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Top 10 Best Cheap Baby Gates in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Dark Ereric

Keeping the baby safe when indoors remains to be a top priority for all moms. Cuddly babies turn into turbo explorers, and they may find their way to the most dangerous places in your house. One of the essential baby-proofing items you will require is a cheap baby gate. It prevents babies and toddlers from getting into dangerous places such as staircases, kitchens, and doorways.

That being said, there are numerous Baby Gates flooded into the market, making it challenging to find the best. In this article, we have outlined the top 10 best Cheap Baby Gates in 2024. Check out the best model!

List of 10 Best Cheap Baby Gates in 2024 Reviews

#10. Bonnlo Configurable 73-Inch Walk-Through Toddler Pet Dog Safety Gate

Bonnlo Configurable 73-Inch Walk-Through Toddler Pet Dog Safety Gate

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For the safety of your child, Bonnlo Safety Gate locks perfectly makes it difficult for children to open. Each panel can pivot more than 270 degrees so that it can fit any opening in your home. In addition to that, this safety gate fits opening that is up to 74 inches wide and 29 inches tall. Moreover, the panels measure 25.39 inches x 29.3 inches and will prevent small child and medium-size dogs from climbing and jumping it over and out.

The mounting brackets usually slide freely along the pivot and end rails freely as well. This safety gate is easy to open with one hand. You just need to press down the button and then liftgate at the same time for it to open.

Key Features
  • Easy to set up
  • Constructed of strong steel
  • Each panel can pivot over 270 degrees
  • Each panel measures 25.39 inches x 29.3 inches
  • Panels can be easily added or removed
  • 3 years warranty

#9. North States Blister Pack Stairway Gate

North States Blister Pack Stairway Gate

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Peep your child secure and safe with the North States Stairway Gate. It features heavy-duty and uni-body construction that is non-toxic and safe round edges. These extra tall 26-inch stairway gate can easily be adjusted from 26 inches to 41 inches while you can mount the gate to swing open to the right or the left. The locking mechanism is made so that you can easily open it with one hand. All the mounting hardware is included.

This cheap baby gate should be installed on solid materials such as metal or wood while the locking mechanism should be installed on the size way. Moreover, the gate is easy to clean and features rounded edges that will not scratch or snag legs or scratch.

Key Features
  • Extends from 26 to 41
  • Heavy-duty uni-body construction
  • Will not swing over stairway
  • Positive lock one-handed operation
  • Sliding hardware mounted gate

#8. Summer Infant Walk-thru Extra Tall Expansion Gate for Safety and Protection

Summer Infant Walk-thru Extra Tall Expansion Gate for Safety and Protection

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Keep your child safe on staircases, decks, patios, and other areas with this ingeniously designed baby gate. The gate has a 6 Ft wide tall walk making it ideal for extra-wide doorways. Moreover, the hardware-mounted installation will keep the gate in place, and the one-handed walk-through doors enables parents to move it easily from one room to another. This baby gate measures 35.0 inches x 1.75 inches and only weighs 29.95 Lb.

The stylish bronze metal finish of these gates will complement most home décor. Subsequently, this model is made from stainless steel that ensures optimal durability and protection. Furthermore, you can wipe clean with a damp cloth and comes with a one-year manufacture warranty.

Key Features
  • Stylish bronze metal finish
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Maximum extended length: 72.0 inches
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • You can wipe clean with a damp cloth

#7. Munchkin MK0002-012 Easy Close Metal White Baby Gate

Munchkin MK0002-012 Easy Close Metal White Baby Gate

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Here is another durable and excellent baby gate that is safe and highly durable. It measures 29.5 inches to 35 inches wide, and it is 29.5 inches tall. Using this gate is very simple, and you just need to push the gate to close and lock. Subsequently, this baby gate has a double locking mechanism, which allows the door to swing in both directions. What’s more, its lock handle is childproof, and only adults can open but difficult for children to open it.

You can install it easily with either wall-cup or pressure mount, and it does not require any drilling unless when you want to mount it on the top of the stairs. You can also use it between rooms or at the bottom of the stayers. Above all, the pressure-fit gate has hardware included for safety.

Key Features
  • Childproof double-lock handle
  • Keeps baby safe all over the home
  • Hardware or pressure mount
  • Measures 29.5 to 35″ wide and 29.5″ tall
  • Easy to use

#6. Storkcraft Easy Walk-Thru Espresso Adjustable Wooden Safety Gate for Pets and Children

Storkcraft Easy Walk-Thru Espresso Adjustable Wooden Safety Gate for Pets and Children

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If you are searching for the best extra wide, portable, and lightweight baby gate that expands to cover large space. Storkcraft Wooden Safety Gate is a perfect choice. It is an easy-to-use safety gate that usually extends from a width of 25” to 42.5” to accommodate different stair and doorway widths. Moreover, this gate has a quick-release two-way opening and hand opening for easy room transition. It will keep your kid out of designated areas as well as small pets.

You can easily mount this cheap baby gate directly into your wall for security and stability. It is a complete bedroom solution for total kids, infant, teen bedroom solution. Above all, this safety gate is easy to install and will create a special place for children.

Key Features
  • Expand from a width of 25” to 42.5.”
  • Include with easy to install hardware
  • Perfect for small children and pets
  • A quick-release one-hand locking mechanism
  • Ability to walk-thru from both sides
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#5. North States Extra-Wide 62 inches Cheap Baby Gate

North States Extra-Wide 62 inches Baby Gate

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The North States Cheap Baby Gate is a superbly designed gate for use in kitchens, staircases, doorways, playrooms, and more. It is an extra wide Gate that is specifically designed for wide openings from 22 inches to 62 inches wide. Moreover, it is 31 inches tall to keep the kid-safe. This Baby Gate is easy to install, and all the mounting brackets and hardware are included. It is ideal for children aging between 6 months to 24 months.

With the easy one-hand operation, you can easily close or open the gate with ease. Moreover, its sturdy construction and lightweight design make it easy to be moved from one room to another. In brief, this large and wide gate offers a better walkthrough for babies and moms.

Key Features
  • Easy to install
  • 62 inches wide baby gate
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for children 6-24 months
  • All mounting hardware included

#4. Safety 1st Pressure Lock and Swing Gate Mount Lift

Safety 1st Pressure Lock and Swing Gate Mount Lift

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The Safety 1st Pressure Gate is an extra-wide gate that will fit a variety of openings. It features a unique 2-in-1 design that allows it to be used either of the modes. The gate is 28 to 42 inches wide, and it is 26 inches high. The gate has a Lift-to-release design when it is pressure-mounted. When it’s hardware-mounted, the gate swing-open and Pass-through, the SecureTech indicator will enable parents to confirm that the door is locked into the right position.

This cheap baby gate has a minimum opening of 30 inches in swing mode and hardware mount. You can use this gate everywhere in the home bottom and top of stairs, between rooms, hallways, and more to keep kids and children safe.

Key Features
  • Measures 28 – 42 inches wide 26” high
  • Lift-to-release design
  • Hardware or pressure-mounted gates
  • Keep pets and kids safe
  • Unique 2-in-1 design

#3. Toddleroo by North States 144 inches Cheap Baby Gate

Toddleroo by North States 144 inches long 3-in-1 Metal Superyard wide gate

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The Toddleroo by North States Gate offers added style and security for a large opening. It is a reliable and portable Metal gate that acts as a safety barrier, baby gate, or a portable playpen. This gate works well on hardwood, tile, and carpet floors without scratching. Setting up this free-standing enclosure set is very easy and takes only a few seconds. Moreover, this walk-thru door panel features a double-locking system that is child-proof to ensure easy and secure access.

The mounting hardware can accommodate extra-tall baseboards, which can be infinitely extended with extension panels. This Gate has a configurable panel that usually locks into place; thus, it can fit in any play area. These items also include mounting hardware to create a safety barrier and an extra-wide baby gate to protect your kid from fires and other hazards.

Key Features
  • This enclosure sets up in seconds
  • Configurable for a variety of spaces
  • Safe for babies ages 6-24 months
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Included with hardware and screws
  • Can be mounted to angled walls

#2. Evenflo Expansion Room Divider Walk Thru Gate

Evenflo Expansion Room Divider Walk Thru Gate

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Ones your small kid starts walking, childproofing in your home is a must. This Evenflo Expansion Room Divider Gate will keep your child safe as it offers numerous configurations around your home. It can fit a broad range of opening 71cm to 152cm and 81cm tall, and it is great for pets and children. This Walk-Thru Gate is very simple to set up, and all the hardware mounts are included. Subsequently, this gate can swings open in both direction, and it is ideal for 6 to 12 months children.

This Swing Wide gate is convenient to use in high traffic areas allowing easy and quick pass through. Also, the gate retracts to allow easy maneuverability even in tight places. The plastic telescoping safety rails will keep the child’s fingers safe from pinching.

Key Features
  • Extra-wide width 71cm – 152cm
  • Great for children and pets
  • Gate freely retracts for easy maneuverability
  • 4 point hardware mounting easily to install
  • Gate is 32″ tall
  • Plastic telescoping safety rail

#1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide 38.5-Inch Walk Thru Baby Gate

Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide 38.5-Inch Walk Thru Baby Gate

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Regalo Easy Step Baby Gate is designed with safety and versatility in mind. It expands to fit openings that are between 35 to 38.5 inches wide, and it is 30 inches tall. This gate is very easy to set up and to use. Other than that, this gate is adjustable, and it includes four pressure mount spindle rods and a 6-inch wide extension kit. This makes it ideal for hallway, doorway, and at the bottom of stair use.

This baby gate features all-steel design for durability and convenience. It is certified to both ASTM and JPMA standards. Moreover, it is included with four wall cups and mounting hardware for added safety. Lastly, this Walk Thru Baby Gate is ideal for children of 6-24 months.

Key Features
  • Perfect for children 6-24 months
  • 6-inch wide extension kit
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Includes multiple safety-lock
  • Stands 30 inches tall
  • Certified to both ASTM and JPMA standards

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Cheap Baby Gates

  • Built: It is very important to look at the materials used in construction for the Baby Gates before you make a purchase. Look for a gate that is made of high-quality materials such as steel material to ensure it offers you long-term service. Also, you can go for the ones that are made from wooden materials.
  • Size and Design: It is advisable to look at the ideal size of the gate that will suit your needs. Look for the one that is relatively larger to allow easy walkthrough for mums. Moreover, look for the one that has an ergonomic design, and it should not allow children to climb to ensure safety.
  • Locking Mechanism: To ensure the safety of the gates, you need to look for one that has the best locking mechanism so that your children are not able to open the gate. This makes it reliable while keeping your child safe.
  • Installation: Get a safe baby gate that is easy to install. You may go for one that does not need tools for mounting and takes a few minutes to install fully. Moreover, you can also check other things such as finish, durability, cost, and warranty.


It is very important to ensure that your kid is safe, especially when they start to scoot, crawl, or walk around. These Baby Gates listed above are sturdy and will ensure your baby safety. Despite being the best selections, they are also cheap gates to try out.

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