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Top 10 Best Motorized Camera Sliders in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Johnson Stev
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When you need to shoot quality videos, you need to check for a more reliable and convenient slider. The motorized camera sliders are more convenient as they move at varying speeds and come with wireless remote controls. With this, you can always get more precise performances needed. Other than this, the units have different payload capacities and varying lengths for your shooting needs. The camera sliders are powerful and easily portable for use anywhere needed.

In case you need a motorized camera slider, check for the key feature like payload, movable length, design, portability, built, and cost.

List of Best Motorized Camera Sliders in 2024

#10. IFOOTAGE Electric Motorized Camera Slider

IFOOTAGE Electric Camera Slider 33inch Motorized Photography Slider Tracker Silent Motor Camcorder Tracking Video Shooting Follow Focus

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By: Ifootage

When looking for the ultimate camera slide, this is a great unit that you need to check out. The motorized slider has a detachable mini flywheel that brings about enhanced performance. Again, the slider support both manual and automatic operations, which suits it for use anywhere needed. Other than this, it is a small and lightweight unit with a carrying bag. The adjustable camera base offers a wide range of creative angles for your shooting needs. The good news is that the slider has been built using quality and rugged material, which guarantees increased longevity.

That said, it has a smart app remote control system that makes it simpler to use and control. The single hand-operated unit is simpler to use and manage for top-notch performances. To add more, it also uses Bluetooth technology for wireless control; hence more convenient. The slider has a travel distance of 8.7-inches and a payload of 11lbs. It also comes with an extension track that allows it to move up to 23.3-inches.

Key Features
  • Convenient carry bag
  • 11lbs payload
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless control
  • Rugged metal built
  • Manual and automatic options

Reason to buy

  • It has a longer move distance
  • You can adjust to different angles
  • Reliable for use in different places

#9. GVM Motorized Camera Slider

GVM Motorized Camera Slider Track Dolly for DSLR Camera Slider with 3- Axis for Multi-Targets Switching

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Do you need a convenient camera slider, which will serve you better? This is a 3-Axis professional unit that allows you to rotate, tilt, and pan simultaneously. Because of this, the unit offers a perfect panorama and shooting experience needed. Other than this, it has an improved load capacity that will suit your camera. With the carbon material built, the unit will serve longer plus accommodates the weight of your camera.

In addition to this, it also operates at multi-targets that offers a smooth transition when the slide moves. The slider has also been fitted with a wireless controller, which makes it simpler to control for top-notch. It is also a lightweight and portable unit that you will find more reliable and convenient.

Key Features
  • 11lbs payload
  • Multi-target switching
  • 3-Axis professional shooting
  • Carbon fiber material built
  • Lightweight portable design

Reason to buy

  • It is elementary to control
  • Suitable for most cameras
  • Easily portable and durable
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#8. MOZA Slypod 2-in-1 Motorized Slider

MOZA Slypod, World First's 2-in-1 Motorized Slider & Monopod, 5-axis Camera Robotic Movement

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The payload of the camera slider is a vital factor that everyone needs to check out. For a perfect unit that will accommodate the weight of your camera, you need to consider MOZA Slypod 2-in-1 Motorized Slider. The camera supports up to 40lbs; hence very convenient. Second, to this, the unit is a 2-in-1 unit with a monopod and slider functions. The handy carrying case included allows for easy portability and storage.

The slider features a built-in battery, which offers a runtime of up to 2-hours. What is more, it supports 5V 2A charging volt for quick charging. The 5-Axes camera slider implies that it operates in different directions, making it a great selection for your shooting needs. It is a versatile unit that is recommended for SLR/DSLR cameras. Additionally, it is a weather-proof slider that you can use under all weather conditions.

Key Features
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Sleek and convenient design
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Weather-proof design
  • 40lbs weight capacity

Reason to buy

  • Perfect for all cameras
  • Portable for convenient use
  • Great for all weather conditions

#7. GVM Camera Motorized Slider

Camera Slider Track Dolly Slider Rail System with Motorized Time Lapse and Video Shot Follow Focus Shot and 120 Degree Panoramic Shooting 31" 80cm

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Here is a 6-in-1 motorized slider that you will find excellent and appropriate for your shooting needs. You can use it for panoramic, time-lapse, tracking shooting, and video capturing among others. Second, to this, it is built from the highest quality of material so that it guarantees a longer runtime. More interestingly, it has both ¼-inches and 3/8-inches screw holes that accommodate different camera sizes. To add more, the unit offers 120-degrees Panorama shooting so that you can easily move it from side to side.

It is also recommended for a fixed shooting that allows you to adjust the knob to both sides. The unit has up to 31-inches moving length and wireless remote control, making it simpler to operate. With the powerful built-in battery, it will guarantee a longer runtime needed for convenient performances.

Key Features
  • 31-inches sliding length
  • 120-degrees panorama shooting
  • Carbon fiber quality built
  • 6-in-1 function
  • A wireless remote control system

Reason to buy

  • A breeze to control
  • Suitable for different camera sizes
  • Crafted for long-term use

#6. Rhino Camera Gear ROV PRO Slider

ROV PRO - Everyday 8"

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By: Rhino

For reliable and convenient performance, consider getting a camera slider that has a high-capacity battery pack. With this quality camera slider that comes with a high-capacity for up to 24-hours runtime. That said, it is a sturdy unit that will support up to 5lbs, making it a great selection for all users. It also has a quick-release ball mount that will allow for easy mounting and dismounting of the unit. You can use it with both mirrorless and DSLR cameras for ultra-smooth quality cinematic videos.

Again, it has a time-lapse mode that ensures it easily captures the longer exposure during the night hours. Apart from cameras, the unit has a phone mount system that allows you to easily mount phones for your shooting needs.

Key Features
  • 5lbs payload
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Quality carbon fiber built
  • Time-lapse mode
  • Phone mount system

Reason to buy

  • Suits cameras and phones
  • It is easily portable for outdoor use
  • Great for nighttime use
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#5. GVM Motorized Camera Sliders

GVM Motorized Camera Slider Mini Size Track Rail Provides 6.5 inch can be Retract and Extend to 13 inch Length

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Fitted with 1/4-inches and 3/8-inches mounts, the camera slider offers wide compatibility for most cameras. For instance, you can use it with GoPro and DSLR cameras for quality video shootings. Other than this, it is ruggedly built using an aviation aluminum alloy that is scratch-proof. The lightweight material makes it easier to carry to any given place for convenient use. In addition to this, the camera slider moves within a range of 6.5-inches though extend to 13-inches. With this, you will find it reliable for your shooting needs.

For better stability, it is fitted with non-slip rubber at the bottom; hence an excellent pick for use on different surfaces. It also allows for an elementary taking of time-lapse, making a favorite selection for all photographers. You can easily control the unit since it comes with a powerful remote control system.

Key Features
  • Aviation aluminum alloy
  • High-capacity battery pack
  • A wireless remote control system
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • 13-inches movable length

Reason to buy

  • It comes with carriage bag for portability
  • Allows for easy taking of lapse time
  • It is durable and scratch-proof

#4. PROAIM Curve 180-Degrees Motorized Camera Sliders

PROAIM Curve-180° Motorized Curved Electronic Circular Camera Sliding Track System Roller Bearing Sliding Platform Video Camera Slider Remote Control

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By: Proaim

Here is a high-strength unit that has been built using quality rugged CNC aluminum material. Due to this, it is a highly durable and lightweight unit that will serve you for years. Apart from this, it uses the latest motion control for a perfect sliding system. The quality and durable slider add both compelling and dynamism in every shot you take. Moreover, the unit easily captures both subjects and interviews on the go; hence you don’t need to set-up two cameras.

It is driven by a powerful motor, which greatly enhances the performances. Also, it has a precise control system that will suit your needs. Lastly, the unit is budget-friendly.

Key Features
  • High-strength CNC aluminum slider
  • Powerful motor control
  • Heavy-duty curved slider
  • Precise control system
  • Lightweight portable design

Reason to buy

  • Captures both subject and interview
  • Adds compelling and dynamism depths
  • A perfect pick for your budget

#3. TARION YD5 Autodolly Motorized Camera Sliders

TARION Y5D Autodolly Electric Slider Motorized Pulley Car Cine Dollies Rolling Skater with Wireless Remote for DLSR Camera Video Camcorder Smart Phone

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By: Tarion

This is another top-rated camera slider that you will find favorite for your shooting needs. The camera has been fitted with both 3/8-inches and ¼-inches screws, which means that it will fit most DSLR cameras. Other than this, you can also use iPhone photography shooting and all mirrorless cameras; hence a perfect selection you never want to miss. It is a widely applicable unit recommended for pitch shooting, curve photograph, and straight-line shooting.

Additionally, it moves up to 6m, which means that it is very convenient for all your shooting needs. With the wireless remote control system, you can easily manage the operations for top-notch performances.

Key Features
  • ¼ and 3/8-inches screws
  • Quality rugged construction
  • 6m moving distance
  • 3-grades speed adjust-design
  • USB power charge

Reason to buy

  • It charges relatively faster
  • Great for pitch shooting
  • Excellent for most cameras
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#2. Zecti Camera Slider Dolly Motorized Slider

Zecti Camera Slider Dolly Rolling Slider Dolly Car Skater Video Track Remote Control 10 Speed Weight Up to 6kg Adjustable Chargeable Mini Slider

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By: Zecti

Do you need a perfect motorized camera slider that will suit your shooting needs? This is an exceptional selection that operates at 10 adjustable speeds and with the wireless remote control, you will it excellent for your needs. Second, to this, the camera slider is compatible with different cameras since it is fitted with 3/8-inches and ¼-inches screw holes. It also provides 360-degrees rotation and 180-degrees wheel adjustment. Because of this, the camera offers a panoramic view, straight and horizontal shootings.

Other than this, it has been designed using the highest quality of plastic material; hence will serve you longer just as expected. The slider also supports lapse-time shooting for night hours use. It has a weight capacity of 13lbs; hence a pick that you can use with most cameras. Lastly, it is a portable unit you can easily carry to any given place.

Key Features
  • 360-degrees rotation
  • 180-degrees adjustable wheels
  • 13lbs weight capacity
  • Quality plastic built
  • Wireless remote control

Reason to buy

  • It supports most cameras
  • Provides up to 360-degrees rotation
  • Highly durable and portable

#1. LENSGO Motorized Camera Track Slider

LENSGO Camera Autodolly Electric Track Slider Motorized Camera Cine Dollies Pulley Car Rolling Skater with 6 Speeds Wireless Remote

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By: Lensgo

Powered by a single AAA battery, this is an efficient unit that will deliver longer runtime. With this, you will find it excellent for use anywhere and time. It also comes with a powerful wireless remote control with four driving modes. This allows you to control the speed, time, and direction. It also operates at six speeds, which suits it for most shooting needs.

The affordable unit has been designed to use with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Due to the sleek compact design, you will find it excellent for use anywhere needed.

Key Features
  • Six operation speeds
  • Wireless remote control
  • Four driving modes
  • 180-degrees adjustable wheel angle
  • Five models shooting type

Reason to buy

  • It is an affordable unit
  • Operates at six varying speeds
  • Guarantees longer runtime

Motorized Camera Sliders Buying Guide

  • Payload: It is necessary that you check out for the weight capacity of the camera slider. The camera sliders have been designed to accommodate different weights; hence it is important that you get the perfect selection that will suit your camera. For a single unit that can support most DSLR and mirrorless cameras, check for a unit that supports up to 40lbs.
  • Built: The other consideration that you need to have in mind should be the construction. Find a unit that has been crafted using the highest quality of material so that it will serve longer. You need to consider getting a unit that has been built using quality rugged carbon fiber or high-strength aluminum material.
  • Operating Speeds: Also, find a perfect slider that functions at varying speeds so that you can shoot at higher, medium or low speeds. For better versatility, consider a slider that has up to 10 variable speeds. It should come with wireless remote control for easy operation system.

More factors and features are design, portability, movable length, and cost.


The above reviews of motorized camera sliders are some of the top-rated picks to try out. These units are designed using rugged quality materials, which means that they will serve longer and accommodate the weight of various cameras. Also, they have varying lengths so that you can pick on the favorite unit.

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