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Top 10 Best Washable Puppy Pads in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Dark Ereric
Washable Puppy Pads

When you own a puppy, it is pleasant to do potty training so as to prevent messes. So, you should get a washable puppy pad. These pads are made of polyurethane and polyester for durability. Furthermore, they are great for absorbing fluids to prevent odor. Also, the surfaces dry faster. Some pads are large in size, while others are small to fit different sizes of dogs.

In addition to that, they have waterproof designs. However, there exists a variety of washable puppy pads but settling on the best one is difficult. Therefore, below are various factors to help you choose the best pad. Pick the washable puppy pad that meets your demands from this list below.

List of 10 Best Washable Puppy Pads in 2022

#10. SKA Washable Puppy Pads

SKA Washable Puppy Pads

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The SKA washable puppy pad is a good friend to any pet owner. It makes puppy training convenient and less messy. Also, it keeps the furniture and carpets safe. Furthermore, it is reusable, washable, and friendly to the environment. Most importantly, it has three layers of strong materials. The bottom layer features a polyester finish and does not scratch the floor.

The larger puppy pad has dimensions measuring 27 by 30 inches. Equally important, it is ideal for old pets. You can keep it near doors for extra protection. In addition to that, it is approved and certified. In conclusion, it features canine-inspired designs.

Key Features
  • It has canine-inspired designs
  • Three layers of strong materials
  • Size of 27 by 30 inches
  • Reusable, washable, and friendly to the environment
  • Polyester finish to prevent scratching of the floor
  • Convenient and less messy puppy training

#9. Kluein Pet Washable Puppy Pads

Kluein Pet Washable Puppy Pads

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The Kluein Pet washable puppy pad is durable and high quality. To start, it is made of 10%Polyurethane, 15%Viskose, and 75%Polyester. The dimensions measure 36 by 41 inches. Also, it has heavy-duty stitching. Its top is quilted, waterproof, and has four layers. Next, it absorbs faster and prevents tracking. This safeguards and keeps the floors, bedding, furniture, pets, and car seats dry and clean. Then again, it features a wider usage.

You can use it for potty training puppies, dog incontinence, Whelping box, and more. Amazingly, you can wash it and use it repeatedly 100s of times. So, it saves you money. Finally, it weighs 1.95 pounds.

Key Features
  • It weighs 1.95 pounds.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Size of 36 by 41 inches
  • Waterproof design with four layers
  • A wider usage
  • 10%Polyurethane, 15%Viskose, and 75%Polyester

#8. Careoutfit Puppy Training Travel Pee Pads

Careoutfit Washable Puppy Pads

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This washable puppy pad from the Careoutfit Store features exceptional quality. It has a durable vinyl backing. In the same way, it is made of heavy metal. It has different colors for you to choose from. These colors include blue, green, Tan, Pink. In addition to that, it has a soaking capacity of 7 ounces. On the other hand, it features 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton.

The dimensions measure 24 by 36 inches. It absorbs fluids and holds them for laundering. You can wash this puppy pad and reuse it. Apart from being waterproof, this pad is leak proof. The vinyl backing ensures a non-slip grip.

Key Features
  • Durable vinyl backing to ensure non-slip gripping
  • A soaking capacity of 7 ounces.
  • Comes in different colors
  • 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton materials
  • Size of 24 by 36 inches
  • Good absorbent of fluids
  • Waterproof and leak-proof

#7. PupPee Pads Washable Puppy Pads

PupPee Pads Washable Puppy Pads

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The PupPee Pads washable puppy pad does not leak. Also, you can use it several times, provided you wash it after use. Moreover, they are ideal for puppies no matter their age. Also, it helps sick or old dogs. Since it is washable and reusable, it saves you money. Further, it ensures that the dog does not stink.

On top of that, this pad features a non-slip design and multiple layers. Therefore, it wicks moisture quickly and holds more fluid per square inch. This means that it will never stain your house or make the floor dirty. Amazingly, it comes with a puppy training book. This guides you on the usage.

Key Features
  • Washable and reusable puppy pad
  • Ideal for puppies of all ages
  • A non-slip design
  • Quick wicking of moisture
  • A puppy training book included
  • It holds more fluid per square inch

#6. SincoPet Washable Dog Whelping Pad

SincoPet Washable Puppy Pad

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This washable puppy pad from the SincoPet Store has four layers. The 100 percent polyester knitting surface ensures maximum comfort. Moreover, it has a high absorption rate. The inner layer is waterproof and breathable. Additionally, it features a non-slip silica gel bottom and 100 percent polyester knitting fabric. Also, the backing is non-slip and leak-proof to ensure that the floor remains dry.

Being washable and reusable, you can use it for a long duration of time. Remarkably, it has a size of 36″ by 41″. This makes it suitable for dogs of any size. With a multi-functional design, you can use this pad indoors and outdoors. It protects the furniture, wood floor, carpet, water, and food from messes. Last but not least, it features excellent soaking capacity. To finish, it weighs 2.35 pounds.

Key Features
  • 100 percent polyester knitting surface
  • Weighs 2.35 pounds
  • Non-slip silica gel bottom and 100 percent polyester knitting fabric
  • Size of 36″ by 41″.
  • A multi-functional design
  • High absorption rate
  • Non-slip and leak-proof backing
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#5. Humble Pet Co.Washable Puppy Pads

Humble Pet Co.Washable Puppy Pads

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The Humble Pet Co. washable puppy pad has four innovative layers. It is reusable and washable. Further, the top layer is breathable and quilted to ensure comfort. Most importantly, it has PVC waterproof bedding and a non-slip coating for safety. The core is super absorbent. As a result, it keeps away odors and fluids so that your floor and bedding is not damaged. Besides, it is very soft to make the pet comfortable.

This pad is machine washable and durable. When cleaned regularly, it does not stain or retain odors. Remarkably, the dimensions measure 31 inches x 35inches. The exterior is made of waterproof polyester material.

Key Features
  • Four innovative layers
  • Size of 31 inches by 35inches
  • Waterproof polyester exterior
  • Soft materials for the comfort of the pet
  • The breathable and quilted top layer
  • A non-slip coating for safety
  • Machine washable design

#4. GREEN LIFESTYLE Washable Puppy Underpads

GREEN LIFESTYLE Washable Puppy Underpads

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The GREEN LIFESTYLE washable puppy pad is large and thick. The dimensions measure 30 by 34 inches. It features better absorption. Moreover, it has soft bed pads for locking in moisture and preventing leakage. The waterproof backing offers extra protection for the mattress. Since it has a heavy-duty design, this pad can handle a lot of urine. So, it is ideal for old dogs and puppies.

Uniquely, it is machine washable. Also, it protects the environment. The premium quality fabric ensures that the pad lasts longer. You need to wash it after use. Whether the issue is medical or anything else, this pad functions well.

Key Features
  • Premium quality fabric construction
  • A machine-washable design
  • Ideal for old dogs and puppies
  • Soft bed pads for locking in moisture
  • A waterproof backing
  • Safe for the environment

#3. rocket & rex Leak-Proof Dog Pee Pads

rocket & rex Leak-Proof Washable Puppy Pads

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This washable puppy pad by Rocket & rex is money saving. It is not only inexpensive but also friendly to the environment. Furthermore, it absorbs and retains odors and pee for long hours. Also, it prevents the floor from getting dirty. Remarkably, the dimensions measure 30 by 36 inches. Apart from its top quality, it is durable. It features four absorbent layers.

Moreover, the waterproof backing ensures better performance even after washing several times. Most importantly, it is OEKO-TEX certified. This implies that it has no harmful chemicals or substances. With four layers, the floors remain clean. Not to forget, it weighs 1.61 pounds.

Key Features
  • Weighs 1.61 pounds
  • Size of 30 by 36 inches
  • OEKO-TEX certified for safety
  • Inexpensive and eco-friendly
  • Four absorbent layers
  • A waterproof backing

#2. Peepeego Washable Puppy Pads

Peepeego Washable Puppy Pads

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This washable puppy pad by Peepeego has an extra-large size. To be specific, the dimensions measure 65″ x 48″. You can use it also for senior dogs that have bladder issues. The surface is soft and durable because it is made of polyester. Then again, it does not tear. The non-slip rubber backing ensures that you use the pad for long.

On top of that, it can absorb up to eight cups of urine without smelling. This is because of the waterproof TPU material. Next, it is washable and reusable. Most importantly, it air dries quickly. Finally, it can stand the chewing nature of puppies.

Key Features
  • Fast absorbent polyester material
  • Washable and reusable
  • Waterproof TPU material
  • Size of 65″ by 48″.
  • A non-slip rubber backing
  • Soft and durable construction

#1. Pet Parents Pawtect Premium Pee Pads

Pet Parents Pawtect Washable Puppy Pads

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The Pawtect washable puppy pad features fast absorption and better odor control. The dimensions measure 34×36 inches. Therefore, it can hold more fluid. Next, it is convenient to allow for different uses in different places. You can fold this pad for mess-free and convenient travel. Another important feature of this pad is that it saves money. Since it has a perfect size, it prevents the floor from getting dirty.

Equally important, it has natural and neutral colors. Not to mention, the puppy pad is tested for safety. Last but not least, it features anti-tracking for preventing the pet from tracking its mess. In conclusion, it has a warranty for two years.

Key Features
  • Size of 34 by 36 inches
  • Foldable for convenient travel
  • Washable and money-saving
  • Approved for safety
  • Has natural and neutral colors
  • Warranty for two years

Buyer’s guide

  • Absorbency: The best washable puppy pad should absorb all liquids. It should be able to prevent messes from spreading and absorb urine effectively. Otherwise, if it does not absorb well, it will cause messes all over the house.
  • Fast-drying: When buying a washable puppy pad, make sure that the surface dries faster. It should feature charcoal or wet-lock technology. In case the urine gets into contact with its surface, the wet-lock technology immediately locks in moisture.
  • Size: The pad’s size needs to match the dog’s size. If you use a large pad for a small dog, it might step on the stool or urine. On the other hand, a large dog should not use a small pad.
  • Durable: When choosing a washable puppy pad, make sure that it is durable. This means that it should have a washable design. In addition to that, the most durable materials are polyurethane and polyester.


In summary, washable puppy pads provide a very easy way of training the dog or puppy to relieve itself where you want. Therefore, you need to get a good pad for quick and efficient toilet training. Ensure that it is easy to wash, and it dries quickly. Also, it should be able to hold more fluid.

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