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Top 10 Best Industrial Bookshelves in 2020 Reviews | Guide

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Industrial Bookshelves

Organizing the books in the office, study room or living room may be challenging when you don’t have a bookshelf. Despite the numerous bookshelves on the market, the industrial bookshelf is a pick that will suit all spaces thanks to their vintage styles. Such bookshelves have been designed to accommodate different items including books, potted plants, and much more. They are also of different tiers including 3-5 tiers. In addition to this, the industrial bookshelves are also sturdy and stable due to the rugged built from metallic frames and MDF boards.

When interested in buying an industrial bookshelf, you have to check for the construction, the number of shelves, size, design, price, and warranty.

List of Best Industrial Bookshelves in 2020

#10. Tribesigns Rustic Triple 5-Shelf Bookcase

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For larger spaces, this is a perfect selection of industrial bookshelf that will suit bigger offices or study rooms. The bookshelf has a vintage industrial style, which implies that it is a nice unit for most spaces. Second, to this, it is a stable and sturdy bookshelf that has been designed from a combo of hardwood and metallic frames. With this, it offers excellent stability and increased years of performance. In addition to this, the 5-tier bookshelf provides ample space for keeping more than books. You can, therefore, use it for organizing art & crafts, flowers, and much more.

That said, the bookshelf has a total of 14 shelves with each able to accommodate up to 75lbs. It is, therefore, a superior bookshelf that will keep as much as needed. With the elegant retro brown color finish, it perfectly blends the interior décor for a fantastic look.

Key Features
  • A total of 14-shelves
  • Triple and open design
  • Engineered wood and steel frames built
  • 5-tier shelf
  • Retro brown finish

#9. VASAGLE Bookcase 5 Layer Industrial Bookshelf

VASAGLE Bookcase 5 Layer Industrial Bookshelf

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Here is a simple and easy-to-assemble industrial bookshelf that you will find great for the living room, office, and study room. The 5 layer bookshelf can accommodate thick and larger books since each shelf can accommodate up to 66lbs. Apart from this, the bookshelf has been designed from quality sturdy steel frames and engineered hardwood material, which suits it for long-term use. More interestingly, it is a breeze to put together with all the hardware and parts included in the package.

In addition to this, the 5 layer has a simple design with modest and rustic accents. Because of this, it is an excellent unit that you will find appropriate for your space. Despite the top-quality features, it is a cost-effective industrial bookshelf that will suit your budget.

Key Features
  • 41.3”L x 13.2”W x 69.9”H size
  • 5 layer bookshelf
  • Simple design with modest and rustic accents
  • Stable iron frame and hardwood built
  • Quick assembly

#8. SUPERJARE 5-Shelf Industrial Bookshelf

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Do you need a classy and elegant industrial bookshelf for your living room or office? Here is an exceptional quality unit with a simple design; hence takes the least time to put together. The industrial bookshelf has a vintage finish so that it matches the interior décor. Constructed from a combo of sturdy steel frames and MDF boards, it is a stable unit that will guarantee years of service.

What is more, the 5-tier shelf can support different books plus other items. Each shelf can support up to 70lbs, making it an excellent pick for your space. To add more, it has adjustable small bottom feet for better stability and balance on all surfaces.

Key Features
  • Metal frames and MDF boards construction
  • X-Shaped brackets
  • Vintage industrial style
  • 5-tier shelf
  • Adjustable bottom small feet

#7. Homissue 4-Shelf Vintage Style Bookshelf

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Due to smaller and compact design, this is a high-quality industrial bookshelf that you can use in smaller spaces. Despite being smaller, it is a4-tier shelf that provides ample space for all your books, art & crafts, flowers, and much more. The four study feet are capped to ensure that they don’t damage the floor. Other than this, it features sturdy metal frames and thick MDF boards that will serve you for years. Each shelf supports up to 70lbs, which suits it for keeping more items.

To add more, the elegant bookshelf has a classy brown finish, which perfectly matches the interior décor of most spaces. With all the assembly instructions and hardware included, you will take the least time possible to finish the assembling.

Key Features
  • Sleek black metal frame
  • A rustic industrial style
  • Thick MDF board material
  • Four capped feet
  • 4-tier shelf
  • Compact and sleek design

#6. Homfa Bookshelf Rack 5-Tier Industrial Shelf

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With its unique and elegant style, it is an amazing bookshelf that you will find suitable for your space. It has been constructed from quality metallic frames that provide great stability. The two floor-friendly feet also suits it for use on all floor surfaces. The good thing is that shelves are made of thick solid panels that can support up to 11.5lbs each. This means that you can use it for organizing all books, CDs, family photos, potted plants, and utensils among others.

Furthermore, it is easy to maintain by wiping off the dust using a damp cloth. Additionally, the 5-tier bookshelf has an elegant finish so that it perfectly matches every space. The process of putting the parts together takes the least time possible with all hardware and instructions included.

Key Features
  • 5-tier sturdy shelf
  • Thick solid panels
  • Sturdy metal frames
  • Portable ladder shelf
  • Easy to assemble

#5. Homissue 5-Tier Vintage Industrial Wood Bookshelf

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The number of tiers is a consideration that you need to check out before making the order. With this 5-tier and spacious bookshelf, you can now organize all your books, flowers, potted plants, and photos just to name a few for quick and easy access. Each of these shelves cam accommodates more weight; hence very convenient.

In addition to this, the vintage industrial style bookshelf is a perfect pick that you can use in the office, living room or study room among others. Moreover, it is also quick and easy to assemble with all parts included in the package. It has been constructed from quality sturdy metal frames and thick panels that provide long-term service and stability. Lastly, the capped feet make it excellent for use on all types of floors.

Key Features
  • 5-tier bookshelf
  • Large thick MDF boards
  • Sturdy metal frames
  • Four capped feet
  • 12-month warranty

#4. Modrine 5-Tier Bookcase Industrial Style Bookshelf

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When interested in finding the best industrial bookshelf, this is a great unit that has been crafted for your space. To begin with, it has been made from the highest quality of the durable wood board and steel tubes. With this, it is very stable and sturdy. The 5-tier shelf supports more weight with each shelf able to accommodate up to 75lbs.

Additionally, the bookshelf has a compact design, which means that it takes the least space needed. Due to the stylish and clean-lined design, it perfectly adds a refined touch in every space. This is why it suits offices, study rooms, and living rooms. The retro-style decoration also brings great elegance in your space.

Key Features
  • X frame design
  • Durable wood bard and steel tubes
  • 5-tier bookshelf
  • Four floor-friendly capped feet
  • Stylish and clean-lined design

#3. HSH 4-Tier Vintage Industrial Bookshelf

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Featuring four capped feet, the bookshelf has been designed to suit all floor types. With this, you never have to worry about damaging your carpet or floor. Besides this, the bookshelf has been constructed using the best quality of MDF wood grain PVC and steel tubes. This combination brings about great stability and increased longevity. Other than this, it is a 4-tier shelf that accommodates more items including books, flowers, family photos, and much more.

The smart design and tools included in the package make the installation process a breeze. The bookshelf also features an X-shaped frame, which brings about added stability. Due to the sleek and compact design, it is a great bookshelf that you can use even in smaller spaces for ample storage of all your books plus other items.

Key Features
  • MDF wood grain PVC
  • Open shelves design
  • Square steel tube frames
  • Sleek and compact design
  • 12-month warranty

#2. VASAGLE Industrial Ladder 4-Tier Bookshelf

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Do you need a high-quality yet simple industrial bookshelf that you can use anywhere? This quality ladder bookshelf is easily portable thanks to the compact design and lightweight. Apart from this, the bookshelf has four shelves that you will find more than enough for organizing your books, CDs, flowers, and potted plants among others.

The cost-effective bookshelf is a perfect buy for limited budgets. It has been constructed from a combo of quality metal frames and thick wooden panels, which make it a highly durable unit. That said, it has a rustic brown finish, which is a perfect match for most interior décors. Lastly, for added stability, it features an X-shaped frame.

Key Features
  • Particleboard and iron frame built
  • Four protective caps
  • 4-tier stable bookshelf
  • Rustic brown finish
  • Worry-free assembly

#1. Coavas No-Assembly Folding Industrial Bookshelf

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With no assembly required, this is a great pick of industrial bookshelf that you need to try out. The bookshelf comes fully assembled and has a folding design, which allows for convenient storage and portability. The 4-tier shelf has been constructed from quality thick wood panels and sturdy iron frames, which guarantees the stability needed. Other than this, it also has a sleek and compact design for use even in smaller spaces.

The good thing is that the bookshelf is very stable and safe to use on all types of floors thanks to the protective caps. The versatile bookshelf is great for keeping different items like gardening tools, books, potted plants, and CDs among others. Because of this, you can keep it in the living room, kid’s room, office, kitchen, and any other suitable space. Despite the quality features, it is a budget-friendly industrial vintage bookshelf that will suit your budget.

Key Features
  • Sturdy iron frame built
  • Foldable collapsible design
  • No-assembly bookshelf
  • 4-tier spacious shelf
  • Wooden thick panels built

Industrial Bookshelves Buying Guide

By considering the following features and factors, it is become easier to get the perfect industrial bookshelf.

  • Material: To begin with, the industrial bookshelves have been made using different materials; hence you need to ensure that you go for a unit that is stable, sturdy, and durable. For such a unit, check the one that has been constructed using the best quality of metal frames and MDF or wooden panels. The panels need to be thick enough to accommodate more weight. With this, the bookshelf will accommodate more items and stand firmly.
  • Number of Shelves: The industrial bookshelves are finished in different sizes to choose from. Some of these shelves are 5-tiers, which means that they accommodate more books. You can also check the 4-tier and 3-tiers bookshelves depending on the space. For additional storage, you should go for shelves that are wider with more shelves to organize all your books.
  • Design: Do you need a bookshelf for smaller or larger spaces? For larger spaces, you need to check for bigger bookshelves with more shelves. However, when you got a smaller space, goo for a compact and sleek bookshelf that will suit the space. Additionally, for easy portability, consider bookshelves with foldable designs.

Other things that you also need to look out for include the style, color, price, feet, and warranty.


When looking forward to buying the best industrial bookshelf, here are some of the favorite selections that will suit both your space and budget. They are high-quality yet affordable units that have been finished to suit any space. With the different elegant vintage styles, these are elegant bookshelves that will suit your study room, living room or office. They are of different sizes including 4-tier and 5-tier units; hence you will always find that perfect size for your space.

More interestingly, the bookshelves are also designed using the best quality of metal frames and wooden panels. Some have been made from MDF boards and, therefore, brings about both stability and longer lifespan. They are elementary to assemble since all parts and hardware have been included whereas some don’t need assembly. Why miss out on these quality industrial bookshelves? Get any of these units and it will bring that great elegance in your space.

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