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Top 10 Best Snow Tubes in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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Snow Tubes

Once winter is around the corner, you need tools to enable you to keep up and have fun throughout the season. Even if snow falls, the surest way to enjoy yourself is having snow tubes. The snow tubes come in different sizes. Also, they have durable covers. In all honesty, nothing could beat these snow tubes when it comes to quality. Most of them feature PVC material. Moreover, they have handles with low pressure.

In addition to that, it is very easy to use them. However, there are so many snow tube models available in the market, but identifying the best is not that easy. But here are a few factors to guide you through your decision making. Choose the one that meets your requirements from the list below.

#10. WindRider Heavy Duty Snow Tube

WindRider Heavy Duty Snow Tube

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This snow tube from WindRider is popularly cherished for its long-lasting Cordura Nylon top and hard plastic bottom. Unlike other brands with fabric bottom, this one has a super slick and super durable plastic bottom. With its comfortable innertube, you will always enjoy sledding on its plastic saucer. On top of that, its super slick bottom is what makes it sled at a speed of 30mph. However, you should be careful with little kids because this speed is extremely high.

Additionally, when fully inflated, the comfortable inner tube will make feel as if you are sledding on clouds. The tube is also towable due to its long-lasting 500D Cordura top.

Key Features
  • Solid polyethylene bottom for rigidity
  • The detachable dual stitched tow line
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Two grab handles
  • Long-lasting 500D Cordura top makes towable

#9. Bradley Heavy-Duty Snow Tube

Bradley Heavy-Duty Snow Tube

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Down snowy hillsides activity is incomplete without deluxe snow tube, and that’s why snow tube by Bradly comes in handy. Bradley snow tube provides the smoothest sled on the slopes! Its inner tube is made of thick rubber. This sledding tube has 50″ premium grade cover. In addition, the tow leash that measures 6 foot long is also provided for hand pulling.

More increasingly, its design includes 1100D slick heavy-duty vinyl bottom that is made of RapidGlide anti-friction technology. The two sewn-in handles together with sewn-in tow strap and loop for securing cover and tube. It comes in the perfect size for individuals up to 200 pounds. Ultimately, this lightweight toboggan is easy for children to slide down snowy hillsides.

Key Features
  • Includes slick heavy-duty fabric bottom alongside RapidGlide anti-friction technology
  • Wear and UV and protection is enhanced
  • Has 50″ premium grade cover
  • Its inner tube is tailored of thick rubber.
  • 6-foot long leash for towing
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#8. Winterial Inflatable Snow Tube

Winterial Inflatable Snow Tube

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Looking for thrilling winter holiday ideas? Pack for an exciting snow ride with this Snow Tube from Winterial. Padded handles and shoulder strap as well accompany this snow tube for convenience. It glides, swirls, and spin. More pleasingly, a Winterial snow tube is made with thick nylon cover and solid 1000D bottom, making it heavy-duty, steady, and speedy! This snow tube is well equipped with padded and backrest handles for security & comfort. Therefore, you can hold it and ride down the snowy slopes.

On top of that, the incorporated shoulder strap is suitable for towing it back up and zooming downhill easily. The tube is durable portable & lightweight, thus taking winter escapade to greater heights.

Key Features
  • Solid 1000D bottom design for a steady, speedy snow ride
  • Made with a padded backrest & handles for the comfortable ride & secure grip
  • Accompanied by a shoulder strap that enables you to pull it back up conveniently
  • Deflates and Inflates effortlessly for trouble-free storage and quick use respectively
  • Thick nylon cover withstands frequent use and tough sledding trails

#7. Slippery Racer Airdual Blue Inflatable Snow Tube

Slippery Racer Airdual Blue Inflatable Snow Tube

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The air double inflatable snow tube from Slippery Racer will deliver endless hours of enjoyment in the snow. Sleds, tubes, and toboggan by Slippery Racer are at the frontline in performance, design, and quality. Made with commercial-grade, firm, and flexible plastic and coated with ice vex cold-proof treatment from Slippery Racer exclusive.

On the other hand, the sleds by Slippery Racer are built to resist no matter how harsh the conditions, and that’s why it is the snow tube from Slippery Racer is model of choice for snow lovers sledding hobbyists and enthusiasts. Lastly, it has slick, heavy-duty bottom for maximum longevity and speed.

Key Features
  • Coated with ice vex cold-proof treatment from Slippery Racer exclusive
  • Capacity: 2 riders
  • Four armored handle grips
  • Has slick, heavy-duty bottom for maximum longevity and speed
  • 60 inch heavy-duty PVC, dual rider snow tube

#6. HIWENA 2 Pack Inflatable Snow Tubes

HIWENA 2 Pack Inflatable Snow Tubes

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Take your sledding activity to greater heights with this snow tubes from HIWENA. It comes in a pack of two and thus making suitable for families. You can use them as river tubes and pool floats for adults and kids. It will always bring more to you and your kid. Moreover, the inflatable snow tube that measures 48 inches wide can support up to 450 pounds while the one that measures 37 inches wide can support up to 200 pounds perfect for kids.

More increasingly, thicken PVC materials are used in making a snow tube. For instance, 0.5mm thick material goes with 48-inches, whereas 0.4mm for 37-inches PVC materials. It has a solid bottom and hence suitable for sledding on sloppy snow.

Key Features
  • Two sturdy and larger handles add safety
  • Safety edging process guarantees comfort for grabbing
  • Thicken PVC materials construction
  • It has a solid bottom and hence suitable for sledding

#5. GRM 47-Inch Snow Tube

GRM 47-Inch Snow Tube

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The 47-Inch Snow Tube from GRM can be your better option if you are great outdoor winter fun. Everybody from your family can enjoy the pleasures of GRM snow tubing. The 47-inch sledding tube is characterized by streamlined circle design, 0.6mm thick material, double-layer bottom, and double reinforced handles for your family’s safety. Besides, it’s made with eco-friendly PVC. The advanced technology is also adopted for seamless bonding.

This technology ensures that this tube is durable, tear-resistant with better leak-proof on snow. It can even resist extreme cold temperatures. What’s more, its 3-in-1 large valve makes the inflating and deflation process faster. The tube is lightweight, small for convenient carrying and storage.

Key Features
  • Strengthened Safety Handles
  • Sturdy, double reinforced handles
  • Includes Repair patch is for an accidental tear or puncture repair
  • 0.6mm Ultra-Thick Material
  • Convenient to Carry
  • Double lock valve for airtight sealing

#4. Bestway H2OGO! 3-Person Snow Tube

Bestway H2OGO! 3-Person Snow Tube

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Grab your families for a pleasurable snow adventure! H2OGO! Inflatable Triple Tube from Bestway measures 60-inches x 60-inches x 8-inches. The big winter gloves can easily hold their big handles nicely. It’s ideal for 1-3 people. It can support a weight capacity of 396 pounds. Your kids can enjoy any size as they have winter entertainment of sledding down the winter backyard.

What’s more, this heavy-duty snow tube is created with environmentally-friendly and durable PVC material to make sure that your kid can use it for many years. Freeze-proof Polar-Shield material offers protection against cold weather and prevents ripping and cracking like usual PVC tubes. This’s to say; you can even sled in snowstorms and cold temperatures. This flexible material works better on a hilly snowstorm for a smoother and safer ride.

Key Features
  • Freeze-proof Polar-Shield material offers cold weather protection
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • Its 3-way interlocking discharge valve guarantee effortless inflation & quick deflation
  • Created from environmentally-friendly PVC material
  • Six reinforced handles for better control

#3. H2OGO! Snow Bestway 56-inches Inflatable Snow Tube

H2OGO! Snow Bestway 56-inches Inflatable Snow Tube

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The H2OGO! Snow tube brings immediate fun to individual sledding attraction. This winter rush covered triangular sled is accompanied by the bucket seat for comfortable seating and convenient entry. The snow tube features polar shield material in its PVC specialized form, which works to resist cold weather conditions and prevent punctures.

Besides this polar long-lasting shield material, this snow tube incorporates protective fabric cover alongside attached handle straps. The attached handle straps are increasingly pliable for convenient handling whenever you are running an adrenaline-packed sled. Its 3-way interlocking discharge valve guarantees effortless inflation & quick deflation.

Key Features
  • Freeze-proof Polar-Shield material offers cold weather protection
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 pounds
  • Its 3-way interlocking discharge valve ensures effortless inflation & quick deflation
  • Flexible fabric cover material
  • Created from environmentally-friendly PVC material
  • Four reinforced handles for better control
  • The package includes a repair patch

#2. Tube-In-A-Box 40″ L Snow Tube

Tube-In-A-Box 40" L Snow Tube

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Tube-in-A-Box presents a 100% industrial-grade rubber unit that combines a swim & snow tube, making it useful for floating, swimming, and sledding. Its inner tube is tough and durable, ready for snow adventure. Engineered for safety is its distinctive rubber valve cap and stem. This safety valve stem will protect you again, bruises and scrapes. You’re going to like it.

Furthermore, its UV protected inner tubes will always withstand sun heat that probably causes premature deflation. Unlike vinyl tubes that will pop, these tubes are long-lasting and exceptionally tear resilient. For best results, ensure that proper inflation is done.

Key Features
  • Full outside diameter: 40-inches
  • Tear-resistant and durable tube for long-lasting service
  • Safety and unique valve stem provides protection against scrapes and bruises
  • UV protected inner tubes for premature deflation

#1. GoFloats Inflatable Winter Snow Tube

GoFloats Inflatable Winter Snow Tube

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Coming at position one is this winter snow tube from GoFloats. Firstly, these tubes come in various shapes and designs. This design includes an ice dragon, unicorn, flamingo, and a polar bear. Secondly, you can spend your snow day in style while sledding down sloppy snow hills. Unlike their competitor, GoFloats snow tube is cold weather treated and made of 100% thicker material giving it amazing designs that are functional and fun.

What’s more, you can the simplest way of inflating your snow tube using its rapid-inflate valve. Also, you can have comfortable sledding at 45 inches in diameter and fun for kids and adults. Luckily, GoFloats normally provide customer service and free replacements for defective or damaged items.

Key Features
  • The package includes a repair patch kit
  • 100% thicker material construction
  • Rapid-inflate valve for faster inflating
  • Gofloats warranty covers defective and damaged items

How to choose the best snow tube

Size: You need to consider the size before choosing the snow tube. Larger tubes are more comfortable, and they accommodate more people. Also, when going long distances, you need a larger tube. Nevertheless, the tube should not be too large that you cannot reach its handles because you may lose control.

Cover: The best snow tubes are covered with vinyl material. This protects it from being pierced by sharp objects. Also, it will last longer. You need a heavier tube because heavier tubes handle more weight compared to lighter ones.

PVC: To get a quality snow tube, you need the one that has PVC. This is because PVC is very durable. You should also understand that high-grade PVC is found on more expensive snow tubes in the market.

Bottom: The best bottoms should have a cover that goes around. This ensures reinforcement at the bottom. As a result, the tube will not be prone to popping. Furthermore, other tubes feature a circular design and have a hole at the center. This limits the possibility of holes being created. Also, it will reduce the rate of snow rubbing up against the material.

Weight Limit: To understand the quality of a tube, you need to check its weight limit. Thicker tubes are reinforced more and have a higher weight limit. Generally, they are proven to be safer. Most importantly, you require a snow tube that is able to hold your weight.


Hopefully, after going through the review above, you will have an idea about snow tubes that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing snow tubes. Always consider the number of people you want to fit on the snow tube. Also, take note of the budget you need to spend. When winter comes, the snow sledding and snow tube will make you enjoy your day.

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