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Top 10 Best Fleece Horse Coolers in 2024 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

by Yang Fung

A Fleece Horse Cooler is a piece of clothing designed to help bring a horse’s body temperature to a normal range after working out. It keeps the horse warm during grooming and removed moisture from the horse coat, preventing the horse from catching a cold. The best part is, the best Fleece Horse Coolers available can help your horse dry up faster after a workout or a bath.

With the current market having thousands of these products, you might want to know the Fleece Horse Coolers available and what to look for when buying one. That’s why we prepared this post. It contains a series of best Fleece Horse Coolers and their reviews. Read along!

List of Best Fleece Horse Coolers in 2024

#10. Schneiders Saddlery Dura-Tech Polar Fleece

Schneiders Saddlery Dura-Tech Polar Fleece

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Schneiders Saddlery Dura-Tech Polar Fleece is an extra-large black blanket with a red nylon binding and gold rope piping. It’s designed for mares measuring 82-86 inches. Its 80/20 wool and acrylic blending allow it to provide a superior feel and plushness for a relaxing moment. It weighs less than half a gram and uses a non-pilling polar fleece. It’s a cooler that provides an extra layer of protection for your mare during the cold months.

According to customer reviews, this fleece horse cooler will help keep your pony warmer during colder climates after hard workouts and baths. The merchandise comes with a contoured chest and neck fitted with a loop and hooks enclosure to ensure sufficient and comfortable fastening. Besides this, an adjustable surcingle works together with a removable tail cord to keep the cooler on the horse.

Key Features
  • Available in Various Sizes and Colors
  • 80/20 Wool and Acrylic Blend
  • Hook and loop closure fastening
  • Superior Feel and Plushness
  • Non-Pilling Polar Fleece

Reasons to Buy:

  • It’s a durable, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear cooler that can help keep your horse warmer during cold temperatures and allow it to dry faster after bathing.
  • It makes a beautiful gift.
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#9. Challenger Horsewear Turquoise 4350 Polar Fleece Cooler

Challenger Horsewear Turquoise 4350 Polar Fleece Cooler

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The next best fleece horse cooler is the Challenger Horsewear Exercise Sheet and a Polar Blanket available in various sizes, from 60-70 inches. It’s a multipurpose, lightweight cooler that has helped calm down many customers’ horses after physical exercises or workouts. Some also use it to provide their horses with an added layer of warmth during the chilly nights.

What’s more, this Challenger Horsewear Fleece Cooler features breathable fabric perfect for allowing sweat and moisture to escape quickly from the horse’s coat. It does also come with dual font-buckle closure fitted with elastic leg straps and adjustable surcingle. The design ensures it fits snuggly and stays secure. For most customers, this piece is durable and easy to clean. It might be available in one design only, but the black-teal shade makes it stylish.

Key Features
  • Lightweight design
  • Multipurpose construction
  • Dual front buckle closure
  • Breathable fabric
  • Elastic leg straps

Reason to Buy:

  • It’s available in various sizes, from 60-70 inches
  • The cooler has a multipurpose lightweight design to make the horse highly comfortable.
  • The use of breathable fabric ensures it keeps the horse warm and dry.

#8. Challenger Horsewear Zebra 4340 78” Fleece Cooler

Challenger Horsewear Zebra 4340 78” Fleece Cooler

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Here is another Challenger Horsewear for those in need of a 78-inches stylish polar fleece cooler. It comes as a Zebra Turquoise Trim exercise blanket. It uses comfortable, lightweight, and breathable fabric practical enough to allow sweat and moisture to escape after a bath or a workout. Besides this, the material is heavy enough to keep a horse dry during the chilly months.

It does also come with double front buckles that give extra snug during wear. According to customers, this cooler is machine washable, which makes everything easy for you. Cleaning it is seamless with cold water, and you can dry it on your line. What’s more, you can use it under the horse’s blanket to provide additional warmth.

Key Features
  • Double front buckles
  • Blanket/Cooler Multipurpose Design
  • Removable Nylon Stretchable Leg Straps
  • Machine washable
  • Fur on withers

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great for use under the blanket for added warmth.
  • It’s perfect for the Summer-Spring Season.
  • It protects the horse from flies and bugs.

#7. Weatherbeeta Anti-Static Fleece Cooler

Weatherbeeta Anti-Static Fleece Cooler

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Weatherbeeta Anti-Static Fleece Cooler is another horse cooler that has impressed a lot of its customers. It comes as a standard, lightweight anti-pill polyester fleece perfect for traveling, cooling, and use under blankets to provide added warmth. It uses anti-static technology, ideal for helping prevent the horse from getting static electricity shock. According to its maker, Weatherbeeta, this cooler possesses wicking properties that draw excess moisture from the horse’s coat. That ensures your horse stays dry and comfortable after a workout or bath.

Its online reviews say it stays snuggly on the horse thanks to its adjustable twin chest straps, tail cord, and low-cross surcingles. Besides this, we also realized, it comes with nylon-line shoulders that reduce rubbing and stretching. It’s waterproof; that means it will not only make the horse dry and warm but also protect him from water. You might also want to know that this model comes in various sizes for universality.

Key Features
  • Wicking properties
  • Anti-static technology
  • Lightweight anti-pill polyester
  • Low cross surcingles
  • Adjustable tail cord
  • Twin chest straps

Reasons to Buy:

  • It’s multipurpose: you can use it for traveling, cooling, or warmth.
  • It can help protect your horse from static electricity shocking.

#6. One-Stop Equine Shop 200G Turnout Blanket

One-Stop Equine Shop 200G Turnout Blanket

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For those looking for the best fleece horse cooler for fall and winter, here is one for you, the One-Stop Equine Shop 200G Turnout Blanket. It’s a 200-gram poly-filled blanket designed to offer extra warmth and protection during the snowing or rainy months. Its craft features a waterproof 600 denier exterior. And according to its customers, this is the feature that keeps the horse dry and comfortable the whole day.

There is also the use of a highly breathable ripstop with exceptional wicking properties. That means it’s capable of taking away any excessive sweat, heat, and moisture. That’s not all; apparently, these thing comes with elastic leg straps, a leg gusset, double buckle fastenings, and a tail flap. The idea behind this is to make the fleece horse cooler, stretchy, and comfortable.

Key Features
  • Buckle Front Closure
  • Two adjustable standard buckles
  • Highly-breathable polyfill blanket
  • Very Strong 600d Ripstop Outer
  • Generous Shoulder Gussets
  • Generous Tail Flap

Reasons to Buy:

  • The cooler offers warmth and protection from rain and snow.
  • Its generous shoulder gussets offer full-range motion.
  • It’s an adjustable blanket with a snug and secure fit.
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#5. Harrison Howard FocalMax Quarter Horse Competition Rug

Harrison Howard FocalMax Quarter Horse Competition Rug

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If you haven’t found a product fitting your preferences, here is another reliable and durable fleece horse cooler from Harrison Howard. The FocalMax Quarter Horse Competition Rug comes as a Hi-Vis Reflective horse exercise sheet and blanket ideal for a safety feature during a night ride. According to its make, this cooler combines a waterproof, durable and breathable outer with a cozy, soft lining. It aims at preventing skidding as it ensures high wicking properties.

Besides this, the design gives the blanket powers to allow the horse to cool down right and comfortably after extensive workout while the breathability ensures no moisture build-up. As most customers mentioned, a superiorly visualized tail top acts as a reflector during a night ride. A contoured saddle cut design is also praised a lot by online reviews. According to the previous buyers, the craft design provides a pleasant riding experience for all users. It’s available in two sizes, though, limiting your options. Note: you cannot use it as a raincoat.

Key Features
  • Reflective Hi-vis stripes
  • Durable, Breathable, and Waterproof Outer
  • High-wicking, Non-Slip Polyester Lining
  • Touch and Closure Straps
  • Multi-Function Outer

Reasons to Buy:

  • The reflective strips on its sides and tail flap offer wide-angle visibility for night safety protection
  • It will support weather-proof outdoor training

#4. Derby Originals Fleece Cooler w/Crossed Surcingles

Derby Originals Fleece Cooler w/Crossed Surcingles

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Derby Originals Fleece Cooler is ideal for those seeking an affordable, all-season fleece horse cooler. It’s a lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable blanket with a comfortable design. It’s perfect for use all season, and it’s incredibly versatile; you can use it for lots of applications. It’s excellent for using it after a bath or a hard ride as an absorber for excess water or sweat.

It’ll help keep your horse dry and warm while taking away the risk of overheating. Another thing, this cooler is available in multiple sizes, giving you the open options to pick the perfect fit for your horse. What’s more, the blanket is easy to clean; you can hand wash it by hand using cold water and horse-safe detergent. However, there is a problem; it’s not machine washable as it might bleed color, shrink or get damaged.

Key Features
  • Ultra moisture-wicking polar fleece design
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • A layer of plush and soft polar fleece
  • Waterproof sheet/blanket

Reasons to Buy:

  • It has exceptional moisture-wicking properties.
  • It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • You can use it all season long.

#3. Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet

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According to customers, you won’t know how convenient a fleece cooler can be until you try this next model, the Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner. It’s lightweight yet surprisingly warm, making it perfect for trailering and post-training. As a 100% soft fleece, the cooler stays cozy to the horse all day long. It has an innovative fabric that improves coziness by providing warmth without getting bulky.

It also wicks moisture from the horse skin and keeps the horse warm, dry, and comfortable. Since it’s a practical dress sheet, it comes with an adjustable buckle front that makes it easy to secure. There is also an adjustable surcingle belly and strap to give it a snug fit. It’s available in various sizes to offer options for multiple buyers.

Key Features
  • Adjustable front buckle
  • Adjustable belly surcingle
  • Fleece wither protection
  • Tail string

Reasons to Buy:

  • It’s exceptional for warmth as it’s as a cooler or liner.
  • It stays lightweight yet surprisingly warm.

#2. Saxon Element Polar Fleece 75

Saxon Element Polar Fleece 75

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Saxon Element Polar Fleece, a Standard Neck Fleece horse cooler, is the next model on the list. According to its reviewers, the horse sheet is an excellent buy for its durability. It’s made from durable, easy-to-clean, and lightweight fabric with a soft interior to keep the horse comfortable. It’s perfect for cool weather, keeping the horse comfortable after a workout, and ensuring the horse coat dries easily and faster.

It does come with adjustable buckle front closure that makes it easy for the user to put it on and stay secure. Also, the product comes with twin low cross surcingles for a snug and comfortable fitting. The fleece cooler, however, comes in one color and size. That’s a downside as your options are limited. However, if you need an affordable, cozy and practical cooler, then that’s a compromise you can forego.

Key Features
  • Twin low cross surcingles
  • Durable, breathable fabric
  • Twin adjustable buckle front closure
  • Suede polar fleece
  • Tail Cord

Reasons to Buy:

  • It’s an affordable fleece cooler ideal for cooling after exercise.
  • Its highly-praising reviews from buyers, satisfied with its services.

#1. Loveson Fleece Cooler

Loveson Fleece Cooler

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And in the first place, there is the Loveson Fleece Cooler, the highly-rated model in the list, and for good reasons. This model has performed exceptionally well for its previous users, and that’s why it has received many positive reviews. For most people, the horse cooler is made from extraordinarily durable yet lightweight and soft fabric that allows the horse to stay dry and warm during the chilly weather.

What’s more, this piece has an exceptionally breathable design that allows moisture to escape while keeping the horse coat dry. You can use it in spring and winter but not in fall or winter. That’s somehow a downside, but these are the time most people wash their horses or take them for intensive workouts, and the cooler can be used to make the horse comfortable.

Key Features
  • Available in a range of colors and sizes
  • Soft, cozy, lightweight, and breathable fabric
  • Provides Warm and Moisture Wicking
  • Ideal for use in spring and summer
  • Durable Fleece Material

Reasons to Buy:

  • The blanket is exceptional at wicking away moisture while protecting the horse from chilly weather.
  • Previous buyers were impressed by its price and nice quality.
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Best Fleece Horse Coolers Buying Guide

Before you can pick a fleece horse cooler from the above list, you might want to check out things that will make your purchase worth your time and investment. You want to make sure you’re buying the best model for your horse. Here are the things to consider when hunting for the best fleece horse cooler:

  • Size: When making your selection, pick a fleece cooler that will fit your horse. Measure the hose length and compare it with the size given in the product description.
  • Material: One thing you want to remember when making any purchase is that your hard-earned money has to count for something. Make sure you’re buying a product that can last more than one use. Check the fleece cooler’s product description to know the type of materials used. Also, read few customer reviews to know if the performance of the merchandise lives to its description.
  • Usage: When, where, and how do you want to use the fleece horse cooler? Even though our list contains multipurpose models, it doesn’t mean you’ll find the same products out there. Don’t forget to check the season the fleece cooler is made for, such as summer, spring, fall, and winter.


For most people, the best fleece horse coolers are hard to find. When considering purchasing one for your horse, the above list will make the hunt easier for you. Check it out, and maybe you will find a product that pleases you.

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