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Best Bamboo Bath Mats for Quick Dry

by Alexa Kova
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Most bathrooms are designed such that they have smooth surfaces to allow water to flow smoothly. However, smooth surfaces can lead you to slip and fall, causing serious injuries and even fatalities. To eliminate all these cases, the bamboo bath mats are all that you need. These mats are designed to protect you from slipping on wet floors while improving the aesthetic appeal of your home.

There is a myriad of bamboo bath mats available in the market, making it challenging to determine which one is ideal for you. However, in this article, we have come up with the top 10 best bamboo bath mats in 2022.

SereneLife Heavy Duty Bamboo Wood Bathroom Mat with Non-Slip Rubber Feet

SereneLife Bamboo Wood Bathroom Bath Mat-Heavy Duty Natural or Shower Floor Foot Platform Rug with Elevated Design for Water Evaporation and Non Slip Rubber Feet for Indoor Outdoor Use

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If you are searching for a bath mat with simplicity and beauty, then you can go for SereneLife Bamboo Bathroom Mat. It is a heavy-duty natural wood mat with a super stylish design and looks beautiful in any bathroom interior design. Subsequently, it is designed with a modern elevated style allowing the water to pass through and then evaporates. Following this, it offers dryer and clog-free floor matting, unlike cloth mats or plastic rugs.

This stain-resistant bath matt does not require assembling and comes with 12pcs of rubber feet to ensure stability. These rubber fits also protects your floor from dents and scratches that can distort your flooring. It is a multipurpose Wood Bathroom Mat that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use such as tub/shower rooms, sauna spa, deck, etc. This shower mat is made of natural wood, making it super stylish to complement any décor. Moreover, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and comes with non-slip rubber feet to prevent accidents.

Key Features
  • Made of heavy-duty bamboo wood
  • Come with 12pcs non-slip rubber feet
  • Complements any home interior design
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • No assembly required
  • Fits any bathroom space

iDesign Formbu Water-Resistant Non-Skid Bamboo Floor Mat, Mocha Brown

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat Non-Skid, Water-Resistant Runner Rug for Bathroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Hallway, Office, Mudroom, Vanity, 34" x 21", Mocha Brown

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iDesign Formbu Bamboo bathroom Mat is another mat that has a solid construction and offers supreme safety. It comes with a non-skid underside that prevents you from sliding in the bathroom. Other than that, it is a functional mat that protects your carpet, wood, or tile floors from damage. This bamboo rug measures 34 inches x 21 inches making it ideal for office, hallways, entryway, kitchen, and mudroom or in front of your vanity.

This floor mat is made of natural bamboo materials with a fabric border and water-resistant coating. It is offered in a host of finishes, styles, and sizes, making it ideal for everyday use. Another thing, it does not require any installation, and it is easy to take care of. Above all, the mat has a rust-resistant finish that leaves your room looking new for many years to come. This mat comes with a non-skid underside that prevents it from sliding. Moreover, it has a mocha brown finish that usually complements with your rooms décor. Finally, the mat measures 34 inches x 21 inches making it perfect for the bathroom and kitchen.

Key Features
  • Comes with non-skid underside to protect the floor from damage
  • The bamboo rug measures 34 x 21 inches
  • Has mocha brown finish that complements home décor
  • Made of natural bamboo that has a water-resistant coating
  • Comes with easy care instructions
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GOBAM Eco-Friendly Zero Bamboo Bath Mat Indoor or Outdoor Shower Mat

GOBAM Shower Mat Bath Mat for Spa Relaxation,Bathroom Rugs,Non-Slip for Indoor or Outdoor,Bamboo

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GOBAM Bamboo Bath Mat is a product that will ensure your safety and your family’s safety each time they get into the bathroom. It features 9 rubber grip feet that are grooved to enhance the non-slip grip performance. In addition to that, the bamboo planks are usually spaced perfectly for aesthetic beauty and comfort. Regardless of whether you are using it indoors or outdoors, this perfectly contoured Bath Mat will be perfect for your feet.

The Bamboo fibers usually run in one direction, making it dense. Other than that, it is professionally sealed and finished to make cleaning super easy. The mat measures 19.7 x 13 x 1.3 inches and does not require any assembly. This mat has perfectly contoured edges that is ideal for your feet. Moreover, it has rubber grip feet that are grooved to improve non-slip grip performance. In brief, this unit is sturdy, eco-friendly, and durable to serve you for years.

Key Features
  • Has 9 extra grooved non-slip feet
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor shower
  • Professionally finished and sealed for easy cleaning
  • Sturdiest and safest bamboo shower mat
  • Perfectly contoured edges ideal for your feet

Bambusi Luxury Non-Slip Shower Mat Bamboo 18 x 24 Inches Bath Mat

Bambusi Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat - Non-Slip Shower Floor Mat for Bathroom and Spa Folds for Easy Storage - Indoor and Outdoor Use - 18 x 24 Inches

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Besides preventing bathroom accidents, this Non-Slip Shower Bamboo Mat will also give your home a glam of beauty and elegance, bringing your space a mix of style and nature. The mat has a versatile design making it perfect for indoor and outdoor usage, and it will keep your feet from getting sandy. It is perfect to use it in the backyard, pool area, and doormat as a decorative piece or bathroom shower mat.

Ideally, this mat is made from100% Moso bamboo making it sturdy, eco-friendly, and durable. It is designed to offer optimal air circulation, which makes it to dry faster. The mat features 6 soft pads securely screwed to ensure that it stays firmly on the floor and prevents any unnecessary sliding.  The product is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. This Bamboo mat measures 18 inches x 24 inches, and it is perfect to use in both indoors and outdoors. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. Other than that, the mat has a slatted design to offer optimal air circulation and fast drying.

Key Features
  • Has a stylish and practical design
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Bamboo mat measures 18 x 24 inches
  • Comes with 6 soft pads to prevent sliding
  • Offered with 100% money-back guarantee

Nisorpa Large Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Mat Floor Mats Kitchen Floor Rug

Nisorpa Natural Bamboo Mat Large Bamboo Floor Mats for Home Anti Slip Kitchen Floor Rug Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bath Rug

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Regardless of whether you have an outdoor or indoor shower, you definitely require a bamboo bathroom mat that will guarantee safety at all times. This Eco-Friendly Floor Mats by Nisorpa has sturdy constructions, and you can use it in various settings. It is ideal to be used at the bathroom as it does not absorb water, and it is scratch-resistant and durable. Moreover, it boasts latex non-slip backing that makes this mat stay in place even when the bathroom floor is slippery.

Ideally, this Floor Mats can provide a non-slip surface to your kitchen that makes it safer, especially when carrying delicate items. The mat measures 28inches by 79inch long, and you can easily fold it into a compact size for easy storage.  Another thing, you can easily and quickly clean it with a damp cloth. This mat has an eco-friendly and stylish design to complement any bathroom décor. Subsequently, this mat can be rolled up into a compact size for easy storage. Above all, its lacquer coating retains its color for a long time.

Key Features
  • Can be easily rolled up for storage
  • Has a stylish design making it a perfect addition to any décor
  • Has lacquer coating that provides an easy-to-clean surface
  • Very durable and scratch-resistant
  • It measures 28 inches x79 inches
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I FRMMY Premium PS Wood Large Bath Floor Mat 21.8 x 21.8-inch Non-Slip Bathroom Mat

I FRMMY Premium Large Bath Tub Shower Floor Mat Made of PS Wood- Suitable for Textured and Smooth Surface- Non Slip Bathroom Mat with Drain Hole - 21.8 x 21.8 inch (Teak Color)

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Well, you can now add a trendy, natural appearance to your bathroom with this durable and attractive Bathroom Mat. It is made of Premium PS wood, making it durable, easy to clean, never fading, and naturally resistant to rain. It’s vented, and elevated design allows water and air to flow through, thus keeping your bathroom dry and clean. This square mat measures 21.8 feet x 21.8 inches x 1.22 inches, and no assembly is required.

This mat is suitable for a smooth and textured surface as it comes with 24 nonslip feet that prevent the shower mat from sliding. Moreover, the feet will prevent the screws and slats from scratching the floor. Its PVC wood construction will not crack, splint, or deformed; hence, it will require low maintenance. It is a premium PS wood Bathroom mat that is extremely durable and does not fade easily. Moreover, it has a vented and elevated design allowing water and air to flow through. The mat measures 21.8 feet x 21.8 inches x 1.22 inches.

Key Features
  • Premium PS wood shower mat
  • Elevated and vented design
  • Suitable for a smooth and textured surface
  • 24 nonslip feet that prevent sliding
  • Easy to clean, and it never fades

Precision Works Luxurious Bath, Spa Large 27×19 Bamboo Bath Mat

Luxurious Bamboo Bath Mat for Shower, Bath, Spa Or Sauna 27x19 Large by Precision Works

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You should always look for a Precision Works Luxurious Bath mat when you are looking for the most brilliant bamboo Spa mats. This mat is made from 100% eco-friendly and natural bamboo materials making it durable. These materials have anti-mildew or mold properties as it allows water to pass through and air to circulate. Another thing, this bath mat measures 27.6 inches x 19.6 inches and will provide maximum safety to all bath users.

This multipurpose Bath Mat can be utilized in other rooms, including sauna, lawn, spa, balcony, RV, or on your patio. It will provide a naturally warm surface that brings a comfortable feeling to your feet when you step on it. Moreover, this mat has a rollup design allowing compact storage. The mat is made of 100% natural bamboo that has naturally anti-mildew properties. In addition to that, it incorporates slip-resistant pads at the base to minimize shifting. Its airflow design helps air to circulate and water to drain.

Key Features
  • Made of 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo
  • Rollup design for easy storage
  • Slip-resistant pads underneath to minimize shifting
  • Has anti-mold or anti-mildew properties
  • Allows air to circulate and water to drain

Oceanstar Non-Slip Bamboo Bath mat with Rubber Feet, One Size, Natural

Oceanstar Bamboo Floor Non-Slip Rubber Feet Bath mat, One Size, Natural

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This shower mat by Oceanstar looks nice and classy in many situations. The mat is made of 100% natural bamboo, and no assembly is required. Furthermore, its versatile design and contemporary look allow you to be creative, and you can use it either outdoors or indoors. With this bath mat, you can turn your bathroom into an instant spa and enjoy the sophistication and elegance of this mat. It measures 1 in height x 23.75 inches Length x 17.75 inches Width and requires no assembly.

The mat is comfortable for your feet and comes with 9 rubber screwed rubber knobs that help to keep this mat firmly in place on the floor. This helps to prevent injury or fall risk when stepping on the mat. Besides that, the rubber stoppers help keep the mat elevated to ensure better air circulation for shorter drying time. This mat has a stylish and modern design, and it is comfortable for your feet. Moreover, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and it is versatile to serve many different purposes.

Key Features
  • Perfect for indoors or outdoors
  • Made with 100% natural bamboo
  • Stain and slip-resistant
  • Versatile and can serve many different purposes
  • Comfortable for your feet
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Apollo International 24 x 72 inches Bamboo Floor Mat, Light Wood

Bamboo Floor Mat 24" x 72",Natural Bamboo,Light Wood

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Enjoy the elegance and comfort with this floor and bath mat from Apollo International.  The mat is constructed from 100 percent natural bamboo, and you can use it for the shower, spa, bathroom, kitchen, sauna, and even outdoors. Moreover, the mat measures 24 inches x 72 inches, and it is ideal for the back or front door. The non-slip latex backing helps to keep the mat in place to avoid slipping.

This mat dresses up and protects your expensive floors, especially in high-traffic areas. Something else, it has a beautifully sleek surface that brings elegance and beauty to your home.  Another thing, it is water-resistant, smooth, and comfortable to your feet. It is a beautifully practical solution for your bathroom. This floor mat has a 6-foot runner to dresses up and protects your expensive floor from dent and scratches. The mat measures 24 x 72 inches, and it is perfect for the back and front door.

Key Features
  • Bamboo mat measuring 24 x 72 inches
  • Non-slip latex backing to keep the mat in its place
  • Ideal at the front or back door
  • Six-foot bamboo runner protects expensive floors
  • Beautifully practical solution for your bathroom

ZPirates Grey 24 x 17 Inches Non-Slip Bamboo Bath Mat

Grey Bamboo Bath Mat:Gray Bathroom Rug- Size 24 x 17 Inches - Foldable, Non-Slip, Long-Lasting Wood Mats for Shower, Toilet, Kitchen Floors and Doors - by ZPirates Brand

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If you are looking for a Bamboo Bath Mat that does not retain any water in it, then ZPirates Bamboo Bath Mat is a thing to have. Its eco-friendly bamboo construction makes it more robust than rubber or plastic and lighter than Teak Wood. It will not sag, stain, or bend and roll up into a compact size for easy storage. Subsequently, this bath mat is temperature treated to be odorless and waterproof while its a lattice design lets air and water flow freely.

The mat has a non-slip rubberized bottom to protect your flooring while offering you a more stable and safer footing. You can also use this mat outside for a spa-like feel or making laundry rooms, kitchens, pool, tub, sauna more modern. This mat keeps your feet off wet while providing you with a stable and safer footing area. It is a durable and long-lasting bath mat that is temperature treated to be odorless and waterproof.

Key Features
  • 24 inches x 17 inches x 0.3 inches wooden mats
  • Has lattice design and waterproof finish
  • Made of eco-friendly bamboo
  • Durable and long-lasting ideal for indoor/outdoor
  • Non slip rubberized bottom to prevent slipping

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bamboo Bath Mats

  • Size: Bamboo bath mats usually come in various sizes. Therefore, it is essential to look at the mat’s size and look at whether it will perfectly fit your bathroom. If you want to utilize it internally for the bathroom, you can consider getting a medium-sized mat.
  • Design: Since you will use the mat in the bathroom, the must-have mat features include perfect ventilation, slip resistance, and exceptional functionality. Also, consider a mat that is eco-friendly and dries faster.
  • Veniality: You can choose a bamboo bath mats that not only used in bathrooms but also in other areas, including patios, outdoors, kitchen, or any other place that you want to step on the comfortable ground
  • Price: Most Bamboo Bath Mats brands and models come with different prices. Therefore, select a suitable bath mat that suits your budget and, most importantly, suits your budget.


The Bamboo Bath Mats listed above are the safest, healthiest, decorative, and most economical options you can find in the market. They are suitable for any flooring or bathroom as they feature a good grip to minimize slippage. Besides that, they are moisture and water-resistant and will last for a long time. We believe that you can now be able to find the one that will suit your needs. Happy shopping!

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