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Top 10 Best LED Camera Lights in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Johnson Stev
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Shooting of quality videos and photographing demands an adequate amount of light. To get the best lighting system, consider getting LED camera lights that will suit you better. The LED camera lights are dimmable and have an adjustable color temperature so that you adjust to suit the lighting conditions. They are battery-powered units that you can use conveniently for both indoors and outdoors uses.

As you shop for the LED camera lights, some considerations to think about include the battery life, color temperature, adjustable brightness, built, size, and design among others.

List of Best LED Camera Lights in 2024

#10. PIXEL RGB LED Video Camera Light

Pixel G1s RGB Video Light, Built-in 12W Rechargeable Battery LED Camera Light 360° Full Color 12 Common Light Effects, CRI≥97 2500-8500K LED Video Light Panel

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By: Pixel

With the smaller pocket-sized, the LED camera light is easily portable for convenient use anywhere. Because of this, you can easily keep it. Second, to this, it features a 360-degrees support system for elementary positioning of the light. Apart from this, the unit is built to last using premium high-strength aviation aluminum material.; hence excellent product to consider. In addition to this, it runs for hours on a full charge thanks to the 3200mAh built-in battery. This makes it very reliable for your video shooting needs under low light conditions.

Also, the lightness of the unit is easily adjustable to provide the ultimate brightness for shooting videos and pictures. It has RGB lighting that gives a colorful condition needed. Again, it has a variable color temperature of 2500K to 8500K providing quality illumination for all conditions. It comes with a Type-C charging port system that makes it a breeze to conveniently charge. With up to 4-preprogrammed lightings modes and 12 scene effects, the unit is a pick that suits accordingly.

Key Features
  • 360-degrees adjustable head
  • High-strength aviation aluminum material
  • Smaller pocket-sized design
  • RGB lighting color effect
  • Temperature color 2500K to 8500K

Reason to buy

  • It operates at variable color temperatures
  • Convenient to carry
  • It guarantees prolonged years of use

#9. Great Video Maker RGB LED Camera Light

GVM RGB Video Light with APP Control, 360 ° Full Color Led Camera Light CRI97 + Dimmable 3200K-5600K Rechargable Led Video Light Panel for YouTube DSLR Camera Camcorder Photo Lighting

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By: GVM Great Video Maker

Featuring a large LCD control panel, the LED camera light is a great selection that is elementary to control. The unit is very reliable since it comes with a high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Due to this, the unit is favorite for both indoors and outdoors uses. The RGB multi-color unit comes with 5-color beads for better lighting effects. You can easily control the brightness of the unit to variable points to suit what level of light is needed. Moreover, it is a breeze to control thanks to the App intelligent control system.

It is a widely applicable light that suits microfilm, portraits, photography, and MV video among others. Also, it has a 360-degrees rotatable head that gives a more convenient positioning of the LED camera light. The smaller compact design of the camera light means that you can carry it to any place.

Key Features
  • App intelligent control
  • RGB multi-color system
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery
  • 360-degrees full color
  • 3200K to 5600K bi-color temperature

Reason to buy

  • You can dim the lights
  • Provides long-hours of runtime
  • It is highly versatile
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#8. Mivitar Falcon Eyes RGB LED Mini Camera Light

Falcon Eyes F7 RGB LED Mini Pocket On Camera Light 2500K-9000K Bi Color with Magnet Adsorption Function and Honeycomb Frame for Video Photo Product Photography

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By: Mivitar

This is a 12W powerful and efficient LED light that provides up to 4000 lumens light output. This makes it a great selection that will suit most video and photographing tasks. It has a distance of 0.3m plus a CRI of 97; hence a great unit to consider. Apart from this, the light is dimmable from 0-100% so that it offers quality illumination for every task. Other than this, it also operates at a color temperature of 2500K to 9000K; hence a fantastic light that suits most lighting needs.

In addition to this, it has built-in multi-scenario modes systems that comprises of fire engines, police cars, and paparazzi just to name a few. With the high-capacity rechargeable battery, expect long hours of runtime. Lastly, it also features an OLED display that makes it a great pick for all users.

Key Features
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 1-inch OLED display
  • 4000 lumens light output
  • Multiple scenario mode systems
  • 2500K to 9000K adjustable color temperature

Reason to buy

  • It is easily dimmable to variable levels
  • Offers long hours of use
  • A widely applicable LED light

#7. Weeylite RGB LED Video Light

[Upgrade] RGB LED Video Light, Portable Mini Rechargeable LED On Camera Light for Photography Camcorder Shooting with Dimmable 2500-8500K 360°

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By: Weeylite

With this convenient portable LED camera light, you can now capture all your videos whenever needed. It has a smaller pocket-sized design to easily carry. Other than this, you can customize the brightness of the unit by dimming from 10 to 100%. Also, the color temperature is adjustable from 2500K to 8500K for better results. The 3000mAh built-in rechargeable battery offers a longer runtime whether working indoors or outdoors. The all-aluminum body implies that it guarantees a long-lifespan.

It has bi-color LED lights with an RGB color system. This makes it a very efficient and reliable unit. It has up to 20 lighting scenes that will suit your photographing and video capturing. It has up to eight functional modes to adjust the light depending on what suits you better.

Key Features
  • All-aluminum body
  • 8 functional modes
  • 28-pieces LED bulbs
  • 3000mAh built-in battery
  • 20 lighting scenes

Reason to buy

  • It is highly versatile
  • Elementary to transport
  • Keeps running for hours

#6. Moman On-Camera LED DSLR Video Light

On Camera Light for DSLR, Moman LED Video Light CRI 96+ Bi-Color Camera Panel Light 3000K-6500K Dimmable with Type-C Cable Rechargable for Photography Dslr Camcorder

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By: Moman

One essential feature to think about is the capacity of the battery. This is an amazing unit that comes with a high-capacity 4500mAh built-in battery. With this, it provides long-hours of runtime. In addition to this, the unit has a user-friendly design with a Type-C charging system; hence a great selection that suits you better. To add more, it has a smaller compact design to allow for easy portability. The light is easily dimmable from 5% to 100% to provide the maximum brightness level needed for every shooting task.

Constructed from quality durable aluminum alloy material, the LED light guarantees long-term use thus a selection you never want to miss.

Key Features
  • 4500mAh built-in rechargeable battery
  • User-friendly design
  • 600 lumens light output
  • 180 LED beads
  • Type-C charging port

Reason to buy

  • Offers longer runtime
  • Easily dimmable and convenient
  • Also serves as a power bank
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#5. RALENO LED Video Soft Light with LCD Display

RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel with LCD Display, for All Camera DSLR Photography, Built-in Battery, Dimmable Brightness Bicolor 3200K-5600K CRI 95

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By: Raleno

Interested in getting the ultimate LED camera light for your video shooting needs? In case you need a special unit that will serve better, here is a consideration to have in mind. The LED camera light offers a soft color light that protects the eyes; hence a fantastic selection to try out. Apart from this, the unit has a backlit LCD display, which will indicate the color temperature, brightness, and battery levels. This also makes it a breeze to control the settings. Other than this, the unit comes with a high-capacity battery for hours of runtime.

Other than this, it also has a bi-temperature adjustment level that you can move from 3200K to 5600K depending on what suits you better.

Key Features
  • 3200K to 5600K adjustable color temperature
  • Built-in 8000mAh rechargeable battery
  • A large LCD display panel
  • Dimmable brightness
  • Wide application

Reason to buy

  • It provides a soft light system
  • Offers longer runtime
  • Ideal for most activities

#4. Neewer 2-Pieces 660 LED Video Camera Light

Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit Includes-(2)3200-5600K CRI 96+ Dimmable Light with U Bracket and Barndoor and (2)75 inches Light Stand for Studio Photography

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By: Neewer

Fitted in convenient carrying bags, the LED camera lights are exceptional selections that you can carry when traveling. Second, to this, they come with sturdy adjustable stands that you can use for better positioning of the LED lights. In addition to this, the camera LED lights are finished in variable colors so that you choose what suits you better. The two bi-color LED lights are widely applicable for handling most activities, which suits it better.

To add more, the unit is built of durable aluminum alloy material so that it lasts longer. The stands are easily adjustable to variable heights; hence suit most activities. You can adjust the temperature of the units from 3200K to 5600K thus exceptional picks that you should try out.

Key Features
  • Two Bi-color LED lights
  • 3200K to 5600K adjustable bi-temperature
  • Durable carrying bags
  • Adjustable tripod stands
  • 330 yellow and 330 white LED bulbs

Reason to buy

  • Adjustable to variable heights
  • Easily portable and simple to store
  • Guarantees convenient uses

#3. Boling LED Full Color Light

BOLING BL P1 RGB LED Full Color Camera Camcorder Light, Pocket Size Rechargeable Video Light with 2500k-8500k Color Range, 9 Common Scenario simulations Vlog

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By: Boling

The working color temperature of the camera light is a-must look feature. This is an exceptional unit that functions at 2500K to 8500K adjustable color temperature thus a pick that serves accordingly. Besides this, the unit has RGB full colors so that you can use it for most video shooting and photographing tasks. Also, it has a 0-360-degrees adjustable color plus color saturation. With the sleek compact design, it is simpler to carry it when traveling and, therefore, perfect for indoors and outdoors uses.

More interestingly, the unit has up to nine common scenarios simulations that you will get appropriate for your everyday tasks.

Key Features
  • 2500K to 8500K color temperature
  • 9 common scenarios
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • 0-360-degrees color saturation and full-color adjustment
  • Sleek compact design
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery

Reason to buy

  • Offers longer runtime
  • Convenient and portable
  • Provides adjustable brightness
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#2. FANSHANG 3300 GO 5600K RGB LED Camera Light

3300-5600K RGB LED Video Light Full Color Output CRI95+ Adjustable LED Continuous Light for Studio Photography Interview Portrait YouTube and Video Shoot, Barn-Door, Carry Bag

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By: Fanshang

This is a widely applicable LED camera light that you can use for video shooting, YouTube videos, photographing, and more. It functions at variable color temperatures that you can adjust from 3300K to 5600K. Besides this, the brightness of the LED light is dimmable from 20% to 100%. To add more, it has a barn-door that brings about directional lighting.

It comes in a highly durable carrying bag that allows for easy portability plus storage of light. It has a 4 access key design that allows for easy control of the unit. Due to the lightweight design, carrying it is simpler for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Key Features
  • 4 access key design
  • 192-pieces LED bulbs
  • Wide application
  • 3300K to 5600K adjustable color temperature
  • Barn door system

Reason to buy

  • Offers directional lighting
  • It is highly versatile
  • Elementary to control

#1. Great Video Maker Bi-Color LED Video Light

GVM 480 Led Bi-Color Video Light with APP Remote Control Variable CCT 2300K-6800K and 10%-100% Brightness with Digital Display for youtube Studio Photography Shooting with CRI97

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By: GVM Great Video Maker

Great Video Maker Bi-Color LED Video Light is a user-friendly unit that is elementary to control thanks to the app remote control system. Due to this, you can adjust the color temperature and brightness level suitable for every condition. Besides this, it has a total of 480 LED pieces that offer quality illumination and a bi-color system for quality videos. The unit provides both natural and true colors, meaning it excellent for YouTube videos. The unit has a compact sleek design that makes it easily portable and convenient.

Additionally, it has both AC/DC power options, making it very reliable for both indoors and outdoors uses. Lastly, it comes in a thick bag for better storage.

Key Features
  • 2300K to 6800K color temperature
  • Sleek compact design
  • AC/DC power options
  • App remote control
  • 480 LED bulbs

Reason to buy

  • Provides variable lighting and color temperature
  • Fantastic for the price
  • It is reliable and convenient

LED Camera Lights Buyer’s Guide

  • Construction: For a perfect LED camera light that will serve longer, get a piece of light that has been ruggedly built. The light should be made using a premium durable aluminum alloy. Such a unit will serve longer just as expected. In addition to this, the body will resist the harsh weather conditions for increased longevity.
  • Battery Life: Since most of these LED lights are battery-operated, get a perfect unit that will serve longer. Some of these units come with 3000mAh built-in lithium-ion batteries whereas some come with 8000mAh built-in batteries. You should, therefore, consider a unit that has a high-capacity battery for longer runtime. Also, it should have a Type-C port for fast charging.
  • Dimmable and Color Temperature: Again, ensure that the LED camera light operates at variable color temperatures for easy adjustment. For instance, get a product with a wider range of 2500K to 9000K lighting color temperature. Apart from this, you should easily dim the lights to different levels from 0% to 100%.


For the best LED camera lights, these are top options that you should consider. They are efficient and powerful LED camera lights that will serve better to provide quality illumination. Besides this, the function at different color temperatures so you adjust the lights to suit you better. More interestingly, they are in smaller portable lights for convenient use.

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