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Top 10 Best Weather Station with USB Charging in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Johnson Stev
image feature Weather Station With Usb Charging

When you need to get the weather forecast for humidity and temperature whether indoors or outdoors, it is necessary that you get the best weather station. The weather stations with USB charging allows for easy forecasting of weather plus aids in charging your devices. More interestingly, they are fitted with alarm clocks with snooze functions so that you can preset the time. The units have large LCD screens for better display.

So, what does it take for one to find the perfect weather station with USB charging? You need to look for the key features like alarm function, USB ports, weather forecast system, design, LCD screen, and more.

List of Best Weather Station with USB Charging in 2024

#10. La Crosse Technology Wi-Fi Projection Weather Station

La Crosse Technology C82929-INT WiFi Projection Weather Alarm Clock, Black

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By: La Crosse

This is a 2-in-1 unit that you can connect to Wi-Fi and uses with the La Crosse app or operate as a stand-alone weather station. The unit has been fitted with a nap timer plus an alarm that you can adjust to suit your demands. It also features a single USB port that delivers 1Amp current for charging other devices. In addition to this, the weather station ha adjustable intensity levels, rotation focus, and projection angle, which allows for getting a better view.

What is more, the weather station also provides the ability so that you only select what should be projected. You can choose things like indoor temperature, current time or internet outdoor temperature among others. The weather station also has a built-in internal sensor that aids in reading the temperature of the room. It is a sleek and compact unit that you can carry with you for convenient use. To add more, it has NWS weather information plus additional forecast icons plus notifications.

Key Features
  • NWS weather information
  • USB charge port
  • 12/24 manual set time
  • Adjustable projection angle
  • 2-in-1 unit

Reason to buy

  • Easily reads ambient room’s temperature
  • It charges relatively faster
  • Provides weather notifications

#9. AcuRite Intelli-Time Projection Alarm Clock with USB

AcuRite 13020 Intelli-Time Projection Alarm Clock with Temperature and USB Charging

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By: AcuRite

Fitted with a USB charging port, you can now conveniently charge your device like phones when you sleep. It is a convenient unit that you can use indoors and outdoors; hence a perfect pick for all. It operates by projecting temperature or time whether indoors or outdoors. For indoor use, you can easily mount on the ceiling or wall. It has a dual power system with an AC adapter and battery include. This implies that when it runs out of battery, you can always use the AC adapter for continued use.

Again, the unit has a programmable alarm that will snooze depending on the time set. You can set for weekday, weekend or daily alarm notification. The unit also features an Intelli-time clock that updates automatically for the daylight saving time. Lastly, it is a cost-effective unit that you never want to miss.

Key Features
  • Double power options
  • USB power port
  • Intelli-time clock
  • Temperature or time projection
  • Sleek compact design

Reason to buy

  • Suits indoor and outdoor use
  • It is an affordable unit
  • Very convenient and reliable
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#8. Hompot Projection Alarm Clock Weather Station with USB Charging

Projection Alarm Clock on Ceiling Wall with Indoor:Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer, Weather Station, Dual Alarm, Colorful Backlight, and USB Charging for Bedroom

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By: Hompot

With the large number display on its wide LCD screen, you can easily read all the readings whether stationed on the wall or ceiling. Apart from this, the weather station has a backlight system that has up to four brightness modes to choose from for every condition. It has been designed to suit both indoor and outdoor uses; hence a versatile unit that will suit you better. The unit offers both temperature and time projections. Its projected temperature will automatically change from indoor to outdoor when you get out of the house.

More interestingly, it has a compact sleek design that allows for easy portability. The weather station has a dual alarm system with snooze functions. You can, therefore, set the two alarms separately. Since they have snooze function, it provides an additional five minutes.

The good news is that you can use the weather station for charging your phone device. This is because of the USB port included. Additionally, it has a battery back-up system to keep it powered for long.

Key Features
  • Dual alarms with snooze function
  • Time and temperature projection
  • 3-inches backlit LCD display
  • Sleek compact design
  • Battery backup

Reason to buy

  • It is easily portable
  • Have two alarms
  • Displays in large numbers for easy reading

#7. JOYXEON Weather Stations Wireless System

JOYXEON Weather Stations Wireless with Outdoor Sensor, 21 In 1 Weather Forecast Station, LCD Color Screen

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By: Joyxeon

JOYXEON Weather Stations Wireless System is a highly versatile unit that you will find appropriate for your needs. The weather station has up to six kinds of weather forecasts automatic snooze function, calendar, clock, and moon phase display among others. It is a favorite selection for most users as it supports up to seven different languages including Spanish, English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, German, and Spanish. It is simple to install on the wall or table since it comes with both stand stable and wall mount units.

Again, it is a compact weather station with up to four brightness backlit you can adjust to suit you. With the large LCD screen, it offers crystal clear readings plus allows for easy operation.

Key Features
  • Four backlight brightness
  • Wall mount and table stand
  • 21 functions
  • Sleek compact design
  • USB charging port

Reason to buy

  • It is highly versatile
  • Simpler to operate
  • Functions in multi-languages

#6. La Crosse Technology USB Charging Weather Station

La Crosse Technology S85906 USB Charging Station w:Dual Alarms

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By: La Crosse

When looking for the ultimate weather station with USB function, here is a favorite selection that will suit you better. The unit has a 3Amp system that includes 1-Amp port and 2-Amp output. With this, you will find it very convenient for charging most devices. Other than this, the unit has a large LCD display that allows for easy brightness adjustment to suit every condition. It is appropriate for indoor use to get the reading of indoor humidity and temperature.

The weather station has a calendar with weekdays and the quick nap function makes it excellent for your most needs. It is fitted with two alarms that allow for convenient functions.

Key Features
  • Quick nap function
  • Three levels of adjustable brightness
  • 3 Amp output
  • Dual alarm systems
  • USB charging station

Reason to buy

  • You can adjust the brightness to suit the condition
  • It is an affordable unit
  • Deliver fast and efficient charging
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#5. La Crosse Technology USB Charging Station

La Crosse Technology 617-1614 USB Charging Station with Alarms & Nap Timer

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By: La Crosse

Equipped with dual-tip tangle-free USB systems, this is an efficient weather station that brings about quick and fast charging. This means that you can conveniently charge your phone devices when asleep. Second, to this, it is fitted with a backlit LCD screen that allows for brightness adjustment; hence a pick that will suit you better.

To add more, the weather station has a crescendo alarm that you can choose to set for the weekend or from Monday to Friday setting. That said, the large LCD panel provides a crystal clear reading even when not close to the unit. Lastly, it has a nap timer for 5 to 120-minutes duration.

Key Features
  • Crescendo alarm
  • Dual USB ports
  • Adjustable backlight LCD
  • Sleek compact design
  • 5 to 120-minutes nap timer

Reason to buy

  • Charges two devices simultaneously
  • It is easily adjustable
  • Simple to use and control

#4. AcuRite Weather Station Alarm Clock with USB Charger

AcuRite 01129M Alarm Clock with USB Charger & Weather Station

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By: AcuRite

You can now get the weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours when you get this efficient weather station. With this, you will find it a breeze to plan ahead. The weather station is recommended for both indoor and outdoor uses and will project the temperature and humidity conditions. That said, the unit has an alarm clock that you can set for the weekday and weekend. It has a large snooze button that can activate to 10-minutes when you are not ready to wake up. Other than this, the unit allows for brightness adjustment to six levels for convenient performances.

The good news is that the unit has 2.1A USB ports that provide quick and efficient charging for your devices.

Key Features
  • 1A USB charging
  • Large snooze button
  • 12-24-hours weather forecast
  • Six preset brightness
  • Sleek compact design

Reason to buy

  • It is very convenient and reliable
  • The alarm volume will increase gradually
  • You can adjust the brightness

#3. AcuRite Intelli-Time Weather Station with USB Charging

AcuRite Intelli-Time Alarm Clock with USB Charger, Indoor Temperature and Humidity (13040CA)

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By: AcuRite

Here is another reliable weather station that has been fitted with a USB port for convenient charging. The 1.5A port is great for charging phone devices when asleep. Besides this, it has been designed for monitoring both indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature. The Intelli-time will remember the time settings when the power switches off plus adjusts automatically for daylight time.

Additionally, it has an illuminated color LCD display that has an auto-dimming brightness. With this, you can dim or brighten the light for better visibility of the readings. It operates in different time zones including NST, AST, CST, and HAST.

Key Features
  • Integrated 1.5A USB port
  • Illuminated color display
  • Intelli-time clock
  • Wide application
  • High compatibility

Reason to buy

  • It displays in various time zones
  • Monitors temperature and humidity
  • An affordable unit
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#2. DreamSky Auto Time Set Alarm with Charging Station

DreamSky Auto Time Set Alarm Clock with Snooze and Dimmer, Charging Station:Phone Charger with Dual USB Port .Auto DST Setting, 4 Time Zone Optional, Battery Backup.

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By: DreamSky

With the large 4.3-inches LCD screen, this is a convenient weather station with large displays for easy reading. You can, therefore, read the figures even when some meters away. Second, to this, the weather station unit comes with a battery backup to keep it functioning even when there is a power outage. To add more, the unit has an advanced auto-set that will ensure the clock sets itself once plugged-in. The ascending soft beam alarm allows for setting for weekdays and weekends.

Due to the compact design, it is a unit that you can easily carry to any given place. That said, it has two USB ports for charging your devices and connecting the DC adapter.

Key Features
  • Two USB ports
  • Advanced auto-set time
  • Auto DST with selectable time zone
  • Soft ascending beeping alarm
  • Compact design

Reason to buy

  • It comes with battery backup
  • Charges relatively faster
  • Nice for the cost

#1. La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station

La Crosse Technology S87078 Color Wireless Weather Station with Bluetooth Speaker & USB Port

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By: La Crosse

This is a unique weather station that has a Bluetooth speaker thus very reliable. The Bluetooth speaker connects seamlessly with other devices for a great sound system. Besides this, it has a color-changing LED base that brings out elegant colorful surroundings. Moreover, it has a dynamic large color LED for better display.

With the USB port, you can easily charge all your devices even when away from home. The dual alarms with three sound options make it a favorite selection to try out.

Key Features
  • Dual alarms
  • USB charge port
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker
  • Color-changing LED base
  • Dynamic color screen

Reason to buy

  • Allows you to enjoy your favorite songs
  • It charges most devices
  • Offers a large display

Weather Stations with USB Charging USB Buying Guide

  • Weather Forecast: You need to consider a reliable weather station that is highly versatile. For instance, the unit should provide temperature and humidity projections for the next 12-24-hours so that you can plan ahead. Besides this, it also needs to have other additional features like moon phase display and much more. Also, it should operate indoors and outdoors.
  • USB Ports: The unit also needs to have USB ports that can use for charging your phone devices. There are products with two USB ports while some have single ports. For better performance, find a unit that has two USB ports. Besides this, also consider the power output for the USB port. USB ports with 2.1A or 1.5A will deliver fast charging thus recommended.
  • Alarm Clocks: Again, you need to get a weather station with an alarm clock. Some units have two alarm clocks with snooze functions while some have single alarm clocks. You, therefore, need to find a reliable unit that will suit you better.

You may also check out for the LCD panel, brightness adjustment, design, and cost.


With the above selections of weather stations with USB charging, you can now get the perfect unit that will suit you better. The devices have been fitted with USB ports that allow for convenient charging of all devices. Besides this, they are designed for indoor and outdoor uses to measure the humidity and temperature. The units also have alarm clocks for easy settings of time and, therefore, the favorite unit to consider.

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