intricate woven rattan. This also contains mahogany bedposts and carved pineapple finials. The headboard will add a classic royal look to your bed. With the refined cinnamon finish, this headboard is comfy and softer. The size of this headboard is 65. 25 inches wide x 3. 5 inches deep x 53 inches high. You can easily assemble this headboard with few steps.

Why we choose it
  • Interior padding
  • Solid mahogany bedpost
  • Cinnamon finish
  • Decorative macro design
  • Has Woven rattan panels
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#5. Atlantic Furniture Madison Headboard

Atlantic Furniture Wooden headboard

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If you are going to renovate your bedroom, do not forget to adopt a new change in your sleeping bed. For this, you can adapt the latest headboard made by Atlantic furniture. This is a purely white-colored headboard that will give you peace for sure. This headboard is made of wood.

The white headboard has a clean-lined panel design. It consists of three panels. The material used in this headboard is solid hardwood with a non-toxic finish. These headboards are specially built to use with a metal bed frame. The headboard he five-step finishing. This design will surely bring a new sense of warmth and comfort to your bedroom. The headboard is measured as 1 x 57.75 x 44.25 inches, and it weighs around 26.8 pounds.

Why we choose it
  • Compatible with a full-size bed
  • Made if hardwood
  • Has five-step finishing
  • The frame is made of metal
  • Clean panel design
  • Non- toxic finish

#4. Sauder Carson Forge Wooden Headboard

Sauder Carson Forge Wooden headboard

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This is one of the classic designs by brand Sauder which is known as Sauder Carson forge headboard. This wooden headboard is designed in a coffee color. The handsome headboard has a coffee oak finish, which is purely attractive. The headboard is constructed using an engineered wooden panel.

The package comes with different parts you need to assemble it correctly. To help you in a better way, you will get an assembling guide with this coffee-colored headboard. This aesthetic headboard can be fitted to a full-sized or queen-sized bed. This headboard size is L: 66.417″ x W: 5.827″ x H: 51.614″.

Why we choose it
  • Wood construction
  • atheistic design
  • Comes with coffee color
  • Has oak finish
  • 5 Year of company warranty

#3. Atlantic Furniture Wooden Headboard

Atlantic Furniture Wooden headboard

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This is the most simple and sober wooden headboard you can have for your bed. We all know that Atlantic furniture is known to produce the most beautiful headboard in the industry. But this traditional headboard is making a way in the market differently. This headboard has a different line design that is good for better air circulation.

The construction of this headboard is strong and sturdy. It has a powder-coated metal frame and solid wood construction. This headboard is made to last for a longer period of time. The durable design has a five-step finish. You can directly attach this to your bed with nails. This can be the perfect choice for increasing traditional décor in the bedroom.

Why we choose it
  • Traditional simple design
  • More durable
  • Light-weighted
  • Comes with metal frame
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Easy to attach

#2. Prepac Queen Flat Panel Headboard

Prepac wooden headboard

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The Prepac is the North American brand specializing in delivering unique and styles, ready to assemble furniture for your home. Especially this wooden headboard by Prepac, is designed with drifted grey color. The wooden panel is perfectly laminated. Mostly this headboard is best suitable for a queen-sized bed.

These headboards come with a predrilled hole. This will allow you to connect any metal bed frame of the bed. The headboard is constructed with non-toxic and laminated composite wood. When you completely assemble this headboard, it measures around 64.5″W x 48″H x 2.25″D. The package comes in an RTA format with an easy assemble guide. This headboard has soft edges and silk line for more comfort.

Why we choose it
  • Built with CARB-2 compliant material
  • Gray laminated finishing
  • Has predrilled holes
  • Easy to connect with any metal frame
  • RTA packaging

#1. Ameriwood Queen Headboard

Ameriwood home wooden headboard

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This is one of the best quality wooden headboard that is available here. This rustic headboard is known as Ameriwood Farmington Queen Headboard. If you look closely at this headboard, you will notice beautiful textured medium brown tones that look elegant in design. It has the best and classy pre-assembled decorative panels. Combining such things to give this piece a weathered barn feel is just great.

The wooden board has MDF laminated particleboard, which looks great and high in class. With this price range, this is the best wooden headboard in the market. You need to assemble this piece of art manually when you arrived. It has a dimension of 48.31” H x 65.75” W x 2.75” D. You and your partner can easily assemble this headboard.

Why we choose it
  • The rustic design
  • Textured brown tones
  • Elegant in design
  • MDF laminated wood
  • Compatible with queen size
  • Predrilled holes

Things to consider before purchasing a wooden headboard

  • Size: The first and most important thing to consider while purchasing a wooden headboard is its size. Every headboard comes in different sizes according to the size of the bed. So the first thing is you must know the size of your bed. For a queen-sized bed, there will be a different headboard and different for other sizes. Many of headboard comes with pre-drilled holes for assembling. So do consider size perfectly so that you can easily attach your headboard with your bed.
  • Material: The other important aspect is the material being used in the headboard. As we are all aware that headboards are used for resting head so it must feel comfortable. Many headboards have different designs, but one thing you should consider that they have proper interior padding. The padding in this headboard makes it soft and comfortable. If we talk about the exterior, it should be built with non-toxic hardwood with MDF laminated particleboards. Many of the headboards also come with a metal frame. This will surely increase the life span of the headboard.
  • Durability: The last and important thing is the durability of the headboard. The durability purely depends on the material and how you use the product.


There are many choices to select, but we have reduced those choices to the top 10 best wooden headboards. We hope that this article helps you narrow down your choices and select the best wooden headboard for yourself. It is necessary to have a good headboard in a modern decorating bedroom. Do consider pricing and its feature before purchasing this headboard.

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