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10 Best Soccer Balls Size 5 in 2024 Reviews | Adult Soccer Balls

by Dark Ereric
Soccer Ball

In soccer, owning a high-quality ball is necessary to enjoy the maximum experience. Soccer isn’t all about winning games and scoring goals. It’s more about having sensation ball control and a fantastic feeling when your feet interact with the ball. It’s an exceptional feeling that some get to experience. For most people, selecting a soccer ball size 5 might be overwhelming. But it’s totally logical since size 5 balls look appealing and much the similar. So, soccer players may be wondering about which are the suitable soccer balls to purchase in 2024?

The list below highlights the Soccer Balls Size 5 brands and designs available that can inspire your purchase decision. There are numerous aspects to consider, including durability, customer reviews, and price range. And for you to come up with premium quality, all of these aspects need be balanced.

Let us begin….

List of Top Best Soccer Balls Size 5 in 2024

#10. SHOKE Water-Resistant FIFA Level Performance Soccer Ball Size 5

SHOKE Water-Resistant FIFA Level Performance Soccer Ball Size 5

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This Soccer Ball by SHOKE features Butyl rubber bladder. Consequently, it achieves an ideal combination of air retention and bounce. Also, this rubber helps keep the ball inflated and maintains the ball’s shape. With a bouncing height ranging between 55.11” and 57.08”, it could be an official match ball.

Moreover, SHOKE soccer ball features Thermal-bonding technology.  Other than ensuring durability, this technology also reduces water seepage hence making the ball water-proof. On the outside is top-notch PU full-grain leather. This provides a stable flight path as well as avoiding water absorption. Remarkably, the leather doesn’t peel and hardly gets dirty. Lastly, the package includes a pump.

What makes it special
  • Hidden Latex Valve
  • Multiple polyester-layers enforcement
  • Water-Proof & durable Synthetic Leather
  • Non-peeling outer skin
  • TPE foam that provides a better balance of contact bounce and quality
  • Special Thermal-Bonding technology
  • Upgrade version Butyl rubber bladder for air and shape retention
  • Rebound Height 51.18-inches-53.15-inches

#9. SELECT Numero 10 Soccer Ball

SELECT Numero 10 Soccer Ball 

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SELECT Numero 10 is a high-quality 2020 softness soccer ball for any playing conditions. It is budget-friendly and does not wear-out that easily. Furthermore, this ball is made with PU material wrapped with neoprene foam. In all honesty, it a legendary training and match ball. And it has been used all over the world for years for matches and training. The zero-wing latex bladder is of premium quality for an optimal bounce.

Luckily, this soccer ball features golf structured PU-surface combined with hand-stitched construction for ensuring optimal aerodynamics. It meets or surpasses any requirement for NFHS, IMS, and NCAA. For quality and durable, this soccer ball is accompanied by a warranty of 2-years.

What makes it special
  • Hand-stitched construction
  • Has 32 panels
  • Features golf structured PU-surface
  • Meets NCAA & NFHS regulations
  • Includes 2-Year Warranty document
  • Made with PU material wrapped with neoprene foam

#8. Nike 2018 Strike size 5 Soccer Ball

Nike 2018 Strike size 5 Soccer Ball

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One thing for sure about the Nike Strike soccer ball is its high quality. Outstandingly, this ball features high contrast graphics. For this reason, it ensures easy visual tracking. Then again, the Nike Strike soccer ball includes a reinforced rubber bladder. As a result, this ball has the perfect shape and air retention.

Additionally, with a 32-panel design, this ball displays accurate ball flights. Besides, its textured outer casing provides a great feel and touch. The grip is perfect when playing on wet conditions. With three distinct size options, you can choose the ideal size for anyone.

What makes it special
  • Aerowtrac grooves design
  • Easy visual tracking and consistent feel graphics
  • Reinforced rubber bladder
  • Has 12-panel design
  • Includes high-contrast graphics

#7. Franklin Sports F-100 Size 5 Soccer Balls

Franklin Sports F-100 Size 5 Soccer Balls 

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Start a pitch game with the F-100 Soccer Balls from Franklin Competition! It’s tailored with a high-luster PVC coat for a Shock-Sorb cushion and abrasion resistance system, which helps it maintain its shape. More interestingly, the foam cushioning offers these balls a responsive and soft feel making them safe for vicious headers. Also, the PVC covering will give this soccer thing water-resistant property and hence suitable for all weather conditions.

As if it’s not enough, it also includes internal bladder for excellent air retention and also ensuring that no worry about deflation or leak. Luckily, grab your opportunity now because the package comes typically in official sizes 3/4/5 alongside official sizing and precise stitching, so it’s suitable for all levels that’s skill-building and training.

What makes it special
  • Inflation pump & needle
  • Weighs 8.4 pounds
  • All-weather PVC Cover
  • Made of premium-quality air retention bladder

#6. World Cup Top-Glider from Adidas

World Cup Top-Glider from Adidas

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Coming from Adidas, you can already tell that this soccer ball is of top-notch quality. The Adidas World Cup Top Glider soccer ball features machine stitching. By this, you can experience its soft touch and be sure of maximum durability. Another key feature of this ball is its 100% TPU surface. This material is resistant to cuts and is also water-proof.

More importantly, this soccer ball has perfect air retention. This comes from its Butyl bladder, which also helps maintain the ball’s shape. Nevertheless, this ball comes deflated. Inflate before use, and enjoy the best soccer experience. Unlike other brands, the Adidas soccer ball is licensed by FIFA.

What makes it special
  • Machine-stitched for high durability & soft touch
  • Synthetic construction
  • Textured surface for an ideal touch
  • Official certification from FIFA
  • Butyl rubber bladder for superb air retention
  • Requires inflation
  • Tailored of 100% TPU
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#5. GlowCity LED Light-Up Soccer Ball Size 5 Black Limited Edition

GlowCity LED Light-Up Soccer Ball Size 5 Black Limited Edition 

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Another ball worth listing in this review is the Light-Up LED black limited edition Soccer Ball from GlowCity. This soccer ball size 5 features a very strong Nylon wound with smart LED bulbs, which provides a good light-up on the dark soccer games. This ball is armed with a rubber grommets system that protects the LEDs and makes this soccer ball from GlowCity fully water-resistant.

Without forgetting to mention its activated impact, this soccer has superb quality in the sense that this smart LED lighting-up system is instant. At night these two super-bright Hi LEDs will give this soccer ball a magnificent glow. GlowCity also includes replaceable batteries. To sum up, GlowCity strives to deliver excellent customer service to their customers. They also offer a 60-day replace/repair guarantee on all their products.

What makes it special
  • Durable rubber grommets for LEDs protection
  • Impact activated, glow during use
  • replaceable batteries included
  • Incorporates Two installed Hi-Bright LED’s
  • Water-resistant Nylon wound system

#4. GoSports Premier 6 Packs Soccer Ball Premium Pump

GoSports Premier 6 Packs Soccer Ball Premium Pump 

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Compared to other balls, the GoSports Premier 6 packs Soccer Ball is one of the cheapest options. Firstly, unlike other ordinary balls, it features a bonus premium air pump. The pump enables you to maintain optimum pressure. Secondly, it comes as a six-pack. This makes it perfect for group training as well as offering a better bargain per ball. Thirdly, being machine stitched ensures durability.

Next, its Butyl bladder helps maintain shape and achieve sustained performance. On the outside is its synthetic leather material. This provides an optimum feel and prevents cuts. Also, it includes a mesh bag for storing the balls. Finally, the GoSports Premier soccer ball has size options.

What makes it special
  • Come with deluxe mesh ball pouch for portability & neat storage
  • Accompanied by a premium pump
  • Comes in 6 pack option
  • Lightweight and a perfect size

#3. Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

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Under Armour has a soccer ball size 5 that is fantastic for anyone seeking an excellent soccer performance and for training. DESAFIO 395 ball is made especially for soccer play. With this soccer ball, you will receive authentic rebound experiences. In other words, the authentic rebound movement is spearheaded by the EVA foam layer beneath the PU cover.

The authentic rebound experience achieved will enable you to transfer a powerful shot or pass with more accuracy. Unlike other soccer balls, this DESAFIO 395 has a superb rebound rubber bladder that delivers excellent control and touch. To sum up, on this, DESAFIO 395 will not only feature Butyl bladder alongside 2-ply carcass for air retention and liveliness but also TPU surface layer of 15mm for delivering abrasion resistance.

What makes it special
  • 100% Polyurethane
  • UA TOUCHSKIN™ technology offers a soft touch & excellent feel
  • Superb rebound rubber bladder delivers great control & touch
  • PU cover that enables power transfer
  • Machine-stitched
  • SBR Foam layer that adds softness
  • EVA foam of 1mm for exceptional softness
  • TPU surface layer of 15mm for delivering abrasion resistance
  • 2-layer cloth system retains shapes
  • Butyl bladder alongside 2-ply carcass for air retention and liveliness
  • NFHS Approved

#2. American Challenge multiple colors Brasilia Soccer Ball

American Challenge multiple colors Brasilia Soccer Ball

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From its numerous positive customer reviews, this soccer ball by American Challenge features high quality. Remarkably, it is stitched with more than thirty distinct panels. This achieves the ideal design. Also, the American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball provides both size and color options. Another key feature of this soccer ball is how cheap it is.

On top of that, it features SR hybrid bladder. This makes the ball water-proof by avoiding seepage as well as maintaining the shape. The 3.25mm TPU outer casing ensures perfect bounce and maximum durability. However, this ball does not ship ready to use. Inflate using an air pump and enjoy the experience.

What makes it special
  • Five available color options
  • Outer cover: 3.25mm TPU material
  • Soft, shiny outer cover material
  • Bladder: hybrid SR-bladder
  • Stitching: machine stitched
  • Designed for lawn fields
  • Backing material: double layers of cotton/poly lining

#1. Traditional Soccer Ball from Wilson

Traditional Soccer Ball from Wilson

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If you’re interested in a soccer ball that would serve individuals of different ages, the Wilson has tough news for you. This’s because Wilson specializes in developing a soccer ball of size 3/4/5. Traditional Soccer Ball from Wilson is tailored with a water-resistant synthetic leather cover.

Luckily enough, this ball is designed to meet the expectations of coming soccer players in the future. The Traditional Soccer Ball is durably tailored to withstand situations. In addition to unfavorable that it features a butyl rubber bladder, which is sturdy enough to ensure the durability of the soccer ball. Furthermore, it features a traditional panel that incorporates graphics alongside silver accents.

What makes it special
  • Water-resistant synthetic leather construction
  • Weighs 9.6 ounces
  • Machine-sewn ball with the classic white and black panel design match
  • Traditional panel graphics alongside silver accents
  • Butyl rubber bladder that helps in retention of shape and air
  • Durable Synthetic leather cover

Tips for users before making a decision

  • Cover or Casing: This covers the outer structure of a soccer ball size 5 that wraps over the bladder and holds the air. This can be tailored with PU, PVC, a combination of both PVC and PU, or fake leather. Ideally, the hardest casing is that of polyvinyl carbonate (PVC). PVC is also more durable and more affordable; thus, many training balls are tailored using this synthetic resin. Polyurethane (PU) is much softer yet preferred for providing better overall quality. On the other hand, Synthetic balls are also considered as an ideal option for match balls, anyhow, so if you desire the much game-like experience, select one of those.
  • Beach, outdoor & indoor soccer balls size 5: Talking of the soccer game experience, always consider the playing surface. The balls for indoor, beach, and outdoor soccer games do much vary. More classically, indoor soccer balls should be medium in weight, while beach balls should be the lightest and outdoor balls the heaviest. Consider this as you seek the right training soccer ball & the perfect playing ball.
  • Bladder: The best rubber bladder is usually tailored with latex or butyl. If you want a rubber that would help in maintaining shape and retaining air, then you have no choice but to choose butyl rubber. This is suitable for training balls. On the other hand, latex is best suited for match balls, and it requires better temperature management.


Now that the 10 best soccer balls size 5 have been presented in detail to you, the time has come for you to pick one that suits you best. Your better option might be influenced by the style and design elements that each model of a soccer ball has. However, all the listed balls are durable and still can deliver a high-level of comfort to you in any situation.

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