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Top 10 Best Planet Bike Fenders in 2020 Reviews | Guide

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Fenders are not always a priority when shopping for road bikes. All the same, you will regret not having them when you will be riding through the muddy fields. This is because you are going to splatter dirt and muddy water on your back when riding. Casual cyclists will take so many hours every year to clean their clothes and bikes after rough encounters with rough weather. On the other hand, it only takes a very short time to screw bike fenders to solve the issue once and for all.

Having kept the above fact in mind, you will definitely want to get your bike some bike fenders. There are so many options available today but the planet bike fenders will be the right picks. Since there are different models from the brand, we laid out the top 10 best fenders that you will want o get for your bike. Read through this review and later make an informed decision.

List of 10 Best Planet Bike Fenders in 2020

#10. Planet Bike Grasshopper Bike fenders

Planet Bike Grasshopper Bike fenders

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The planet bike fenders from this brand are made of sustainable and fast-growing bamboo. They are basically disc-brake compatible and have stainless steel hardware. If you have ties that do not exceed the size of 700c by 35 mm, the fenders will be ideal for your bike. Being of high-quality and the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing, you will want to purchase the bike fenders.

One of the reasons you will want to have these bike fenders is that they come in a lightweight design and are also very easy to install. Apart from that, these fenders work in an exact manner that the manufacturers described them. If you are therefore a city commuter looking to have quality bike fenders, this one will be a good choice.

Key Features
  • Release tabs on the front fender for extra safety
  • Ideal for 700c wheel size
  • Pre-installed V-stays and hardware
  • 3 ply bamboo laminate blades

#9. Portland Design Works Metal Fenders

Portland Design Works Metal Fenders

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These are full metal fenders that will serve as an elegant way to add complete protection to your bike. It prides itself in an anodized alloy construction which is light, stylish and durable in the long run. The long mud flaps are going to ensure that your feet remain dry. These bike fenders have been made for those bikes whose tire size is 700 by 30mm. Arriving in two color options, you will choose your ideal color.

Another great aspect about these bike fenders is that they feature some safety release tabs to keep the wheels turning. You, therefore, do not have to worry about debris getting in between the tires and the fender. You will also appreciate that these full metallic fenders come as a front & rear set and involves all the mounting hardware you need.

Key Features
  • Ideal for 700 x 30mm tires
  • Comes as rear and affront set
  • There are two color options available
  • Comes with safety release tabs
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#8. Topeak Defender iGlow Fender Set

Topeak Defender iGlow Fender Set

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This bike fender set combines the compact road fender set with the integrated illumination technology. They are therefore deemed very safe in low light conditions or at night. The bike fenders are made with a lightweight polycarbonate material that is very tough and flexible as well. You will also appreciate that they come with adjustable stainless-steel struts and some rubber connectors for perfect tire coverage.

Other features for these bike fenders is that they come with a 2-way expander that is going to fit into the brake fixing bolt. What’s more, the brake arch bolt clip will attach very quickly and securely without the need for any tools. The threaded collar, on the other hand, is going to offer extra adjustment for some fine-tuning fit. Apart from that, batteries are also included in this set.

Key Features
  • 2 modes constant & blinking
  • Adjustable angle and position for tire coverage
  • 5W bright red LED that is integrated into the fender
  • Batteries have been included in this set

#7. AXIOM FENDERS 360 26x50mm MTB BK/GY


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These bike fenders from Axiom have been made to work with almost any type of bike. It does not, therefore, matter whether they have been equipped with the traditional braze-on or eyelets. You will also appreciate that they come both as a rear and front set to make sure that you remain safe on the bike. Judging from its affordable price, you will have all the reasons to get this set.

Another great thing about these fenders is that they involve a very basic installation process. What’s more, the construction of these fenders guarantees that they will last long. This is a new product in the market that promises to outdo its rivals now that it has all that it takes.

Key Features
  • It can fit almost any bike type
  • Comes as a set of both the rear and front fender
  • They involve a very simple installation process
  • The bike fenders have a relatively affordable price

#6. SKS P50 Chromoplastic Bicycle Fenders

SKS P50 Chromoplastic Bicycle Fenders

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If you are looking to end the wet feet once and for all, these are bike fenders you will need to invest in. they are among the longest and the best coverage bike fenders you will get in the market today. Featuring stainless steel hardware together with the SKS’s clips for security, you will be confident that these bike fenders will be safe and durable. Investing in these bike fenders will not, therefore, be a waste of money.

This is a Chromoplastic mudguard that is basically classic as far as dirt and spray protection is concerned. If you are a high-mile tourist or commuter, you will get exceptional weather coverage with this product. What’s more, it employs quality plastic material that will resist the UV rays from the sun. As such, these bike fenders are going to serve you for a long time.

Key Features
  • Extra-long fenders for wide coverage
  • Six mudflaps on the front and rear fender
  • The CAB plastic will withstand UV rays
  • Disc brake that is compatible with stainless steel hardware
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#5. Sun Seeker Bicycles Recumbent Planet Bike Fenders

Sun Seeker Bicycles Recumbent Fenders

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On the fifth rank according to our research team are these bike fenders from Sun Seeker. Just like the other quality bike fenders, these have quality construction and come as a set of both rear and front fenders. With its stainless-steel stays, these fenders are definitely going to protect you from dirt and sprays as you ride your bike.

The material used for these fenders is high-impact plastic that makes sure they stand the test of time. Other than that, compared to other bike fenders of their class, these ones come at a relatively affordable price. The good thing about these bike fenders is that they arrive in different size options that one can pick from.

Key Features
  • Made with high-impact plastic
  • Features stainless steel stays
  • Comes as a front and rear set
  • Involves a very basic installation

#4. Velo Orange 700c Alloy Fender Set, Black

Velo Orange 700c Alloy Fender Set, Black

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If at all you shall be willing to invest the time that is required to get these products installed, these fenders are going to bring practicality and durability on board. These products come in different styles where the black or silver options will be the most preferred options. The models come in sizes of 20 in, 26in and 700c wheels. In the widest option, they will accommodate the 52mm wide tires.

Velo Orange makes quality products as manifested in the fenders finish. With this product, there will be many mounting options as well as parts to support any type of bike that you require. Its screw posts that mount the fender onto the aluminum struts offer a very tight fit. Despite all the amazing features that the product comes with, the price remains very affordable.

Key Features
  • Fits tires up to 35mm in size
  • Comes with 5mm aluminum stays
  • Good coverage and simple to install
  • Solid, adjustable and durable

#3. Axiom Planet Bike Fenders 26X1.5-2.2 Mtb Black

Axiom Fenders 26X1.5-2.2 Mtb Black

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The Axiom roadrunner fender set offers simple styling but can be depended upon now that it offers full coverage. These fenders have been made to give a sturdy performance with a very simple installation process as well. Being made from quality Techniflex material which is almost unbreakable, it is going to retain flexibility. For that reason, the fender handles even the unpredictable trail conditions.

The fact that these fenders use stainless steel stays brings the bike a great look. What’s more, you can expect to have a long usage time for these fenders so you should buy with confidence. For those of you who are looking for a simple but reliable performance on the road, you can consider investing in this product. It also comes at an affordable price so you do not have to worry about your tight budget.

Key Features
  • They offer a sturdy performance
  • Involves a very simple installation
  • Handles unpredictable trail conditions
  • Designed to offer simple and reliable performance
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#2. Wald Steel Planet Bike Fenders, Middleweight Chrome

Wald Steel Fender Set, Middleweight Chrome

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Second, in the post is this set of fenders that come in a middleweight chrome finish. They have been recommended for those bikes with small-sized tires. The set is known to have an outstanding quality meaning that it will serve you for a long time. It also comes with stainless steel stays that will keep the mudguards in place for convenience.

Installation is something that you should not trouble yourself about now that all that you need is provided for in the package. Apart from that, the construction of these fenders is enough proof that they will last long. Other than protecting you and your bike from dirt, these fenders bring a good look on your bike.

Key Features
  • Made to last
  • Involves a simple installation
  • Ideal for the small-sized tires
  • A relatively affordable price

#1. Sunlite Cruiser 26 x 2.125″ Planet Bike Fenders

Sunlite Cruiser 26 x 2.125" Fenders

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Finally in this post is the bike fender from Sunlite that will give you the convenience that you deserve. These bike fenders are recommended for those people looking to keep themselves and their bikes clean too. One thing that you will like about the fenders from this brand is that they are very easy to install. Apart from that, they offer you the chance of adjusting them per your own liking.

These fenders are going to be ideal for those bikes whose tires are 26” in size. The sturdy steel construction for these fenders, on the other hand, will guarantee that they last long. As we mentioned above, installation is made easy now that these fenders come with the needed hardware. Additionally, you will get your ideal color from the two options available.

Key Features
  • Comes with brackets and needed hardware
  • Ideal for 26” tires
  • Comes in a sturdy steel construction
  • Available in two color options

Buying Guide

  • Weight: The weight of any bike fender is going to affect the bike just as any other part would do. It is even important to remember that these fenders will be directly affecting the wheels of your bike. In that reasoning, therefore, you might get yourself out of balance. If your bike needs heavy fenders, make sure to practice with them before injuring yourself on the road.
  • Size: Each type of fender is going to match a certain tire size which means that you should be careful when buying. To be on the safe side, you ought to have measured the size of your tires before you pay for any product. The good thing about these products is that they come in different size options. With these fenders also, it will still be possible to modify their size by cutting for instance.
  • Cleaning: Since these fenders will be protecting you from dirt as you ride through the muddy fields, you need to keep their ease of cleaning in mind. If you want to have the best cleaning experience, you need to settle for products with a smooth inner surface. If you do not mind a lot about cleaning, you can go for more sophisticated models.


These are some of the best picks as far as bike fenders are concerned. Rather than spending your time trying to select a genuine product, just go through this review. All the products reviewed are going to give you the convenience you need. What’s more, most of them are very easy to install. To add on that, they are made with quality materials to make sure that they serve you for a long period of time. If you still feel doubtful on what to settle for, simply begin by reading the buyers’ guide above.

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