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Top 10 Best Serger Machines in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Dark Ereric
Serger Machine

A serger machine is also commonly referred to as the overlock machine and it is basically a magic machine. Sergers work miracles on the finished products and will be good for any seamstress regardless of whether they are professional or not. As far as giving a refined as well as a refined touch to clothes’ finishing is concerned, this machine will never let you down. It makes sure that the edges aren’t frayed giving a very classy look. This will not only enhance the looks of a product but also its longevity. Upon knowing that, you must be thinking of getting a serger machine, right?

The good news is that there are limitless serger machines available for sale today. Unfortunately, every brand out there claims to be the best which makes it hard to know what to buy. In this post, however, we made a compilation of the best serger sewing machines that are worth purchasing. Read through the compilation and make an informed decision after comparing the different products.

List of Top Best Serger Machines in 2024

#10. Bernette b42 Serger Machine

Bernette b42 Serger Machine

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This portable serger has so many unique features at a very affordable price. It has been made for household uses and will give excellent performance sewing light and heavy materials. Among the applications that this serger will be ideal for include shirring sleeves, front and back bodices as well as skirt hems to name a few. It is relatively time-saving now that it makes up to 1300 stitches per minute.

Another great feature of this serger sewing machine is that it is very easy to learn and use as well. The reason behind that is because it comes with a printed manual that allows users to do use it with no problems. With this machine also, you will enjoy the convenience of producing different stitches based on the needle positions.

Key Features
  • Excellent performance in the household
  • It is easy to learn and use
  • Comes as a complete machine for convenience
  • Provides different types of stitches

#9. Janome MyLock 634D Serger Machine Self-Threading Lower Looper

Janome MyLock 634D Serger Self-Threading Lower Looper

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The strength of this machine arguably lies in its 4-thread overlock since it is ideal for overlocks with 2, 3, or 4 threads. For this reason, you will have several options to wrap around the fabric’s edge tightly. Another great aspect about this machine is that it is very simple to use and involves very simple maintenance.

If you are looking to get the most out of your serging, you will need to get this serger. With this machine, threading is always a breeze now that it comes with the color-coding on the threads. The serger also permits you to switch very quickly to the rolled hemming without requiring to change its needle plate.

Key Features
  • Lay-in thread tension dial
  • Convenient thread cutter
  • Handy needle threader
  • 2, 3, and 4 thread overlock

#8. Bernette Funlock b44 Serger Machine

Bernette Funlock b44 Serger Machine

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If you are looking to save time and get professional sewing results, this is the machine that you will need to invest in. the machine finishes those edges on your fabric preventing it from fraying. The good thing about the serger is that it is ideal for different materials including the stretchy ones. It will, therefore, give you professional outcomes on your dressmaking and home décor projects.

Apart from that, the serger prides itself on 16 different stitching settings that make it unique from its rivals.

Key Features
  • Flatlock using 2 3 or 4 thread
  • It comes with 16 stitch settings
  • Made in a lightweight but sturdy design
  • 4 kinds of easily-rolled hems

#7. Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Overlock Serger

Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Overlock Serger

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The Pearl line serger will be ideal for today’s fabrics and decorative threads as well. One thing you will like about this serger is that threading will be easy and convenient. The reason for that is that the thread paths have been color-coded and also marked clearly. You also need to buy with all confidence knowing that the serger machine is from a reputable brand.

Another great feature for this serger is that it accompanies bonus items among them a workbook CD. This will be a great resource regardless of the serger that you will be using. It has very useful information from the terminologies to fun projects you can create. What’s more, the serger comes with an instructional DVD to give you an easy operating time.

Key Features
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Comes with an instructional DVD video
  • In-built rolled hemming for all Flatlock variations
  • Specially-made guide to keep threads in place

#6. Janome MOD-8933 Serger, 3 & 4 Thread Convertible

Janome MOD-8933 Serger, 3 & 4 Thread Convertible

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This is a serger sewing machine that comes in a compact design and features the lay-in threading. One convenient feature about the machine is that it comes ready to be used straight from the box. Apart from that, you will like the fact that set up is very easy and all this can be attributed to the color-coded thread guides.

With this machine, you will have the option to use either 2, 3 or 4 threads. It is known to produce clean cuts and operates very quietly as compared to the other serger machines. The manufacturer has issued an instructional DVD and a printed manual for this machine. It, therefore, means that using this serger will be very convenient and fun.

Key Features
  • Differential feed to prevent stretching
  • Quick-change rolled hem
  • Adjustable presser floor pressure
  • Lay-in threading system
  • 5 years warranty
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#5. Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger with a Cover Stitch

Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger with a Cover Stitch

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This is yet another masterpiece that comes from one of the market leaders. It is actually a two to five thread serger that has specifically been made for professional uses. All the same, this machine can also be used at home and by beginners as well. You will appreciate the fact that this machine is ideal for a wide range of stitching options including decorative edges, rolling hems as well as seam finishing.

This machine accompanies so many accessories among them screwdrivers, spare cutting knives and so many more. Just like other quality serger machines, you will appreciate that this one operates at a maximum speed of 1300 stitches per minute. The heavy-duty frame that has been used to make this machine, on the other hand, makes it durable.

Key Features
  • 4 in-built rolled hems
  • Self-adjusting tension
  • This is a professional sewing machine
  • Gives 1300 stitches every minute

#4. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Machine

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

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This is a three or four thread serger machine that has also been made from a renowned brand. With a variety of three feet, it will be possible to customize it in any way you want it. Apart from that, with this machine, it will be possible to make your own creations. The good thing is that it operates at a maximum speed of 1300 stitches every minute.

This is among the suitable and reliable products both for home users and beginners as well. You will appreciate that it comes with an adjustable stitching width for convenience. On the other hand, the differential feed feature has a ratio of 0.7 all the way to 3.0. This serger comes with an instructional video as well as a printed manual for easy operation.

Key Features
  • Metallic frame and interior components
  • Comes with an instructional video and a printed manual
  • It gives up to 1300 stitches every minute
  • Adjustable stitch width for all your projects

#3. Juki, MO-104D Serger Machine

Juki, MO-114D Serger Machine

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This is a worldwide leader as far as industrial serger machines are concerned. It comes with unique features that place it ahead of all other sergers. For instance, you will like the fact that it has 3 or 4 threads and prides itself on the lay-in tensions. You will, therefore, be getting a powerful and reliable serging without using so much money.

Threading is definitely going to be easy especially due to the lower looper threader. What’s more, its calibrated knife can be easily adjusted to suit the need of different fabrics. Other quality features that the machine prides itself on having the differential feed, an in-built rolled hem in one package.

Key Features
  • In-built rolled hem
  • Adjustable calibrated knife
  • Lay-in tension design
  • Adjustable differential feed

#2. Singer 14CG754 Serger with Blind, Rolled Hems

Singer 14CG754 Serger with Blind, Rolled Hems

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This serger comes from one of the best-known brands in the market today. It has been in operation and has continued making products that are of good quality. This is a 2-4 thread machine that finds applications in most home uses. Since the upper knife is easily moveable, you will appreciate that it will be possible to adjust it for convenience reasons.

Another great aspect about this serger is that it has an operating speed of 1300 stitches per minute. What’s more, it features an adjustable differential feed so you can rest assured to get perfect stitches within a short time. You will also like its adjustable tension functionality that allows you to sew different types of fabrics.

Key Features
  • Portable sewing machine
  • Free arm sewing machine
  • Adjustable stitching length
  • 2, 3, 4 threading capability
  • LED Light
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty

#1. Brother 1034D Thread Serger Machine Differential Feed

Brother 1034D Thread Serger Differential Feed

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Finally, in this review, this is going to be a perfect addition to any sewing collection. It comes with either three or four thread options making it ideal for home users or beginners. This serger from one of the best brands around has so many features to benefit the user. For instance, it can perform rolled, narrowed hem, as well as the ribbon lock stitches.

Another reason why you need to like this serger is that it is ideal for sewing the formal as well as the bridal dresses due to its versatility. You will also appreciate the formal touch for this serger with the adjustable differential feed. It is for this reason why the machine will be good for stretchy, light and even the delicate fabric. The machine operates at a maximum speed of 1300 stitches every minute.

Key Features
  • 22 in-built stitching functions
  • It is very easy to learn and use as well
  • Reliable and high-performing serger
  • Differential fabric feed

Buying Guide

  • Differential fabric feed: This is responsible for controlling the feed dogs that consequently push the fabric into the machine. Luckily, this is a feature that has perfectly been incorporated in most machines. It is for this reason why it becomes possible to adjust the machine based on the fabric you will be stitching. Make sure that you, therefore, guarantee that your serger comes with this functionality before buying.
  • Number of threads: Different serger sewing machines always come with varying numbers of threads. The machines that are commonly used will have somewhere between three and four threads. However, in most commercial and professional uses, you will get sergers that use up to 5 threads. In case you are a beginner or you intend to use the serger at home, you need to get a serger with up to 4 threads.
  • Ease of use: The controls for stitch width and length are supposed to be easily accessible. While the length is concerned with the closeness of stitches, the width will have to do with cutting extra fabric. When the width is set inaccurately, you might end up with additional fabric in a thread stitch. If you opt for the manual thread serger, make sure to settle for the color-coded options. It will help you set marks and give directions where the thread goes.


This marks the end of our review of the top 10 best serger machines in the market today. Each and every machine in the post is unique in terms of features, user experience as well as reliability. Since there are different factors that we kept in mind before selecting these products, you can be sure that these are the best of the best. To help you narrow down to the best pick based on your needs, consider reading through the buying guide first. Upon doing that, make sure to go through the list to see what is going to match your requirements.

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