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Top 10 Best Grease Guns in 2024 Reviews | Heavy Duty Pistol Grip

by Dark Ereric
Grease Gun

In the modern era, grease gun have become essential tools that make your greasing task much practical, easier, cost-effective, and faster. These are tools that are used to apply grease to the moving part of the machine. They are heavy-duty professional tools with a pistol grip. Most of these guns are affordable and portable and thus making them suitable for various jobs. These are must-have tools for multiple greasing applications.

However, finding the right grease gun is much hectic since there are various models of grease guns with different features and specifications out there. But fortunately, here are some wisely selected models for you. Have a look.

List of 10 Best Grease Guns in 2024 Reviews

#10. Lnchett 7000 PSI Grease Gun

Lnchett 7000 PSI Grease Gun

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This grease gun from Lnchett is well reinforced with heavy-duty, solid steel barrel construction, which makes it look glossier and more powerful. The incorporated rubber handle provides plenty of control for daily comfort. And more increasingly, this product also features a heavy-duty plunger that aids in pumping the grease more efficiently and quickly.

Apart from that, a thickened rubbery sleeve that is situated around the barrel offers added non-slippery grip. In addition, the pack features a one-sharp type nozzle, two-metal extension tubes, 18-inch flex hose, and a two-reinforced standard coupler. The working pressure of 7000 psi characterizes the unit.

Key Features
  • Air-Release Valve Design
  • Pistol grip handle
  • The thickened spring
  • Reinforced Grease Gun
  • Thickened rubbery sleeve
  • Solid steel barrel construction
  • 2 Reinforced Coupler
  • Working pressure: 7000 PSI

#9. UTOOL 7000 PSI Heavy Duty Pistol Grip

UTOOL 7000 PSI Grease Gun

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For power performance, buy a UTOOL grease gun. First, it has an enhanced sealing and die-cast head, which guarantees its maximum working pressure of 7000psi. Next, it has an ergonomic design. In like manner, the pistol grip allows you to hold it with one hand. Furthermore, for increased friction, it has non-slip knurling. Also, it ensures safety.

Additionally, it features one flex hose and two metal hoses as well as three grease couplers. These make it adapt to different lubrication situations. Moreover, it is very simple to clean its silver anode coating. Another unique feature of this grease gun is an air bleed valve, which releases the air pockets. You only need to push a single button.

Key Features
  • A non-slip knurling
  • Enhanced sealing and a die-cast head
  • Support 14 oz Load
  • Maximum working pressure of 7000psi
  • An ergonomic design
  • 2 Working Coupler
  • Simple to clean
  • Spring Flex Hose of 18 -inch
  • Has an air bleed valve
  • 2 Extension Rigid Pipe

#8. CARBYNE Heavy Duty Professional Quality

CARBYNE Heavy Duty Grease Gun

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This is another more competitive model of grease gun with 3-way loading, 6-inches rigid extension, and 12-inches flex hose. More interestingly, this product from Carbyne has a quality pistol grip for comfortable handling. The pistol grip handle and non-slip rubber grip are easy-to-use. It includes a die-cast head that develops working pressure of 4,500 PSI. There is an anodized aluminum barrel on this grease gun as well.

Moreover, with this air bleeder valve, this tool can eliminate air pressure quickly. The reinforced 12-inches flex hose has a heavy-duty spring guard. This heavy-duty professional is good enough for any greasing application.

Key Features
  • Pistol Grip handle
  • 12-inches Reinforced Flex Hose alongside Spring Guard
  • Handle Anodized Aluminum Barrel.
  • Working Pressure: 4,500 PSI
  • 6-inch Rigid Extension included
  • Air Bleeder Valve for eliminating air pockets
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • 3-Way Loading

#7. AcPulse 6000 PSI Grease Gun

AcPulse 6000 PSI Grease Gun

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Find a grease gun that is easy to use from Acpulse. And to begin with, the pistol grip handle is heavy-duty. Further, it has 18-inch hoses and several connectors. Additionally, it is easy to fill since you can use different ways to refill it. Most importantly, you can use it in automotive, including trailers, marine, industrial, and agriculture.

In addition to that, this product has a steel tube body with Ac Pulse precision. Also, it has a universal fit. However, it has a very sharp nozzle. On the other hand, its ID feature has a low variance to prevent the leaking of grease during bulk application.

Key Features
  • Pistol grip handle that is a heavy-duty
  • Easy to fill
  • Steel tube body with Ac Pulse precision
  • ID feature has low variance
  • It has a Universal fit
  • Working pressure of 6000 psi.

#6. STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Grease Gun

STEINBRÜCKE Bravex Grease Gun

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Coming at position six is the grease gun from STEINBRÜCKE. This pistol grip greasing gun is characterized by working pressure of 6000 PSI and an 18-inches flex hose. It also includes a Leak-resistant plunger design, which prevents internal grease leakage whenever the applied pressure is high. Other than that, this tool boasts about is its high-pressure O-Ring sealed piston design that prevents possible grease leakage from the pump head.

Furthermore, it features a metal case head that adds an additional layer of longevity to the device. Its canister is made of steel tubes for high durability. Another beautiful feature is Air bleeder valve, and it helps in eliminating air pockets quickly. Its 3-Way grease loading includes 14.5 Oz Cartridge, Bulk Suction Fill, and Standard 14 oz.

Key Features
  • O-ring sealed piston design
  • Leak-proof plunger design
  • Air Bleeding Valve
  • 3-Way Grease Loading
  • Metallic case head includes
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds
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#5. REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

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Unlike other grease guns, the Rexbeti grease gun appears to be glossier and powerful. First, it has a rubber handle that offers enough comfort. Furthermore, the heavy-duty plunger pumps grease very efficiently and quickly. Then again, it has an air-release valve design. This valve allows for the escape of air after you add new grease. In the same way, it pumps the grease into the head.

Additionally, it includes two reinforced standard coupler, 18″ flex hose, one sharp nozzle, and two metal extension tubes. Besides, it has a thickened spring. This second-generation spring is thicker and more powerful than the normal springs. Finally, the orange rubber sleeve ensures a firm grip when it is slippery.

Key Features
  • Includes two reinforced standard coupler, 18″ flex hose, one sharp nozzle, and two metal extension tubes
  • A Heavy-duty design
  • Has a thickened spring
  • Orange rubber sleeve
  • Glossier and powerful
  • Air-release valve design

#4. Bravex Heavy Duty Grease Gun

Bravex Heavy Duty Grease Gun

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This grease gun from Bravex is characterized by 18-inches flex hose and 6000 PSI working pressure. It is also equipped with a slip-free rubber grip that provides you with higher gripping friction. The other feature that this product boasts about is its high-pressure O-Ring sealed piston design that prevents possible grease leakage from the pump head. The air bleeder valve is another beautiful feature of this grease gun, and it helps in eliminating air pockets quickly.

What’s more, 18-inch reinforced flex hose extension with coupler & Spring Guard, and a solid metal extension tube of 5-1/2 alongside sharp nozzle. Its canister is made of steel tubes for high durability.

Key Features
  • High-pressure O-Ring sealed piston design
  • Cold-drawn steel tube canister construction
  • Air bleeder valve
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • 3-Way Grease Loading
  • Working pressure: 6000 psi
  • 18-inch Flex Hose

#3. Lincoln Industrial 1162 Air-Operated Grease Gun

Lincoln Industrial 1162 Air-Operated Grease Gun

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Proceeding with this list, we have the Lincoln Industrial grease gun. Furthermore, it is fully automatic. Also, it features a continuous flow of grease and operation. In addition to that, it has an attachment clip and a coupler. Both of them are in a thirty-inch high-pressure hose.

On top of that, it includes air bleeder or a combination nipple filler. This easily releases, and bulk fills trapped air, thus priming your grease gun. Moreover, it has a maximum grease pressure of 6,000 psi. The accessible check valve makes cleaning of contaminated and hardened grease easy. Finally, it is very powerful and strong.

Key Features
  • It is fully automatic
  • Maximum grease pressure of 6,000 psi.
  • Attachment clip and a coupler
  • Has an accessible check valve
  • Powerful and strong

#2. Lumax LX-1152 Grease Gun 18-inches Flex Hose

Lumax LX-1152 Grease Gun 18-inches Flex Hose

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Lomax LX-1152 pistol grease gun is a deluxe and heavy-duty tools with handy 3-way loading and18-inches flex hose. Its loading unit can be filled with the standard cartridge, bulk, or suction fill. This grease gun allows for easy greasing with its convenient one-hand operation. Along with that, you can also access hard-to-reach fittings with an 18-inches flex hose extension. Its handle features a chrome-plated finish that ensures maximum protection from rust and corrosion. It is also an oil-resistant, & contoured grip for a firm and comfortable grip.

This grease gun from Lomax is constructed to the utmost standards and includes many distinctive features, which make work cost-effective, easier, and faster. It is unique in quality, design, and performance.

Key Features
  • Three-way loading that uses grease pump, cartridge, or suction
  • Cast head generates 480 bar (7,000 PSI)
  • Characterized by an air bleeder valve that vents air pockets
  • Follower rod lock inhibits the accidental discharge
  • Premium-duty 18-gauge steel barrel for durability

#1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Grease Gun (Cordless)

DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Grease Gun (Cordless)

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The DEWALT grease gun is very powerful. Firstly, it has a maximum power of 10,000 psi. A battery powers it. Secondly, this gun features a higher volume, thus pushing 5.0 oz. /min. Thirdly, it has a flexible and extra-long hose. Therefore, this design allows it to reach grease fittings that are hard to access.

On top of that, it has an extended run time of sixteen cartridges per charge. Then again, it has enhanced visibility. Also, with the LED lighting, you can locate grease fittings that are hard to see when the light is low. An advantage of this grease gun is that it keeps dirt out. Its pump has a filter screen for preventing contamination and dirt from clogging.

Key Features
  • Maximum power of 10,000 psi
  • Has LED lighting
  • Flexible and extra-long hose
  • Keeps dirt out
  • Pushes 5.0 oz./min
  • Features an air-bleeder valve

Grease Gun Buyer’s Guide

  • Delivery method: In general, hand-operated grease guns are the most prevalent ones because you can create air pressure using the crank lever. They are as well affordable, more portable, and hence suitable for most projects. There are two subcategories of hand-operated grease guns. These include old-style manual grease gun that makes the uses of the lever as the basis for pressure build-up.
  • Pressure and accuracy: If you are aiming at specific areas, you can opt for lower pressure guns because they are more accurate. Conversely, if you want to cover a wider area faster, then consider higher pressure guns, or else you can choose a gun with variable pressure.
  • Loading method: Loading grease into the gun involves three elementary ways. You can decide to load the grease by suction or via cartridge. Ideally, cartridges are the cleanest and most suitable method to load grease. This method does not allow the mixing of old grease and new grease. Though these ones will be more costly. You can choose either based on what budget because the suction load is messier and cheaper.
  • Safety and Durability: The grease gun for you complies strictly with the safety standard. It should also be long-lasting and safe to use, as well. Moreover, before making any purchase ensure that the grease gun of your choice has undergone some safety certification. It should feature a safety lock to make it harder for children to activate the trigger. The warranty should be long enough to guarantee longevity.


In brief, the above models of grease guns are well outlined to allow you to make the right decision. In all honesty, all the products are great and are of great durability, quality, and performance. Likewise, the above buyer’s guide is also well detailed as you’ve seen, and thus making you make the right choice.

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