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The Best Scroll Saws of 2024

by Alexa Kova
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To get precise angled cuts, ensure that you find the ideal scroll saw. The scroll saws are very reliable and provide precise cut since they bevel to variable angles. Besides this, the tools are crafted using the best quality materials, making them favorite for prolonged uses. That said, the scroll saws have different power sources that include battery or corded types.

Additionally, they got variable sizes of work tables to get what will handle most tasks. They are highly efficient plus comes with extra blades to serve relatively longer. Below are the finest selections of scrolls saws in reviews.

The Best Seller of Scroll Saws

Our Top Picks

WEN 16 Inches Variable Speeds Two Direction Scroll Saw

WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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Do you need the ultimate scroll saw to handle most of the operations? WEN 16 Inches Variable Speeds scroll saw is an exceptional product designed to provide better performances. The saw has a power supply of 144W that brings about amazing functionality. Secondly, this product operates at variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. With this, you get to adjust the speed to serve different operations. Besides this, it features a spacious 16 x 11-inches table plus easily bevels to 45-degrees towards the left to allow for proper angled cuts.

Moreover, this product has a simple unique design so it accepts the blades in two variable directions. This product is very efficient as it cuts up to 16-inches throat depth and 2-inches thick woods. Also, the product has a sleek ergonomic design, which makes it a breeze to hold and use. The thumb screw blade system brings about a tool-free changing of the blade. Furthermore, the scroll saw has a quality cast iron base plus a foot lock clamp, which makes it a nice pick to consider.

Key Features
  • 144W power output
  • 16 x 11-inches spacious table
  • Quality sturdy cast-iron base support
  • A foot lock clamp plus three blades
  • 400 to 1600 SPM variable speed
  • A thumb screw blade adapter

DEWALT 1.3-Amp Scroll Saw Variable Speeds 20 Inches

DEWALT Scroll Saw, Variable-Speed, 1.3 Amp, 20-Inch (DW788)

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The size of the scroll saw should be a consideration when shopping for these products. This quality unit has a large size of 20-inches that makes it very reliable and convenient. Besides this, the product provides simple inside since the arm lifts to allow for simple threading through the material. Again, it features an exclusive tool-free blade for a simple change of the blades. This tool has an ergonomic design that makes it easier and simpler to operate. To add more, it features a dual-link parallel-arm design that aids in the simple reduction of both noise and vibration.

This efficient DEWALT scroll saw has a simple ON/OFF switch to allow for simple easy operation. Still, it operates at variable speeds to adjust to the required level for every application. It features as arm design that easily pivots from back to front; hence aids in shortening the movement for smooth functionality.

Key Features
  • Dual parallel link arm design
  • 20-inches spacious table
  • An exclusive tool-free blade clamp system
  • Simple arm pivot system
  • Premium rugged material construction
  • Variable speeds operations
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Delta Power Tools 20 Inches Variable Speeds Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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In case you need the ultimate scroll saw you can rely on for top-notch operations, this product is a pick to consider. The product is corded, which ensures continuous use without running out of power. That said, it has a spacious table of 20-inches to offer ample operations. Driven by a powerful smooth operation 1.3-amp moto, the product will handle every task within the shortest time possible. More interestingly, the saw has a tool-free blade clamp to get the blade changed without the use of tools.

Also, it has a simple ON/OFF switch that allows for simple operation of the saw. It operates at variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1750 SPM; hence you get to adjust to the required speed to serve every cutting task.

Key Features
  • A tool-free blade clamp system
  • 400 to 1750 SPM variable speed operations
  • Double link parallel-arm design
  • Simple ON/OFF control switch
  • On-tool blade storage area
  • 1.3-amp efficient smooth operating motor

Shop Fox 16 Inches Scroll Saw Variable Speeds

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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Equipped with a superior low-noise 1.2-Amp 1/8HP motor, this scroll saw is a fantastic option that will serve better and efficiently. The product operates at extremely low noise to cause no disturbance. Again, it has a larger cutting depth of 16-inches to handle a wide range of applications. That said, this saw is corded and ensures proper reliable functionality. Also, the tool operates at variable speeds of 550 to 1700 SPM that suits it for medium to heavy-duty applications.

It has a sleek ergonomic design, making it easier and simpler to operate. Again, it has been fitted with a highly flexible gooseneck work light to offer proper illumination. The tool also features a dust port and blower. Built using premium rugged material, the scroll saw will guarantee prolonged uses and stability.

Key Features
  • 16-inches maximum cutting width
  • 550 to 1700 SPM variable speeds
  • 1.2-Amp 1/8HP low noise motor
  • Dust blower and dust port
  • Flexible gooseneck work light
  • Premium durable material construction

EXCALIBUR 16 Inches Scroll Saw 1.3-Amp Variable Speeds

EXCALIBUR 16" Scroll Saw - 1.3A Variable Speed Woodworking Saw with Tilting head & Easy Blade Change - EX-16

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Featuring a unique tilt head, this product is a great option that you can tilt to 45-degrees and 30-degrees right and left respectively. Due to this, you get to easily keep the workpiece at a better level for simple control and precise cutting. Secondly, the tool has an adjustable blade mounting to easily lower or raise the blade for a precise cut. Again, this scroll saw is battery-powered and comes with a high-capacity battery that provides a longer work time. Because of this, you will find it excellent for both indoor and outdoor uses. The tool features a finger-operated blade clamp that makes it elementary to alter the blades with no tools involved.

Moreover, the tool has a sleek ergonomic design, making it simpler and easier to operate. It guarantees prolonged use and stability thanks to the premium quality material construction.

Key Features
  • 45-degrees right and 30-degrees left tilting head
  • An integrated blade guard system
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery
  • A finger-operated blade clamp system
  • Rugged premium quality material construction
  • An adjustable blade mounting system
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WEN 16 Inches Variable Speeds Scroll Saws

WEN 3922 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Easy-Access Blade Changes

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Operating at variable speeds of 550 to 1600 SPM, this scroll saw is widely applicable for handling most operations. You need to adjust the speed based on the cutting needs. Secondly, the scroll saw has a large spacious table with dimensions of 16 x 10-inches and bevels to an angle of 45-degrees for the angled cuts. To add more, this product allows for a simple faster change of blade thanks to the tool-free blade clamp.

It has a sturdy cast-iron base to ensure great stability and support on the workbench. The sleek compact design of the tool makes it simpler and easy to operate plus available at a lower price for the value of money.

Key Features
  • 550 to 1600 SPM variable speeds
  • Sturdy rugged cast-iron base
  • 16 x 10-inches spacious table
  • A unique side panel flip
  • Three 5-inches blades and foot lock clamp system
  • A thumb screw blade adapter

ShopSeries 16 Inches Scroll Saw Variable Speed Controls

ShopSeries RK7315 16" Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

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With this quality corded electric scroll saw, you can now handle most of the functions, which makes it a great option for every user. The product is crafted using the best quality of rugged metal to withstand prolonged uses. Again, the tool is simpler and easy to operate thanks to the ergonomic humanized design. Besides this, it functions at variable speeds to handle a wide range of applications.

This saw is driven by a powerful 1.2-Amp motor that ensures smooth convenient operations. Again, it comes with two 5-inches durable tungsten carbide blades for smooth easy operations. This product has a quality die-cast aluminum table that easily bevels from 0 to 45-degrees to angled smooth cuts.

Key Features
  • Quality die-cast aluminum table
  • Rugged premium metallic construction
  • 1.2-Amp low noise motor system
  • Two 5-inches durable tungsten carbide blades
  • Variable speed controls
  • 2-year limited warranty

Genesis 1.2-Amp Variable Speed Scroll Saws

Genesis GSS160 1.2 Amp 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Quick-Change System, Dust Blower, and Die-Cast Table for Left:Right Tilting

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Here is a nice pick of a scroll saw that you will find excellent for your tasks. The scroll saw is equipped with a powerful 1.2-Amp induction motor that brings about smooth quiet operations. Besides this, it operates at variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1600 SPM; hence a great option that will serve accordingly. It has a flexible dust blower that will keep the cutting lines clear. Again, this tool is highly durable thanks to the premium quality rugged construction.

That said, this scroll saw has a quick blade change system plus provides you with two extra blades serve longer. You also get an Allen key for better functionality. Fitted with anti-slip rubber feet, the saw stays intact on every workspace plus reduces vibrations.

Key Features
  • Lightweight ergonomic compact design
  • 400 to 1600 SPM variable speeds
  • Two extra blades and Allen key
  • A quick change blade system
  • 1.2-Amp powerful induction motor
  • Rugged premium material construction
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Rikon Scroll Saw 16 Inches with Lamp

Rikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw With Lamp, 16-Inch

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Rikon Scroll Saw is a fantastic selection that you can use anytime thanks to the gooseneck lamp head. This provides excellent lighting to illuminate the workspace; hence a nice pick to try out. Secondly, this 16-inches scroll saw provides a wider depth throat cut and better space for most cutting applications. The tool is very sturdy and durable since it is crafted from a premium quality metal material. Also, it has a lightweight ergonomic design, which makes it a breeze to use.

The tool operates at variable speeds of 550 to 1650 SPM to get the appropriate speed for every task. The product is equipped with a 1.2-amp DC motor operating at a low noise level and with the quality cast-iron base, it offers better stability.

Key Features
  • Flexible gooseneck work lamp
  • 550 to 1650 SPM variable speeds
  • Rugged cast-iron base support
  • 1.2-Amp powerful DC motor
  • 16-inches large scroll saw
  • Sleek lightweight ergonomic design

BUCKTOOL Variable Speeds Scroll Saws 16 Inches

BUCKTOOL 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Pin or Pinless Blade with Pedal Switch Cast Iron Work Table

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For the ultimate selection of a scroll saw, this product is a nice pick that will serve you better. The saw has a pedal switch design for a simple start and stops operation. Again, the tool has a larger spacious work surface of 16 x 9-inches and is designed from premium quality cast-iron to serve longer. More interestingly, this tool is ergonomically designed to allow for simple easy operation. To add mote, it functions at variable speeds to adjust to the required level. It has a powerful 1.2-Amp motor that functions at a low noise level. It features a quick-change blade system to allow for faster easier change of the blade.

The pack provides you with three blades that comprise of one pinless and two with pins. It has been fitted with a superior LED work light that brings about proper illumination of the work station.

Key Features
  • Powerful 1.2-Amp DC motor
  • A pedal switch design
  • Quick-change blade system
  • Superior LED working light
  • 16 x 9-inches large cast-iron working table
  • Simple lightweight ergonomic design

Scroll Saws Buying Guide

  • Motor: The scroll saws have variable sizes of motors to get the ideal option that will serve you better. For instance, some of these products got 1.2-Amp 1/8HP motors while other products are fitted with 1.3-Amp motors. Get a product with an efficient motor and operates at low noise for top-notch performances.
  • Power Source: Secondly, you need to consider the power source of the scroll saw to order. Some of these products are corded and comes with flexible power cords. They ensure a continuous power supply plus usable in places with power sockets. On the other hand, we got battery-powered tools for use anywhere but will run out of power; hence find what suits your tasks.
  • Variable Speeds: The tools are designed to deliver variable speeds. You will find scroll saws that function at 550 to 1650 SPM or 400 to 1600 SPM among others. Find a product that offers higher speeds and easy to adjust. Again, it should have a simple ON/OFF switch for elementary use.
  • Work Table Size: Every scroll saw has a certain size of a work table to handle the tasks. Some saws got 16-inches size tables whereas some have large sizes of 20-inches or more. Go for a perfect saw with a large table for deeper depth throat cut.


Even though you will find a wide range of scroll saws on the market, we have only picked the best 10 products that will serve you better. These products are simpler to use and function at variable temperatures. To add more, they are driven by powerful low-noise motors to ensure reliable convenient operations.

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