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Best Battery Operated Foldaway Fans in 2024

by Alexa Kova
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When the heat kicks in, having the battery-operated foldaway fans will keep you cool with a long run time, this small appliance not only consumes less electricity but also small enough hence you can move them anywhere you want including kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, workshop or office. They may be small in size but powerful enough to move a sufficient amount of cold air to combat higher temperatures in your office.

This device is manufactured by a great number of brands and you can be confused when looking for one. However, our team has used some specific testing and done some research, and created a list of the top 10 best Battery Operated Foldaway Fans in 2024.

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Our top picks

UN UNITEDTIME table and Desk Mini fan, 4 Speed Settings (White)

Desk and table fan, Air Circulator Fan Portable Travel Mini Fan Battery Operated or USB Powered,Adjustable Height from 14.2 inch to 3.3ft as Pedestal stand floor Fan

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First, on this list is this foldaway battery-powered Fan by UN UNITEDTIME. It features a stylish and classic design making it ideal to use for outdoor, travel, tent, beach, courtyard, kitchen, and room. Ideally, this fan has four-speed settings enabling you to set the wind level that you are comfortable with. What’s more, it comes with a 7200mAh rechargeable battery and a DC motor that saves 80 percent of less energy.

This fan only weighs 1.83lb making it easy to take camping, outdoors, trips, and anywhere where you need cool wind. The unit boasts a stylish and sophisticated space-saving design and will enhance your room’s décor. It is battery powered and you can also power it via Micro USB.

The fan comes with a remote control where you can change speed settings wirelessly. What’s more, it has a tilt-back head, and also it is 180 Degree vertical adjustable.

Key Features
  • 7200mah rechargeable battery
  • Foldable and height adjustable
  • 4 speed with battery light
  • Compact foldable design
  • Weighing 1.83lb
  • Vertical 180 degree adjustable head
  • Wireless working
  • Boasts a stylish and sophisticated space-saving design to complement your room
  • You can fold it into a compact size for easy transportation from one place to another
  • It has an energy-efficient motor that saves 80% less energy
  • The fan runs quietly without disturbing the environment
  • Quality control needs improvement

AICase Folding Portable Stand Fan with 3 Speeds and Adjustable Height for camping

AICase Stand Fan,Clip Fan Folding Portable Telescopic Floor:USB Desk Fan with 1800mAh Rechargeable Battery, 3 Speeds Super Quiet Adjustable Height and Head Great

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Next on our list goes to the one called the AICase Portable Stand Fan. It is a battery-operated fan that comes with three-speed settings. You can place this Portable Stand Fan at the home, office, baby stroller, trips, camping, outdoors, gym workout, etc. it is equipped with a 1800mAh large rechargeable battery that takes around 2.5 hours to be fully recharged and take about 2 to 6 working hours.

This device has three speeds hence you can change the setting depending on your needs. Typically, this device has a 60° free shaking head to ensure that the cool wind is well distributed all-round the room. The height of this fan can also be adjusted from 8.2 inches to 21.5 inches depending on your needs.

You can fold this stand fan into a compact size making it ideal for outdoor use or storage.  Besides that, the front grille is detachable making it easy to clean and keep it clean. Since it has a compact design, you can easily put it into your backpack or drawer or easily carry it.

Key Features
  • 60° free shaking head
  • Small when folded
  • 1800mah large rechargeable battery
  • 3 speeds setting
  • Super quiet (30-40db)
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with 3 speeds setting to select the setting that favors your work environment
  • Small and compact in size making it ideal for outdoor and perfect storage
  • It has a Top shaking head design and adjustable height to work flawlessly
  • Comes with a powerful battery that takes only 2.5 hours to be full-charged and work up to 6 hours
  • It has a little bit of slippery base
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LIPETY Portable Fishing Camping Standing Fan 7.5″ Foldable Desk Fan (White)

Portable Standing Fan with Remote Controller, 7.5" Foldable Desk Fan, 7200mah & USB Quiet Fan, Mini Foldaway Floor Fan, Telescopic Pedestal Fans for Personal Bedroom Office Fishing Camping (White)

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The LIPETY Standing Fan is known as a portable and compact fan offered at a low cost. It can be used as a vertical fan or personal table fan as it is small and easy to carry. Ideally, this 7.5 inches foldable fan is controlled using a remote control and it supports 1h to 4h timing. This fan features 7.5″ in diameter, mini size, lightweight, foldaway, and has a telescopic design.

Typically, this product has 4 levels of wind that include natural, soft, breeze, and strong wind mode, and all those mods run super quietly. It has 3-in-1 functions which can be used as a fan on the floor, stand fan, and table fan. You can use it for office, home, and outdoor use.

The fan is multi-angle adjustable and its front grille is detachable making it easy to clean. Besides that, it comes with an anti-slip silicone pad that is placed at the bottom making this fan stable.

Key Features
  • 7.5 inches foldable fan
  • Built-in 7200mah rechargeable battery
  • Small and easy to carry
  • 4 levels of wind
  • 4 hours full-charged
  • Super quiet
  • Ideal to use in your office working, bedroom sleeping, travel and camping
  • Foldable and super light making it easy to carry anywhere
  • It has Detachable structures making it easy to clean
  • Runs quietly with a noise level of less than 40db making it ideal for peaceful sleeping
  • Takes almost 3.5 hours for a full charge

SmartDevil Multi-Purpose Stand Fan 2-in-1 Folding Portable Desk Fan (White)

OPOLAR Battery Operated Portable Fan,Rechargeable Oscillating Fan, Cordless Travel Foldaway Fan As Seen on Tv, Adjustable Height, 3 Speeds Settings,10000mAh, 5V:2A Fast Charging

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If you wish to get the combination of quality and durability in just one item, then the SmartDevil Portable Desk Fan is the ideal choice for you. This fan only weighs 1.83lb. and has a folded height of 3.7 inches x 7.76 inches. This makes it portable and you can easily carry it outside for office, outdoors, car backseat, gym workout, trips, or anywhere need cool wind.

This Standing Fan/Desk Fan comes with a remote control hence you can control it when you are within four meters. What’s more, it has a time function allowing you to set the time for 1 to 4 hours. The fan is equipped with a 7200mAh rechargeable battery hence you can use it wirelessly when outdoor. You can also power it using USB and it is compatible with car chargers, power banks, PC / laptops, or any other USB-enabled power source.

This cooling device has four gears that include high, medium, and low gears making it easy to use. Another thing, you can adjust the wind direction up to 180 degrees vertically offering you multi-directional choices.

Key Features
  • Four-Speed Adjustable
  • Remote control within four meters
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios
  • Portable & Compact
  • Table Fan & Floor Fan
  • Timing Closure (1~4h)
  • 7200mAh rechargeable battery
  • It has an adjustable height from 14.2 inches to 3.3 feet
  • Can be folded into a compact and portable size making it ideal for camping
  • It has a four-speed adjustable to suit your cooling needs
  • Has 2 power supply methods where it can be powered via USB or battery
  • Not the most powerful in the list

AIHANCH Desk Fan Oscillating Fan Rechargeable 10800mAh Standing Fan

Desk and Floor Fan, Aihanch Rechargeable 10800mAh Battery Operated Fan Oscillating Fan, 4 Speeds Height Adjustable Foldaway Fan with Remote Timer Night Light for Home Outdoor Camping Travel

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The AIHANCH Desk Fan is an energy-efficient fan that runs on a 10800mAh rechargeable battery. It features four levels of wind that include natural wind mode, strong wind, soft wind, and breeze wind. This cooling machine run quietly hence it will drives off the heat while bringing breeze wind that will take care of your child when sleeping.

This Oscillating fan will ensure that you are cool as it transfers the wind in all directions. Another thing, you can adjust the fan stick height as floor fan, table fan making it a great choice to put in your BBQ, picnic, office, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

This fan can be controlled remotely using a remote control up to a distance of 13.2ft. You can control the timer, wind speed, rotating, led night light, or power it on and off. Its shaking head and 180-degree adjustable tilt angle make it work flawlessly.

Key Features
  • Quiet desk fan with 4 speeds
  • 180-degree adjustable tilt angle
  • 13.2ft remote control distance
  • 10800mah rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: 7.5 h
  • Ultra-quiet: 30-40db
  • It runs quietly allowing you or your kid to sleep in a quiet environment
  • Easy to fold it into a compact size making it ideal for outdoor use or storage
  • Has night LED lights that illuminate the area during the time of emergency
  • The height is extendable from 14.2 inches to 40 inches to meet your cooling needs
  • Loosen battery apartment complaints
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IRIS USA, Inc. PCF-SDC15T Oscillating Compact Personal Circulator Fan, White

Portable Folding Misting Fan, Taipow Oscillating Standing Fan USB Rechargeable Small Fan with Lights and Remote Control with 4 Speed Humidifying Spray Fan (White)

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Here is another Compact Personal Foldaway Fan that is very easy to carry along. This fan is designed to circulate your room without consuming a lot of space. Therefore, you can place it on your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom or next to the couch. With its remote control, you can just sit down and relax allowing you to control the fan when you are some distance.

This fan has three modes that allow you to have a continuous and desired strength at your desired strength. Another thing, this unit has 10-speed settings and its fan oscillates right or left, up and down at your desired strength and mode.

It is a compact yet powerful unit that provides up to 470 ft² area coverage. Another thing, it comes with a 70.9-inch power cord that easily reaches the electrical outlet. Above all, starting from turbo-strength wind to a quiet breeze, this device will work for you perfectly.

Key Features
  • Has 10 different speed settings
  • Small and versatile
  • Auto-off timer settings
  • Built-in handle
  • Has up to 470 ft² area coverage
  • Comes with 70. 9-inch cord
  • Delivers air more than 80ft away
  • Comes with a remote control enabling you to control your desired settings in your room
  • Compact yet powerful with 10-speed settings for a great feeling of the outdoors
  • Oscillate your fan right or left and down and up at your desired mode
  • Offered with a long cord that will reach your desired outlet
  • The battery doesn’t last too long at high speed

Rilitor Portable 10000mAh battery-operated Foldaway Fans with 9 Speeds for Camping

Portable Standing Fan, Foldable Desk Fan 10000mAh Battery & USB Powered 9 Speeds Silence Air Circulator Fan with Remote Control 8h Timer

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The Rilitor Portable Standing Fan is lightweight but comes with a high-quality motor making it durable and powerful. It comes with a standing pile that can be freely lowered or raised manually to the desired height. In addition to that, it comes with a 10000mAh Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 35 hours when fully charged. You can use this battery to power small household appliances and mobile phones.

This fan automatically swings 80 angles down and up. It is also offered with an anti-slip silicone pad that is kept at the base of the fan to make it stable. Another thing, it works at low volume hence it will not disturb your sleep.

Ideally, this fan is applicable in various cases such as during outdoor work, BBQ, summer camping, fishing, and weeding. The front grille is removable making it easy to clean. The remote control ensures convenience for long-distance control.

Key Features
  • Built-in 10000mah rechargeable battery
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has 26inch/66cm standpipe
  • Made of abs materials
  • Has 7-9 hours charging time
  • Has 6-35 hours working time
  • Three-speed setting
  • Has a strong and durable base that offers great stability to your fan during operation
  • It has 9-speed settings and a timer that will satisfy your multiple needs
  • Has Detachable structures for easy cleaning
  • Simple operation with One-button control which you can easily adjust to the appropriate fan speed
  • Very costly to buy

Efluky Table and Desk fan battery-operated Foldaway Oscillating Fans, 4 Speeds

efluky Desk and Table fan,Oscillating Fan Portable Folding Telescopic USB Fan with Remote Control and Lights,Battery Powered or USB Powered,Adjustable Height Pedestal Fan, 4 Speeds

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Are you searching for the best Folding Oscillating Fan for your desk as you work or study? This is definitely what you are looking for. Typically, this Folding Oscillating Fan can be fully adjusted from 3.7 inches to 39.3 inches and features an Adjustable tilt angle of 180 degrees. This allows you to have more choices in different angles and heights.

Ideally, this Folding Oscillating Fan could be used as a desk fan, desk fan, standing floor fan, or Oscillating Fan. This makes it ideal for the living room, bedroom, or chilling in the backyard. The fan has an easy-to-use remote control that allows you to fully control the 2 levels of the night light and 4 speeds.

This Oscillating Fan is perfect to use in your living room, bedroom or chilling in the backyard. You can disassemble the cover with your hands. Another thing, this unit is very small and takes less space in your room. Finally, you can use this desk fan as a power bank outdoors.

Key Features
  • Fold up nicely for easy storage
  • Height and angles adjustable
  • Can be disassembled for easy cleaning
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • The fan has 4 speeds
  • It has 2 levels of night light
  • Folds into the compact and small unit making it easy to store and transport
  • It has a 180-degree adjustable tilt Angle and 3.7″ to 39.3″ height adjustable
  • Perfect to use in your living room, bedroom, or chilling in the backyard
  • Versatile and can be used as a fan or to lighten up your area
  • Known to offer terrible customer service
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Magesh Portable Remote Control Pedestal Fan Outdoor Camping (Gray)

Portable Pedestal Fan - Foldaway Standing Fan Foldable Desk Fan, Wireless Use 7200Mah Rechargeable Battery, Remote Control Telescopic 4 Speed Quiet Timer Fan

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This is a battery-operated fan that you can use on your sturdy desk or working desk. It is a multifunctional Outdoor Camping foldable standing fan that comes with a rechargeable 7200mah battery and ensures wireless working 5 to 24 hours. This product has four-speed settings that include low, high, and medium. Ideally, this battery-operated standing fan is going to meet your different needs.

This portable pedestal fan can be placed in your bedroom, kitchen, home and use as a standing fan. You can control it using the included remote control to avoid unnecessary trouble. Another thing, the height can be adjusted from 5.8 inches to 40.5 inches while it has an adjustable tilt up to 270-degrees.

This product is extremely easy to carry and you can conveniently place it in your bag for courtyard barbecue, picnic, outdoor camping, etc. Another thing, it is offered with a 12-month warranty. It can serve as a pedestal fan, stand Fan, or table fan.

Key Features
  • Comes with 7200mah rechargeable battery
  • Portable pedestal fan with remote
  • Angles and height adjustable
  • Super quiet and easy to clean
  • 270-degree adjustable tilt angle
  • Offered with 12-month warranty
  • Mini portable and has a unique foldaway design making it easy to carry
  • Has 3-in-1 function where it can be used as Pedestal Fan, Stand Fan, and table fan
  • It has Detachable structures making it easy to clean
  • Runs super quietly making it ideal to use in your bedroom or office
  • Short battery life when used at maximum

Yocuby battery-operated 16 inch Foldaway Fans for Home, Picnic, Camping (White)

Yocuby Foldable Fans, Portable Table and Desk Fan with Lights, USB Rechargeable Fan, 16INCH Cordless Outdoor Standing Fan for Home, Office, Camping and Picnic (White)

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Here is another battery-operated Foldaway Fans that you can use in your office or home. It comes with a 5200 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 12 hours when it is fully charged. What’s more, this floor can rotates 180° right and left and 200° down and up. You can hang it on the wall or put it on the table.

The best thing about this fan is that it runs quietly without making a lot of noise. It produces amazing wind and runs quietly and smoothly making it perfect for bedroom, living room, and even office.

This rotatable USB-powered fan is equipped with the warm light that you can adjust the brightness in 3 levels. This light helps you when camping in the wild or reading at night.

Key Features
  • Rotatable USB powered fan
  • It has a 5200 MAH rechargeable battery
  • Fan can rotate 180° right and left
  • Six-months warranty
  • Equipped with warm lights
  • Can be folded into a compact size making it ideal to transport anywhere
  • Has warm lights with three brightness levels to illuminate your outdoor area
  • Runs smoothly and quietly making it perfect to use in bedroom and office
  • Multi-directional wind and has wide coverage
  • Pricy

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Battery Operated Foldaway Fans

  • Runtime: Replaceable or rechargeable batteries are mainly used in Battery Operated Foldaway Fans. Therefore, it is very important to check the battery runtime to know how long it can work before requiring to replace the battery or recharge. In that case, ensure that the battery runtime will meet your needs.
  • User-Friendly: You want to choose a portable fan that is intuitive and easy to use. User-friendly also means that the fan is easy to clean, mount, move and assemble. It should not be over complicated. You can get the one that comes with a remote control option so that you can control the speed settings, cooling options, and timer even when you are at a distance.
  • Size: This is another important feature you should look for when looking for a Battery Operated Foldaway Fan. The space you are planning to use the Foldaway Fans dictates how small or large of fan you select. If you have limited space but need a lot of air, then consider a slim and tall bladeless fan.
  • Safety: Always ensure that the fan you want to purchase will keep you and your friends safe from moving blades. You can check whether the fan has a protective grill.


No matter you want extra coolness in your office or it is camping, a battery-operated foldaway fan is an ideal thing to do. They are compact and will save you more on electricity bills. With the list above, we hope that you have spotted the best that matches your budget plan, taste, and lifestyle, and then make your order today.

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