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Best Shooting Target for Nerf Guns in 2022

by Alexa Kova
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Kids love games that will always keep them having fun all day long. The shooting game is one of the most loved and favorite for many of the kids worldwide. There shooting target games are becoming popular and every single day. The shooting target for nerf guns games give you your children the best shooting experience and also develop your young champion eyes and hands coordination.

There are countless target games in the market and hence buying scam and counterfeits is pretty easy.Here are the best shooting targets for nerf guns in the market. Select the applicable game that suits your kids’ age and preference.

UWANTME Digital, Electronic Shooting Target For Nerf Guns

UWANTME Electronic Shooting Targets Scoring Auto Reset Digital Targets

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Are you in the market looking forward to buying a shooting game for your kid as a gift on his/her upcoming birthday? This is the best and the most exclusive game you can pick with high-quality features and best functionality. The game is most interesting and will give your kid the best shooting skills in a short while.

Additionally, this amazing top shooting game comes with four targets that you shoot. Once you hit a target it will fall. After you hit all the targets they will all rebound within some second and you will be able to continue with the game. Moreover, the game has diverse play modes, pick on the most apposite you need.

Key Features
  • Diverse play mode
  • 4 shooting targets
  • The highest scores as 999
  • Three rounds competition
  • Dimensions: 7.87 by 5.91 by 1.97 inches
  • Recommended age: 8 years and above

Ling Yun Zhi Electric Kids Nerf Shooting Target Auto Reset Scoring

Ling Yun Zhi MASCARRY Electric Scoring Auto Reset Shooting Digital Target for Nerf Guns Blaster Elite Mega Rival Series

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This high quality and fun game has three targets and display scores. When you are able to target and shoot, it will fall down and you will get one point. The game is compatible with diverse kids’ nerf guns and hence giving you the best fun moments while sharpening shooting skills.

Additionally, the Ling Yun Zhi Electronic Kids Nerf Shooting Target will automatically rebound up once all the three targets have been hit. The springing up of the three targets only takes 3 seconds after hitting the last target. The game has high-quality light and sound effects for powering up your energy.

Key Features
  • Material: Plastic
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Light and sound effect
  • 3 target game
  • Features score LCD screen
  • Includes 2 wrist ammo holder and 40 refill darts
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HOMILY Electric Shooting Target for Nerf Guns With 3 Targets

HOMILY Kids Toy Gun Digital Target-Electronic Moving Shooting Target Game Toy Scoring Timing Digital Target for Nerf Guns,Boys Girls Gifts Age of 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Years Old Kids
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This game is one of the most thrilling that you will find in the market for it has three targets lightning design. Therefore you have got to shoot down the five targets to knock down. This game is simple to set up and one of the most kids’ favorite games you will find with countless customers.

The targeting of the lightning and shooting them is fun and also gives you diverse targets and also challenges. When the target is hit down the sound of broken glass is heard and flashing lights appear. This amazing and exclusive game has two LED screens for easy reading of your performance.

Key Features
  • Large 2 LED screens
  • Three auto rebound targets
  • Built-in with lightning target
  • Weight: 1.27 pounds
  • Recommended age: 5 years and above

HOPOCO Auto Reset Digital Electronic Shooting Target And Toy Gun

HOPOCO Toy Foam Blasters Gun and Digital Targeting for Nerf, Auto Reset Electronic Scoring Toys Sets with 10 Pcs Refill Darts & 1 Hand Wrist Band

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This is the best game that fully suits your kid. The game will develop your child’s ability to shoot on a target and also develop his/her hands and eye coordination skills. The game has a digital scoreboard and therefore you can easily check on the improvements after every game.

Additionally, the HOPOCO Digital Electronic Shooting Target can easily be played by people of all ages and have fun all together. The game has an auto-target reset system and therefore you are able to easily continue playing after all the targets have been hit. This is because they will reappear automatically. This is one of the best perfect gifts you can give to your lovely kid.

Key Features
  • Auto target reset
  • Digital scoreboard
  • Built-in high quality material
  • Multi Playing mode
  • Hit down the target with sound

USA Toyz Astroshot Zero G Floating Ball Targets for Shooting

USA Toyz Astroshot Zero G Shooting Game - Nerf Compatible Floating Hovering Ball Targets for Shooting with 1 Foam Blaster Toy Gun, 10 Floating Ball Gun Targets, 12 Foam Darts

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This game is far different from all others in the market and therefore for you shoot targets placed and erected from the game board. This game features balls that hang on the midair and therefore make the shooting game even more exciting.

The game involves playing solo or competing with friends where you can easily play in a Astroshot zero-G mode or either in knockdown mode. It is certified and meets all the necessary safety measures by US-tested.  The game is safe and secure for all kids play and the recommended age is 3 years and above.

Key Features
  • Hovering ball targets design
  • Use 4 C batteries
  • Play with sound effects or not
  • Recommended age: 3 years and above
  • Comes with 10 floating orbs
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Obuby Digital Electronic Shooting Targets

Obuby Kids Electronic Running Scoring Targeting for Boys & Girls Electric Auto Reset Digital Targets for Nerf Gun Practice Toys

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This is a two-play mode game that comes with four targets and has a moving distance of 39.37 inches. Your kids can easily play and the setup process is easy taking only a few minutes of your time. The game has many challenges and sharpens your kids targeting skills.

The Obuby Digital Electronic Shooting Targets enables you, kids, to develop fast hand and eye coordination while on the track and also help them exercise fast pace tricks to hit the right target. The game has super quality sound effects and very responsive to each hit.

Key Features
  • Weight: 1.83 pounds
  • LED digital screen
  • Auto rebound 3 Seconds
  • Recommended age: 6 years and above
  • Quality Light and sound effects

Afala Boys and Girls Electronic Shooting Target

Afala Electric Moving Targeting for Nerf Gun, Gift for Boys & Girls
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Keeping your kid aim sharp and in the target will improve your kids’ brain and the ability to solve diverse challenges in real life. The shooting target is one of the most compatible with many children Nerf guns for both girls and boys.

The shooting target is usually connected to the box on the move by a magnet. Therefore your kids are supposed to hit the target to score. The target of this game usually focuses on the preciseness and ability to hit the 6 moving targets. The game uses 3 AA batteries and has eight shooting targets.

Key Features
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Recommended age: 7 years and above
  • Dimensions: 12 by 2.9 by 5.4 inches
  • Dynamic sounds-track design

HOPOCO Moving Shooting Target For Nerf Guns

HOPOCO Scoring Targets for Nerf Gun Toys - Electric Scoring Auto Reset Digital Moving Targets - Intelligent Light Sound Effect & Two Game Modes-Ideal Gift Toy

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This exclusive and amazing game will track and show your score after hitting the three targets. A single target you hit has one point then all the three targets will auto raise again for the continuation of the game. You win on hitting 30 points and therefore do not need to do long shooting preparations.

Additionally HOPOCO Digital Electronic Shooting Targets is compatible with most of the Nerf guns for both boys and girls. The game has superior quality light and sound effects that will twinkle red on each hit. In case you are not satisfied with the game money-back guarantee is available or return.

Key Features
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Weight only 1.55 pounds
  • Multiple modes display
  • LED mos digital screen design
  • Recommended age: 3 and above
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Fibevon Electric Shooting Digital Target for Boys and Girls

Fibevon Targets for Nerf Guns, Electric Nerf Gun Shooting Target Scoring Auto Reset Targets Toys for Nerf Blaster Elite

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Fibevon Electric Shooting Digital Target for Boys and Girls is one of the games that are easy to set up and will give you high-quality skills in shooting the right target at the right time. The game is one of the best ways to wind up and have fun with your family away from busy work life. The children can easily operate and the game is fun for everyone at home.

When you push all the targes down the targets will auto spring up for the continuation of the game and all this works automatically. The sound effect of this amazing game is hilarious after every hit on a target, therefore, giving you more energy to always not miss on target.

Key Features
  • Digital scoring board
  • Weight: 14 ounces
  • Dimensions: 11.8 by 4.3 by 6.1 inches
  • Recommended age: 6 years and above
  • Non-slip design on bottom

Surefire Products USA Spinning Target

Large EXTENDED Spinning Targets, For Nerf Gun and Rifles, Crossbow and Hand BowView It on Amazon

The designing and assembling of this exclusive and amazing game has all been done in the USA. This is one of the best and new release product you will find in the market. The game has been tested and has met all the set standards by ASTM-F963 AND hence certified.

The Surefire Products USA Spinning Target is compatible with most of the boys and girls nerf guns. The game has been made using high-quality ABS plastic that is completely safe and secure for children’s use. Moreover, this game does not need batteries and thus no exasperating noises.

Key Features
  • Meet ASTM-F963 regulation measure
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Recommended age: 4 years and above
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 18.11 by 0.98 by 11.02-inches

Shooting Target for Nerf Guns Buying guide

  • Game type: There are different types of shooting games you will find in the market. Some targets are boards and other balls. The games you choose should be fun and entertaining and able to help you or your kid develop the best target shooting skills. Also, there are manual and automatic operated games. While in the market select the best target that will suit your child’s needs.
  • Design: There are numerous shooting games in the market made by diverse producers. Therefore while selecting the best pick that will solve all your gameplay needs check on the target shape, color, and overall appearance. Pick the most suitable that gives you outstanding performance.
  • Number of targets: Select that game with the target you feel most excited when playing. There are games with 3, 5, 4, and 6 shooting targets. Pick the most suitable for your kid play
  • Nerf Gun Compatibility: Check on the games you want to buy for your kid and also enquire whether it is compatible with the gun you have at home. Check on the most suitable games with great compatibility.
  • Recommended age: Different games have diverse age recommendations and therefore you need to check on your kids’ age. Pick the best game that suits your little prince or princess.


These are the top 10 best shooting targets for nerf guns in the market. The shooting target games are easy to operate and have a fast set up saving you much of the time. The shooting games can be played by people across all ages and therefore have fun as a family. You can easily compete on who shoots all the targets without missing. These games have been certified and meet all the necessary measures and standards set by diverse regulation bodies. Pick the most applicable shooting game that matches your kids’ age and abilities for maximum satisfaction and fun.

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