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The 10 Best Travel BCD in 2024 | SCUBA DIVING BC/BCD Backpacks

by Dark Ereric

Underwater exploration requires the proper kit before it gives an exciting and enjoyable experience to all divers. A BCD (buoyancy control device or buoyancy compensator) is a vital part of any scuba diving gear. This gear is essential, especially when achieving correct neutral buoyancy when underwater or positive buoyancy at the surface, assisting you to stay afloat.

Choose appropriate travel scuba gear to achieve ideal diving adventures. Luckily, this article aims to help diver find the travel BC backpack since each scuba diver has their preferences and needs. Each model in the list below has its strengths.

List of Top Best Travel BCD in 2024

#10. Mares Magellan BCD

Mares Magellan BCD

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Magellan BCD from Mares is a dependable and extremely lightweight travel BCD that is incorporated with a quick-release weight element. Also, it has a tank band that holds noncompulsory trim weight. Unlike other tradition bags that feature a rigid backpack, Mares Magellan BCD is characterized by the foldable yet non-rigid pack.

For easy adjustment, this Travel BCD features a strap loop pack. It only has a roll-up compartment. Luckily enough, it has a patent-pending yet concave ergonomic shoulder that increases comfort in the shoulder and chest area. It has a trouble-free patent pending structure for female divers.

Key Features
  • Foldable backpack
  • Strap loop backpack structure for easy adjustment
  • One roll-up pocket
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Weighs 7.25 pounds
  • Incorporated quick-release weight structure

#9. Levo Travel BCD from SubGears

Levo Travel BCD from SubGears

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Levo travel BCD by Subgears is a new lightweight, high-Performance Back-Inflator design Buoyancy Compensator Durable which is Comfortable and ideal for daily travel or diving. What’s more, the BCD is tailored with long-lasting, sturdy, and lightweight 420-Denier Nylon, which is Lightweight.

This travel BCD has Torso Shoulder Straps that help in adjusting the BCD for Custom fit. These shoulder straps have Quick-Release buckles with squeeze style, adjustable waist latch-style strap, and Sternum Strap buckles. Moreover, the Levo BCD is characterized by padded-backpack for added comfort. Levo travel BCD’s bladder incorporates bungee cords to help in rapid deflation and to offer a low-profile while underwater.

Key Features

  • Has the standard cam fastener cylinder strap
  • Standard Waist Fasten Latch Style Buckle
  • Adjustable Upper Body Shoulder Straps alongside Quick-Release Squeeze Style Buckles
  • Standard Cam Clasp Cylinder Strap alongside Lightweight Buckle\
  • Comfortable Padded-Backpack
  • Has Adjustable Sternum Strap

#8. Aqualung Zuma Scuba Travel BC

Aqualung Zuma Scuba Travel BC

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The AquaLung Zuma travel has i300C 2 Gauge, Weight Integrated BCD, Mikron Yoke Regulator, and ABS Octopus Regulator. Ideally, it is incredibly lightweight with a diaphragm-shaped Mikron balanced Regulator that is ideal for travel. Depending on composite material, this Mikron Regulator can deliver high performance without increasing weight or size. Moreover, this scuba diving BCD has a reliable and low profile substitute air source, which functions very well.

Additionally, ABS Octopus surpasses CE breathing needs for regulators. It also incorporates an exceptional 120-degree mouthpiece and ergonomic silicone mouthpiece to hose angle. The i300 has easy-to-use console fixed dive computer that claims four functional modes for super flexibility, thus making back-lit interface usage possible for easy readability.

Key Features

  • Characterized by Mikron Regulator
  • Has i300C 2 Gauge and ABS Octopus
  • Ergonomic silicone mouthpiece
  • The i300C Dive Computer includes four operating modes
  • Back-lit interface

#7. Oceanic Biolite Travel BC for Scuba Diving

Oceanic Biolite Travel BC for Scuba Diving

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The new Biolite travel BC from Oceanic looks to launch itself as an ultimate solution with the established of an innovative color and streamlined design, integrated weight system. In all honesty, this is the eventual travel BC from Oceanic with a proper balance of benefits and features that makes scuba diving a pure enjoyment.

The Biolite Travel BC keeps things straightforward with a simple, clean design that emphasis convenience and comfort. If your travel arrangements demand lightweight baggage, then the Oceanic Biolite BC is absolutely for you. Next, this travel BC also includes right shoulder carabiner system for position adjustment.

Key Features
  • Integrated, streamlined weight System
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds
  • Right shoulder carabiner system for position adjustment
  • Accommodates about 14 pound
  • Includes dual 7 pounds front weight pocket with a weight release system
  • Low profile backpack

#6. Hollis LTS Travel System BCD

Hollis LTS Travel System BCD

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The Hollis Travel BCD is the newest warm water option for traveling destinations and divers where weight constraints are limited. Integrating key features from the popular HD200, the Hollis LTS travel BCD is a weight incorporated back inflation design. It weighs 13.6 kg (30 pounds).

Preferably, it is ideal for steel 85’s and single AL80’s. What’s more, it comes with a non-modular and simple design that stows easy. It only weighs 5 pounds. The travel BC comes with a Rugged 1000D nylon external cover alongside 420D internal bladder. In addition to material, it also features hip and chest D-ring for sling bottles and accessories. It comes in also accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Hip and chest D-rings for sling bottle or accessories
  • Comfortable back padding
  • Rugged 1000D nylon external cover alongside 420D internal bladder
  • Integrated weight system
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#5. Zeagle Scout BCD

Zeagle Scout BCD 

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Zeagle Scout BCD is ideal travels BC backpack with RE Valve, Inflator, and Hose. Great for travel, this Scout BCD from Zeagle has a 20 pounds rear weight system capacity. It comes with heavyweight yet low profile bladder with the elastic retractor. Its construction includes reinforced 1000 denier nylon, elastic adjustable waist panels, two zippered convenience pockets, and tailored on lumber pad.

Moreover, you may find that a scout BCD backpack has an adjustable sternum strap and 5-five anti-rusting steel D-rings. The back mount weight system has a capacity of 20 pounds. This product is also accompanied by the full manufacturer’s warranty and Reduced Shipping Rates

Key Features
  • Has adjustable sternum strap
  • Package includes RE Valve, Inflator, and Hose
  • 5-five anti-rusting steel D-rings.
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Two zippered convenience pocket
  • Elastic adjustable waist panels

#4. Cressi BlueTravelight BC

Cressi BlueTravelight BC  

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The  Cressi Travelight BC is designed as a super-luxurious travel BCD. The dry weight of this travel light is 6 pounds. The back is plentifully padded, for a comfy fit. Furthermore, The BCD utilizes Cressi’s Lock Aid incorporated weight system. It can hold store 20 pounds in the anterior pockets and an additional 10 pounds in the no-clip-on back pockets.

What’s more, the D-rings are constructed of lightweight material. It is equipped with an air cell that inflates away from your body that inhibits constricting the diver. The cressi travel light BC has 13.5 pounds and 36 pounds of lift.

Key Features
  • D-rings are constructed a lightweight material
  • Lock Aid incorporated weight system
  • Watertight deflation button alongside the exterior washer
  • Two rear trim pockets
  • Two deep, spacious compartments with zipper closures

#3. Palantic Traveler Scuba Travel BCD

Palantic Traveler Scuba Travel BCD

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Palantic back-floatation travel BCD is the ultra-slimmed-down, lightweight design, flexible, soft backpack lay flat & compacted for packing. The cummerbund has a maximum circumference of 52-inches. Luckily, it comes in yellow and also available in large and medium-size.

Its lightweight, compact design and a soft backpack are what made this product ideal for Dive travel. With custom made and adjustable strap-style belt hugging your body, this product delivers a comfortable Dive. The travel BCD is also versatile in the sense that it can fit people’s weight of 150lb to 209lb and height of about 5’7” to 6’1”.

Key Features

  • Back-floatation travel BCD
  • Cummerbund circumference: 52-inch max
  • The adjustable belt-style waist strap
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Soft backpack for Dive travel

#2. Scubapro Litehawk Scuba Diving BC

Scubapro Litehawk Scuba Diving BC 

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Scubapro Litehawk has become a great companion for scuba divers. This travel BC gives typically freedom of movement with bulk-free, minimal thermal protections, back-flotation while sailing the crystalline tropic waters. The LITEHAWK travel BC from SCUBAPRO is an eventual back-flotation travel BC. The incorporated belt-style waist strap alongside nylon buckle is adjustable and cinch up snug.

The rotating shoulder buckles are characterized by a quick-release mechanism for routing belts under your arms. The tank is protected by the upper backing strap, yoke strap, and lower prime tank band. The BC conveys no natural buoyancy, so only slight ballast weight is needed. Therefore, it has two ditching free pockets that carry accessories.

Key Features
  • Quick-release weight pockets
  • Three-dump deflation system
  • Back-flotation technology
  • Four aluminum D-rings
  • Streamlined air-cell technology
  • Weighs 7.5 pounds
  • Constructed in long-lasting 1000 Denier Nylon

#1. Start Jacket-Style BCD from Cressi

Start Jacket-Style BCD from Cressi

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Cressi travel BCD is designed with 1000 Denier Cordura on the outer panel & 500 Denier inner layer. The air bladder and waist strap of this backpack are independent. Tightening the jacket is possible when deflated without hugging the user’s stomach when the coat is inflated. It has an inflator with a dual air filtration system around the valve and its hose connection.

Luckily, the integrated inflator can be rinsed to get rid of debris and other sand. The ultra-durable thermoplastic is used to make the back-plate system. This thermoplastic is genuinely compact and small for lightness. It also includes rubber damper that helps in gripping the tank, an additional tank strap.

Key Features
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Two large pockets luggage compartments with velcro closure
  • Rigid carry handle and padded backpack
  • Three exhaust valves adjustment buoyancy
  • Nylon locator strap
  • Two technopolymer d-rings
  • Octopus holder
  • Two spring-clip holding rings
  • Gauge holder

How to pick the best travel BCD

  • Pockets and Rings: There are some factors like Pockets & rings for any travel-oriented gear, and scuba travel BC is no exception. If your scuba BCDs is meant for traveling, then opt for the one with every ring and pocket.
  • Size: Sizes may vary from brand to brand or from model to model. Always use the company’s chart as a reference to get the correct size.
  • Integrated weight: Many BCDs features integrated weight compartments or the option for storing weight in special detachment pockets. You need to use the travel BC integrated weight belt for finding the right buoyancy.
  • Travel: If you like traveling quite often, you will undoubtedly need compact and light gear. Some brands fulfill these features, whereas providing exceptional comfort and resistance. In general, they function correctly for recreational dives and travel. If you’re travel BCDs, cold-water or technical diver may not be the best option for you.


The buoyancy control device has become useful scuba diving gear for controlling the buoyancy. It’s the significant pieces of scuba diving gear that you’ll require during your adventure for the safe and successful diving experience. For that reason, finding an ideal BCD is the most appropriate way of enjoying your scuba diving.



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