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Top 10 Best Stylus Pens in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Johnson Stev
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To easily draw or write without missing a detail or line, it is necessary that you invest in the best stylus pens. The stylus pens have been designed to easily connect with different devices like iPads, pen-enabled Windows, and iPhones among others. Because of this, you can easily carry your writing perfectly. With the stylus pens, they don’t need drivers or Bluetooth to connect thus very reliable. To add more, they are battery-powered units that will guarantee longer runtime.

Some important features that you should consider when making the order include compatibility, battery pack, palm rejection function, pressure points, and cost among others.

List of Best Stylus Pens in 2024

#10. Adonit Note Natural Palm Rejection Stylus Pen

Adonit Note (Gold) Natural Palm Rejection Stylus & High Accuracy Pen, 12 Hrs Use, Compatible with iOS 12. 2 or Newer iPad Air 3rd gen, iPad Mini 5th,

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By: Adonit

First and foremost, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of the stylus pen you wish to buy. Adonit Note Natural Palm Rejection Stylus Pen is a widely compatible pen that you can use with various devices. For instance, it operates with newer iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad 6th Gen. Besides this, the pen is also compatible with ISO 12.2 or later; hence a perfect unit that you will find suitable. In addition to this, the pen has a sleek ergonomic design, making it comfy to hold and use.

Again, it offers a longer runtime of up to 12-hours thanks to the built-in battery. The natural palm rejection pen also allows you to naturally reset the hands on the screen just like paper and pen. Moreover, it is app compatible and functions with apps like Procreate, Paper, Animation Desk, and Notability among others. The elegant gold finish of the pen means that is a classy pick that will suit your needs.

Key Features
  • Wide compatibility
  • Natural palm rejection
  • App compatible
  • Ergonomic sleek design
  • 12-hours runtime

Reason to buy

  • It is compatible with devices and apps
  • Offers a longer runtime
  • Has a user-friendly design

#9. E EGOWAY Stylus Pen

E EGOWAY Stylus Pen for iPad Pro 2018 11, 12.9 inch, iPad Air Mini 2019 and Other iPads Releases in 2018 and Later (Black)

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By: E Egoway

Are you looking for the perfect stylus pen that you can use with your iPad? Here is an excellent unit that you can use with most iPad devices. For example, it is compatible with iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Air 2019 among others. Additionally, you can also use it with ISO 12.2 and above. That said, it is a convenient and reliable pen that will keep running for up to 12-hours on a single charge. This is because it has been fitted with a high-capacity battery that recharges in just one hour.

It is a user-friendly stylus pen that has been equipped with a power button for easy on and off. With this, you will find it very convenient and after 20-minutes of inactivity, the pen will automatically switch off the save the battery power. The good news is that it is very accurate thanks to the advanced technology, which aids it in locating every pixel whether painting or writing.

Key Features
  • Palm rejection function
  • Power button
  • Super compatibility
  • Pixel precision
  • 12-months warranty

Reason to buy

  • It is very accurate and efficient
  • Runs for up to 12-hours
  • Doesn’t need Bluetooth or drivers to connect
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#8. Heiyo Surface Sensitive Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface with 4096 Pressure Sensitivity AAAA Battery, 200hr Continuous Using Applicable for Surface Pro Go Laptop Book Studio Neo

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By: Heiyo

One essential consideration when buying the stylus pen needs to be the battery life. This is a reliable stylus pen that guarantees up to 200-hours runtime on AAAA battery. Apart from this, the pen has a humanized design, which makes it excellent for most activities including signing, drawing, taking notes, and handwriting among others.

The good thing is that the pen has been made using quality and safe AB plastic, which is non-toxic; hence guarantees a longer lifespan. It also supports palm rejection function, which means that it easily detects the surfaces for casual and free writing. The pen is widely compatible with most devices like surface laptop, surface book series, Pro 3, Pro 4, and Windows 10 system.

Key Features
  • 200-hours runtime
  • Non-toxic ABS Material built
  • Palm rejection function
  • 100% compatible
  • Humanized design

Reason to buy

  • It is widely applicable
  • Available in varying colors
  • Easy to use and widely compatible

#7. Heiyo Pressure Sensitive Rechargeable Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen Applicable for Surface Pro Series Book Studio Go Laptop MPP 2.0 Tilt Shadow 4096 Pressure Sensitivity Rechargeable Styli

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By: Heiyo

Here is a user-friendly stylus pen that you can easily control for top-notch performances. The pen has two buttons and an indicator light that makes it a breeze to control. Also, it has up to 4096 pressure-sensitive points, which make it very efficient. The anti-friction plastic tip is highly durable writes for up to 4,000,000 inches. The high sensitive pressure points ensure that it easily touches to the lightest touch. The pen is widely applicable with different devices and apps including surface Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro, Book, Book 2, and Laptop just to name a few.

The ergonomically designed unit has a built-in lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. With this, you will find it very convenient and reliable as it offers up to 500-hours runtime. To add more, the thick durable pen easily detects surface pens thanks to the palm rejection function.

Key Features
  • Palm rejection function
  • Superior compatibility
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 4096 pressure points
  • Anti-friction plastic tip

Reason to buy

  • It uses low power
  • Provides longer lifespan
  • It is compatible with most devices

#6. Lafer Surface Pressure-Sensitive Pen

Pen for Surface, Stylus Pen with 1024 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity, Compatible with Surface Pro, Surface Go, Surface Book

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By: Lafer

Utilizing palm-rejection technology, this is a very convenient pen that allows you to reset the palm on the surface. This means that you can always use it on all compatible surfaces for excellent performances. Apart from this, the pen has been fitted with a soft nib that will write up to 5,000,000-inches. The good news is that the unit offers up to a year of use on the AAAA battery included. This is when you use it for about 2-hours every day.

Besides this, it is an ergonomically designed pen that has up to 4096 pressure-sensitive points. Due to this, it easily recognizes even with a slight touch. The widely compatible pen is designed to deliver improved drawing, writing, and navigational experience.

Key Features
  • AAAA battery
  • Soft nib tip
  • Wide compatibility
  • Palm rejection technology
  • Improved tilt angle

Reason to buy

  • Writes for up to 5,000,000-inches
  • Stays powered for up to 1-year
  • It is very efficient and durable
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#5. Adrawpen Stylus Pen

Adrawpen Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection 4096 Pressure, Support 1000 hrs Working Time for Surface Pro 7

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By: Adrawpen

Are you looking for the ultimate stylus pen you can use for iPads and pen-enabled Windows? This is a special unit that you will find excellent for your drawing and writing needs. Again, the pen has up to 4096 pressure levels, which means that it is highly sensitive. With this, you will find it excellent for all your drawing and writing needs. That said, the pen has a humanized design, making it simpler to use and control.

It is a widely compatible unit that is suitable for Surface Pro, Go/Neo, Book 2, and studio 2 among others. Additionally, it is fitted with an AAAA battery pack that offers a longer runtime.

Key Features
  • 4096 pressure points
  • Wide compatibility
  • Window Inks compatible
  • AAAA Battery pack
  • Humanized design

Reason to buy

  • It is more efficient and comfortable
  • Compatible with pen-enabled Windows
  • Offers a longer runtime

#4. Letech+ Slim Pro Active Stylus Pens

letech+ Slim PRO Active Stylus Pen for iPad,iPad Pro,iPhone,Samsung Tablet,

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By: Letech

With the PU leather carrying pouch, you are guaranteed the safety of the pen. The pack also provides you with a built-in Ni-MH AAAA 300mAh battery, which offers about 5-7-hours runtime. It comes with a USB cable for efficient recharge. Other than this, the pen also features an adjustable tip that has been designed using durable POM. This means that it will last longer and provides precision accuracy needed. Since no software or Bluetooth is needed for compatibility, the pen is elementary to use.

It connects with most devices, making it a perfect selection for all users. You can use it with iPads, iPhones, and Samsung smartphones among others. Lastly, it is finished in multi-colors to choose from; hence a great product for all.

Key Features
  • 300mAh AAAA built-in battery
  • PU leather carrying pouch
  • USB charging cable
  • 9mm POM adjustable tip
  • Superior compatibility

Reason to buy

  • You can adjust the top for better performances
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Convenient to carry and store

#3. XIRON Stylus Pen for iPad

Stylus Pen for iPad, XIRON Active Capacitive Rechargeable iPad Pencil Stylus Digital Pen iPens

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By: Xiron

Featuring a thin 2mm fine replaceable rubber tip, you can now draw and write smoothly. The stylus is meant for iPad models and iPhone models; hence a versatile unit that will suit most users. The pen has been ergonomically designed using the best quality of material, which means that it will serve for long. In addition to this, it uses CRD technology and high-pressure sensitivity, making it very efficient as it can easily detect by just a slight touch.

It comes with a rechargeable built-in battery that provides up to 10-hours runtime. The high precision antenna design of the pen also ensures that it delivers top-notch performances needed.

Key Features
  • CRD technology
  • Micro USB cable
  • Built-in rechargeable cable
  • 2mm replaceable rubber tip
  • 1-year replacement support

Reason to buy

  • Comes with a replaceable rubber tip
  • Provide a high level of accuracy
  • It is perfect for the cost
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#2. Joyroom Capacitive Stylus Pens

JOYROOM Capacitive Stylus Pen for Touch Screens, Disc Tip and High Sensitivity,

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By: Joyroom

This is a top-rated stylus pen that comes with friction glove. With this, the pen easily reduces friction on the screen and finger for a great experience. Second, to this, the pen has been fitted with a high-capacity battery that will last for up to 10-hours. It has a 30-minutes auto-off function; hence more convenient as the pen will switch off when inactive for long. Moreover, it is a widely compatible pen that you can use with most devices, making it a favorite selection. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads; hence you can easily write and draw.

What is more, it has a 1.5mm gold plated tip that will write for longer. Due to the sleek and ergonomic design, it is a user-friendly unit that will serve you better.

Key Features
  • Auto-off function
  • Universal compatibility
  • Friction glove
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 5mm gold-plated tip

Reason to buy

  • Easily prevents false touches
  • It is widely compatible
  • Offers longer runtime

#1. Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil

Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad Pro 12.9-Inch (3rd Gen), iPad Pro 11-Inch,

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By: Logitech

When you wish to draw and write naturally, this is a reliable stylus pen that will ensure you never miss a line. The ergonomically designed pen is comfy to hold and delivers quality performances. The pencil is widely compatible with devices like iPads, 3rd, 6th, and 7th generations; hence you can work seamlessly.

Other than this, it easily connects with no Bluetooth or drivers needed. This implies that it is a convenient unit that will suit you better.

Key Features
  • Universal compatibility
  • Ergonomic sleek design
  • Adjustable smart fine smooth tip
  • High-battery capacity
  • Durable built

Reason to buy

  • Ensures you never miss a detail or line
  • Simple to use and control
  • Connects seamlessly

Stylus Pens Buying Guide

  • Compatibility: Getting the best stylus pen starts by looking out at the compatibility. A reliable pen should offer superior compatibility so that you can use it with most devices. The stylus pen should connect with different iPad models like iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad 3rd gen, and iPad 6th Gen. Besides this, the unit also should be compatible with ISO 12.2 and above plus iPhones. Away from the devices, it is important that it functions with Surfaces Book, Book 2, Notability, Windows, and much more. Such a pen is more convenient and will serve you better.
  • Battery Pack: Also, check for a stylus pen that will provide a longer runtime needed. The stylus pens have been designed with different battery packs that will serve for a given time limit. Some come with AAAA batteries that can run for up to a year when using it for about 2-hours daily. For some, they have built-in rechargeable batteries that will run for 10-12-hours while some offer up to 500-hours. For better performance, consider a unit with a battery pack that runs for at least 200-hours.
  • Pressure Sensitive Points: The stylus pen should easily recognize by the least touch. For such a pen, find a unit that has more pressure points of 4096 or more. Also, it needs to use the palm rejection technology for enhanced performances.


For seamless writing and drawing on iPads, iPhones, and all compatible surfaces, you need to find the best stylus pen that will suit you. From our stylus pen review, we have summarized some top-rated products that you will find excellent for your needs. They are very convenient and widely compatible units that will serve you accordingly.

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