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Top 10 Best Study Pillows in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Yang Fung
Best Study Pillows in 2024

It is recommended that people get 8 to 10 hours of quality sleep daily. And to help meet this goal, many of us invest in more than our share of soft, fluffy pillows. And while typical bed pillows are perfectly suitable for normal nightly sleep, they may not accommodate the needs of an individual who finds himself spending much of their time in bed. It is for this reason that you may require a unique backrest for a bed or chair pillow.

These pillows are well suited for reading and are also ideal for those who need stress-relieving relaxation due to a short or long-term illness, pregnancy, or an injury. These pillows are available in a wide range of designs and materials used. Below are ten of the best study pillows that are available in the market today. To help you make the right decision, we have included a buying guide.

List of Best Study Pillows in 2024

#10. Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Bedrest

Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Bedrest

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By: Deluxe Comfort

Deluxe Comfort Microsuede Bedrest is your ideal reading and bed rest lounger. This is the go for pillow any time you want to spend your spare time lounging in bed, reading your favorite novels, and even watching a movie. This bed rest is super soft and hypoallergenic, so you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, it employs a double-stitching technique to ensure that it lasts longer. The thread used, premium-grade upholstery thread, is specially selected for extended durability. It comes with a zippered cover that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Another thing is, this bed rest pillow s designed with dual armrest pockets that are conveniently located so you can have your items accessible. The pockets provide the ideal storage options for your electronics, such as headphones, TV remotes, and smartphones. Furthermore, it is fitted with a durable handle that facilitates easy transportation wherever you need it. You can count on this pillow to keep you comfortable and allergen-free. This sitting support pillow is soft and well stuffed with fiberfill for a great experience. It comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that meets your preferences.

Key Features
  • Zippered Cover
  • Double-Stitching
  • Convenient Handle
  • Dual Armrest Pockets
  • High-Quality Micro Suede
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#9. Klear Vu Shaggy Bed Rest Support Pillow

Klear Vu Shaggy Bed Rest Support Pillow

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By: Klear Vu Store

Klear Vu Shaggy Bed Rest Support Pillow is your ultimate lounging companion. It is made purely of polyester material that is well selected, given its durable qualities. Also, this pillow is beautifully and uniquely designed to allow you to rest easy on it. This shaggy bed rest features a hand-selected fabric and an ample amount of fill to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. This pillow is not only a cozy addition to your bed but also a unique and colorful one. You can now enjoy reading your favorite novel or watching your favorite show without experiencing any pain.

On top of that, this shaggy bed rest has a lightweight design, so you can always carry it wherever you need it. Also, it is fitted with a carry handle for easy transportation. This pillow features a shaggy and plush texture that assures maximum comfort. It is well designed for everyday use, and spot cleaning is recommended. This pillow provides function and fashion in all areas of your home. They are available in a wide range of colors, so you can get one that matches your décor.

Key Features
  • High-quality polyester material
  • A plush and shaggy texture
  • Lightweight design
  • Carry handle
  • Ample fill

#8. Clara Clark Bed Rest

Clara Clark Bed Rest

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By: Clara Clark Store

Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Clara Clark bed rest. This pillow is designed to offer maximum relaxation any time you are reading on your bed. It is made of premium quality microfiber that is sure to last long without wear and tear. Also, this sturdy and fully supportive pillow is ideally sized for kids, teens, and adults. It measures 18 inches high and will envelop you in with cozy warmth as you watch TV or read. This pillow features bonus pockets that are conveniently located at the back. These provide storage options for your items, such as magazines, keeping them accessible, so you do not have to get off once you are comfortable.

Additionally, this pillow is covered with a luxurious and plush cover that is soft to the touch. It is filled with high-density, premium, shredded memory foam, which contours to your body, offering superior support. It also comes with a carrying handle so you can carry it around the house or for travels, so you experience great comfort wherever you are. The memory foam works to remain stiff at room temperature but soften once exposed to your body’s heat. This ensures that the pillow remains stiff but allows you to cradle.

Key Features
  • Ideal size
  • Bonus pockets
  • Plush, luxurious cover
  • Convenient Carrying handle
  • High-density shredded memory foam

#7. Animal Adventure Dog Character Backrest

Animal Adventure Dog Character Backrest

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By: Animal Adventure Store

Animal Adventure Dog Character Backrest will meet your kids’ needs. This pillow is well designed to allow them to play, read, watch, relax, and snuggle with this character cushion. The plump and comfortable dog character delivers extra support and acts as a functional pillow for your children to prop up and settle in. Moreover, this pillow is for kids of all ages. It is an ideal décor for bedrooms, dorms, nurseries, or virtually anywhere else. The materials used are a perfect blend of polyester and polyethylene plastic known for their durable properties.

Besides that, this pillow is fitted with a plush fabric that is comfortable and very cozy to provide your kids with lasting support. The durable fabric on the pillow features a convenient storage pocket that the kids can use to store their favorite toys, keeping them within reach. It is also equipped with a carry handle and has lightweight features to move with their pillow anywhere around the house with ease.

Key Features
  • Plush fabric
  • Carry handle
  • Useful storage pocket
  • Conveniently lightweight
  • Plump and comfortable character

#6. MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

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By: mittaGonG Store

MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow is a comfortable addition to your bed. This pillow offers the ultimate neck support as it comes with an adjustable and detachable neck roll. This feature gives your neck maximum support while achieving other purposes, such as supporting your head, legs, waist, and back. Moreover, this sturdy backrest has a large size, which comes in handy to help your whole upper part of your body. This will give you a sense of security and superior support.

What’s more, you can count on this pillow to offer firm support as it is filled with shredded foam and sponge. This combination ensures support and comfort. It is more supportive than the standard reading pillows. Therefore, it is a great companion while you are playing video games, reading, or watching TV. This pillow is designed with long thick arms that provide adequate arm support. There are convenient side pockets that can comfortably accommodate your glasses, remote, or phone. The cover is removable and machine washable. It also comes with a convenient carry handle that makes it easy for you to move it around.

Key Features
  • Shredded memory foam and sponge
  • Adjustable and detachable neck roll
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Removable cover
  • Arm support
  • Side pockets
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#5. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

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Sink into luxurious depths with the ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow. It is made of pure cotton that is soft to the touch and offers supreme comfort. Also, this deluxe backrest comes with a neck roll that gives you double pleasure when reading. This pillow was designed with your health and comfort in mind. The cushion was thoughtfully-formed with an armrest to provide a cozy area on your bed, sofa, or floor. This pillow is also excellent lumbar support for maternity.

Another thing is, this premium pillow comes with a highly resilient cushion of pure cotton filling and a soft velour cover. The neck roll and arms are filled with premium cluster ball fiber that offers maximum support and ensures you are comfortable during your activities. The specially reinforced cushion provides outstanding support for daily relaxing, therapy, and pregnancy care. It has a skin-friendly cover and is therefore ideal for children and adults alike.

Key Features
  • Skin-friendly soft velour cover
  • Highly resilient cushion
  • Convenient Armrests
  • Pure cotton filling
  • Neckroll

#4. Nestl Reading Pillow

Nestl Reading Pillow

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By: Nestl Bedding

Nestl Reading pillow is perfect for back support while relaxing, reading, gaming, or watching TV. It is sure to offer you the ultimate relaxation during these activities as well. This sturdy and fully supportive pillow is ideally sized for kids, teens, and adults. Also, it measures 18 inches in height and will envelop you in cozy warmth as you watch TV and read on your bed. This pillow is covered with a plush and luxurious cover that offers irresistible comfort. It is filled with high-density, premium, shredded memory foam that contours to your body’s shape, thus, offering maximum support.

What’s more is, this pillow comes with a convenient carrying handle so you can quickly move it to wherever you need it. There is also a convenient back pocket that allows you to create a cozy nest and not get up to get other things. The large back pocket can accommodate your extra magazines, tablet, or a book. The soft pillow covers are conveniently removable and machine washable so that you can enjoy a clean pillow. They are available in 12 vibrant colors, so you can find one that meets your tastes and preferences.

Key Features
  • High-density shredded memory foam
  • Removable velvety softcover
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Convenient back pocket
  • Ideally sized

#3. ZIRAKI Large Plush Reading and TV Pillow

ZIRAKI Large Plush Reading and TV Pillow

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Lounge in comfort and style with the ZIRAKI Large Plush Reading and TV Pillow. This premium pillow is of high-quality as it is made of shredded memory foam. The foam allows better airflow and is flexible so that you can personalize the pillow’s molding to your comfort. It is also designed with a soft plush velour cover that makes the pillow-soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to lie on. You can count on this large size pillow to give you the perfect head, arm, and full back support.

Moreover, this pillow comfortably supports your body anywhere you place it, be it on the floor, your bed, or sofa. Besides comfort, it is also recommended for pain relief at all times. It comes with a built-in handle that enables you to carry it around the house or for travels easily. Cleaning this pillow is a breeze as you can spot wash it with a damp cloth and detergent in case of contact with dirt.

Key Features
  • High-quality shredded foam
  • Soft plush velour cover
  • Comfortable support
  • Built-in carry handle

#2. ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

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By: ComfortSpa

ComfortSpa reading pillow will exceed your expectations. This deluxe reading pillow is made of shredded foam that conforms to your body to offer maximum comfort. It is ideal for all body types and ensures optimal alignment as you relax upright. This pillow features bonus storage located on the arms side pockets, which can accommodate your phone, remote, tablet, book, or glasses. Each of the arms extends out 11 inches supporting your shoulders and neck while reducing stress on muscles and joints to ensure optimum healthy comfort.

Furthermore, this reading pillow offers versatile comfort as you can use it while sitting up in bed as you read, watch TV, or surf the internet. It features medical-grade materials making it ideal for those suffering from heartburn or GERD. You can use it as a wedge and elevate your upper body for more comfort while asleep or at rest. This pillow is fitted with a soft and breathable velour cover that can easily be spot-cleaned. Moreover, it features an anti-clump shredded foam padding that offers a lifetime of soothing comfort.

Key Features
  • Medical grade material
  • Warm, breathable velour cover
  • Shredded foam
  • Bonus storage
  • Bed wedge

#1. Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow

Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow

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By: Linenspa Store

Settle down and make yourself comfortable with the Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow. This pillow Is of standard size, making it well suited for teens and children. It is the ideal option for reading, gaming, relaxing, working on a laptop, or watching TV. Moreover, this pillow is filled with CertiPUR US certified memory foam blend that conforms to your body shape, offering superior comfort. You can count on this pillow for personalized and lasting comfort.

What’s more is, this pillow comes with a soft and durable velour cover that is spot clean only. The cover is also available in a range of colors, so you can choose one that matches your room décor. Furthermore, this pillow has superior shoulder and back support for recovery from surgery and other injuries. It has a built-in handle that is convenient when it comes to moving the pillow around the house.

Key Features
  • Superior back and shoulder support
  • Certified shredded memory foam
  • Convenient fabric carry handle
  • Soft and durable velour cover
  • Standard size
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Best Study Pillows Buying Guide

Study pillows are a necessary addition to any room. They are designed with your health and comfort in mind. But choosing an ideal one is not as easy as it seems. Here is a list of factors that you can consider before making a purchase.

  • Material: These pillows are made with a variety of materials. If you have any allergies or sensitive skin, you should go for the hypoallergenic pillows. Some are filled with memory foam, which contours to your body to offer superior comfort, while others are filled with cotton or other material. Moreover, the covers are made of different materials as well. Some use polyester, velvet, velour, and so on. Choose the ideal material that will work well with you.
  • Usability: Some of the pillows incorporate features that will enhance your user experience. These include a handle to quickly move the pillow around or take it with you on trips. Some have removable and machine washable covers, so cleaning them is a breeze. Others are lightweight, and some come with pockets to keep your items accessible. Choose the one that you find most convenient.
  • Extras: Some study pillows come with additional features. For instance, some are equipped with bonus pockets that offer storage options for your phone, remote, tablet, and other items and keep them within reach. Others are fitted with handles so you can easily take them you’re you where you need them. Some come with armrests for arm support, while others neck rolls for neck and head support. Pick one that meets all your needs.


A quality bed lounger is something of a therapy tool. The above pillows are not only whisper soft and luxurious but also sturdy and stable. They have a unique structure that makes them more than ideal for eating, reading, and writing that people do during extended periods of bed rest. Choose one of the professional household brands above.

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