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The 10 Best Vertical Log Splitters in 2024 Reviews

by Dark Ereric
Vertical Log Splitter

Are you still using an axe to split logs for firewood? You do not have to go through all the trouble of using an axe not to mention the safety risks involved, if you would consider investing in the best vertical log splitter available on the market. Vertical log splitters come at different prices and so you will find various models that will work with your budget.

The machine will split logs into pieces that are manageable for warming your home. Ideally, you can also buy the best vertical log splitter for commercial or business purposes and this is a lucrative business idea for anyone who is wondering what they can do to earn a living. Below are suggestions of high-quality vertical log splitters that feature high versatility and competitive prices. Choose your best bet and enjoy the value that comes with it.

List of 10 Best Vertical Log Splitter Comparison Table

#10. YARDMAX Vertical Log Splitters

YARDMAX Vertical Log Splitters

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Here is the best vertical log splitter that comes with unmatched preference and durability. One of the things that you will love about it is that it features a rugged design for superior performance and long-lasting use. The best thing about buying this product is that you can carry it for heavy-duty applications, making it perfect for challenging scenarios.

Moreover, this product has a compact construction that is effortless to assemble and transport when you are on the go. You can load it from any side and still watch it split logs effortlessly. It features hydraulic liquid during delivery and so you are ready to use it right from delivery. Furthermore, this product has a U-Beam design to ensure that its structure is stronger than other I-Beam designs available. Besides, this product is equipped with a spinner plate that minimizes beam stress.

Key Features
  • U-beam design
  • Spinner plate
  • Dual log cradles
  • Hydraulic fluid included
  • Compact design
  • Rugged and durable
  • For heavy-duty tasks

#9. Powerhorse Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

Powerhorse Horizontal:Vertical Log Splitter

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Have you been looking for the best vertical log splitter that you can buy on the market at a pocket-friendly price? Well, here is the ideal device that you have been looking for. It gives you a powerful performance to save you time. Ideally, this product will easily and quickly pivot to give you a vertical operation, saving you a lot of working space.

Moreover, this product features a smooth operation because it comes with a copper wire electric motor. Therefore, it is one of the best vertical log splitters that give you extended service life. Besides, this product has a built-in log cradle that holds every split piece and this gets rid of unnecessary bending and stooping. With the 8-inch tires that it comes with, this product enhances the product’s portability.

Key Features
  • Powerful splitting force
  • Smooth and long-lasting service
  • Copper wire electric motor
  • Built-in log cradle
  • Pivoting design
  • 8-inch tires

#8. NorthStar Vertical Log Splitter

NorthStar Vertical Log Splitter

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NorthStar vertical log splitter is the ideal product that will come with a user-friendly function to ensure that you enjoy the value of your money. This product has a heavy-duty construction to ensure that it can work on tough tasks. Its ultimate performance is mainly enhanced by the concentric hydraulic pump that it is equipped with. The pump will automatically adjust pressure and flow depending on your needs and this maximizes productivity while minimizing travel time.

Furthermore, this product has a design that enhances its maneuverability because at times, your work requires you to be on the move. Its portability is facilitated by the high-speed tires and oversized wheels it comes with. Besides, it has a fuel-efficient engine that works without generating a lot of vibration, emissions, or noise. Therefore, this is an environmentally-friendly product that you can buy for an improved fuel economy.

Key Features
  • Premium-quality components
  • Two-stage concentric pump
  • Industrial grade I-beam
  • Fuel-efficient log splitter
  • Minimized emissions, noise levels, and vibrations
  • Oversized wheel
  • Rugged and durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Self-leveling pivot

#7. PowerSmart Vertical Log Splitter

PowerSmart Vertical Log Splitter

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PowerSmart vertical log splitter is a powerful device that will give you enhanced productivity. The product comes with a 15Amp induction motor that has the capacity to deliver 6-ton ultimate performance in the most challenging conditions. One of the things that you will love about this vertical log splitter is that it works fast to handle large splitting jobs within a short time.

Hence, it is an efficient vertical log splitter that will save you a lot of time for residential or commercial log splitting projects. It allows you the flexibility to use it indoors or outdoors, on the bench or the ground because it does not emit any fumes. The manufacturer gives a two years warranty to cover any defects that could arise shortly after purchase.

Key Features
  • 15 amp induction motor
  • Powerful construction
  • 6-ton maximum performance
  • Works fast
  • Does not emit fumes
  • 2 years warranty

#6. Titan Attachments Vertical Log Splitters

Titan Attachments Vertical Log Splitters

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Do you want to buy the best vertical log splitter that works in two positions? This is the product that you are searching for as it comes with a multi-position function to handle logs that have a maximum length of 24 inches. It has been equipped with a 30-ton cylinder and this implies that it comes with an enhanced slitting force. Hence, it will definitely stand out from the rest on the market, making it the ideal product for your needs.

As a matter of fact, his vertical log splitter can handle hardwood and wider logs effortlessly, making it highly efficient. Besides, it has a skid steer mount plate that has a universal fitting with numerous machines, facilitating versatility. It also has a flat-faced coupler that comes in handy to regulate high flow units and pressure.

Key Features
  • Multi-position function
  • Skid steer quick tach
  • Four-way splitting blade
  • Flat face couplers
  • 30-ton cylinder
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#5. Craftsman Vertical Log Splitter

Craftsman Vertical Log Splitter

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Do you want to buy the best vertical log splitter that comes with a powerful design? This is a rugged and durable vertical log splitter that has a powerful engine for ultimate performance. With its 208cc 4-cycle gas engine, this product eliminates the need for oil and gas mixing process. When you are hired for a splitting task in a far off area, this product is easy to maneuver and so it does not limit your movement, making it highly convenient. Its maneuverability is mainly promoted by the Dot approved wheels it comes with.

Hence, you can effortlessly tow this machine to your worksite and back home. Furthermore, it has a flexible construction that allows you to split the logs vertically or horizontally to match your needs. With a 19-second cycle time, this product will effortlessly and quickly split logs within a blink of an eye. This best vertical log splitter comes with hydraulic fluid and premium engine oil to ensure that it is ready for use right after delivery.

Key Features
  • Powerful engine
  • Dot approved wheels
  • Flexible design
  • 19-second cycle time
  • Premium engine oil
  • Hydraulic fluid

#4. WEN Gas Powered Log Splitter

WEN Gas Powered Log Splitter

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Gone are the days people used axes to manually split logs. For this reason, you need to buy this best vertical log splitter to ensure that you can handle a splitting task safely, effortlessly, and fast. The product comes with a heavy gauge welded steel design to ensure that it can handle even the most challenging task within a short time. Ideally, it has been equipped with a 212cc engine for the most powerful function. Additionally, this product has splash lubrication which comes in handy to extend the lifespan of its components.

With the two-handed operation, this product boosts your safety by keeping an appropriate distance from the wedge. When you receive work requests from a distance away from where you reside, this best vertical log splitter will effectively maneuver as it is easy to tow. Besides, it has an easy access filter for fast maintenance and adjustments when required. To save you the task of gathering split logs when it is done working on them, it comes with a spacious log cradle that catches falling logs.

Key Features
  • High-speed tires
  • 1-gallon gas tank
  • Adjustable detent valve
  • Powerful 212cc engine
  • Easy access filter
  • Spacious log cradle
  • Safety chains
  • 12 GPM two-stage pump

#3. Swisher Electric Log Splitter

Swisher Electric Log Splitter

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Swisher electric log splitter is the best vertical log splitter that features a dual voltage motor to enhance its flexibility. Ideally, this product has a large hydraulic tank that has a corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant design to enhance its durability and keep it in great condition. Furthermore, this product has vertical and horizontal splitting capacity and so it will work to match your needs and handle all wood species. You can tow this product to your worksite because it comes with easy maneuverability.

Its movement is easy as it comes with two inches ball coupler and so it does not limit you when you have a task far off. Moreover, its electric engine comes in handy when you are working around people because it functions quietly as opposed to conventional gas engines. Hence, you can use this product indoors as it is environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, it is a powerful engine that does not emit fumes.

Key Features
  • Quiet operation
  • Multi-position operation
  • Strong 2-stage pump
  • 120V electric motor
  • Ample splitting force
  • 13-second cycle time
  • 2-stage 2.5 gallons poly hydraulic tank
  • Machined steel wedge
  • Road towable
  • Log cradles
  • Vertical beam lock

#2. Champion Power Equipment Vertical Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment Vertical Log Splitter

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Here is a product that features 25 tons of splitting capacity because it has a powerful design for enhanced productivity. It has a large 224cc single-cylinder OHV engine to facilitate ultimate performance. Additionally, you should get this product because it features a versatile function that makes it flexible enough to convert from vertical to horizontal design within a blink of an eye. Ideally, this product has a 12-second cycle time to make it highly efficient.

Therefore, it saves a lot of time even when working on challenging tasks over rugged conditions. You can tow this machine if you are handling a task that is a distance away from where you reside. It is, therefore, a product that easily maneuvers and it is highly compatible with UTV/ATV towing applications. With the two years limited warranty that it comes with, the manufacturer covers any defects that could arise shortly after purchase.

Key Features
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • UTV/ATV towing applications
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Powerful engine

#1. Generac Vertical Log Splitter

Generac Vertical Log Splitter

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This is the best vertical log splitter that you need to buy today before it runs out of stock today. You will appreciate that you can easily convert it from vertical to horizontal function, making it highly flexible. Therefore, you can be sure that this product will work on any wood species and match your individual needs. With the 16-second cycle time, this product has high efficiency to ensure that it will work on a huge pile within a short time.

Furthermore, this product is equipped with 34 tons splitting force and this means that you can undertake the toughest splitting task effortlessly with this product. It is hydraulic powered and so you can trust that it comes with rugged construction that can handle even challenging projects.

Key Features
  • 16-second cycle time
  • Effortless horizontal-vertical conversion
  • 34 tons splitting capacity
  • Hydraulic power
  • Road towable

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vertical Log Splitter

  • Power: Vertical log splitters feature different power options and this means that you can get one that matches your needs. In most cases, you will find a product that is gas, hydraulic, or electric powered. Any of the models will come with individual advantages and disadvantages and so you should be keen to buy one that matches your needs.
  • Portability: If you are buying a vertical log splitter for business purposes, you need to buy a product that is easy to maneuver. This is because your worksite might be a distance away from where you live and you need to get there in a timely fashion. Most of the vertical log splitters that you will find today have wheels that make them towable for easy movement.


The market today contains numerous vertical log splitter options to pick from but here is a list of the top 10 best products that come with dependable quality and powerful engines. You will appreciate that the products on the above list of reviews are easy to maneuver, making them easy to tow to and from your worksite with much ease. Identify the best product from the options above and drop your order now before any of them is unavailable.

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