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Best Guest Pagers for Calling System in 2022

by Alexa Kova
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The businesses that involve different operations in diverse areas of the same environment often find it hard to communicate for it means you need individuals to send all the time. However, you do not need to keep sending your staff and cutting their duties in between for just a call that can be done using a guest pager. The guest pagers are easy to use and lightweight and often transmit signals to the pager receivers in different locations. The receiver will alert the guest or customer around that their services or good is ready for pick up.

In a business setup, the receiver will alert the person concerned like a doctor or a nurse and within a few seconds, he/she will be right at your service. These are the top 10 best guest pagers in the market, check on the best one that gives you outstanding call services.

Retekess Social Distancing Guest or Patients Pagers T112

Retekess T112 Restaurant Pager Max 999 Social Distancing Pagers Queue Wireless Calling System

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Retekess Social Distancing Guest or Patients Pagers T112 is a call system that can be used by customers when calling nurses to bring their food order. He top quality system is great for noisy places for it has vibration and flash modes.

Additionally, the paging system can be used by patients in hospital wards when asking for assistance. The high-quality system has a distance range of 1640 feet and in building, 656 feet. The buzzers are power economical operating at 3.7 volts on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Key Features
  • Working range: 500 to 1640 feet
  • Weight: 6.23 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.66 by 5.12 by 3.54 inches
  • High quality matte materials
  • Uses 3.7v lithium-ion batteries
  • Easily post logo or change mode

SHIHUI Wireless Calling System 20 Coaster Pagers

SHIHUI 20 Coaster Pagers+1 Keypad Queue Call Wireless Calling System for Servers

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As your business grows you need this top quality wireless paging system that comes with all the things that you need. You can also add new pagers in the system as you expand so as to reach more customers and staff members when you want.

The services offered by this top quality guest pager are outstanding for it has 3 vibration modes you can easily use to alert the staff you need help if guest or customer. The system has a vibration, flashing, and the use of the buzzer. The battery life is long and usually depends on the usage frequency.

Key Features
  • 3 modes system
  • Weight: 4.29 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.57 by 8.27 by 3.74 inches
  • 20 lithium batteries
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JOYSAE Restaurant Portable Wireless System

OYSAE Restaurant Pager System Portable Wireless Calling System

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JOYSAE Restaurant Portable Wireless System is high quality and elegant product that will always make your work easier. The radiofrequency of this top quality system is 433MHZ and has a long-range reception of up to 200 meters for indoors.

The system works best on a free ground where there are no barriers with a distance of 3080 feet or 1000 meters. The guest pager works on a wireless mode emitting wireless signals and giving top quality services in offices, hospitals, hotels by easily pressing the call button.

Key Features
  • Radiofrequency: 433 MHZ
  • Charging slots: 10
  • Low power indicator
  • Weight: 3.89 pounds

Catel Digital Paging System

Digital Coaster Wireless Paging System Restaurant Queue System with 10pcs Coaster Pagers and 1pc Call Button Keypad

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Are you looking forward for an easy to use wireless paging system for your institution like a hospital or hotel? Search no more for you have landed on the best top quality Catel Digital Paging System. The superior quality pager gives information by either flashing, vibrating, or buzzer.

Additionally, the high-quality paging system comes with an intelligent charging functionality for it has a 3.7 volts rechargeable battery. In case the power is exceptionally low it has a booster to avoid cutting off power when in use. A charger can easily charge up to 10 receivers all at once.

Key Features
  • Transmission distance: 1000 meters
  • Radiofrequency: 315 MHZ
  • Uses 3.7 volts battery
  • Send information by flashing, buzzing or vibration

NADAMOO Call Assistance Restaurant Pager System

NADAMOO Restaurant Pager System with 20 pcs Coaster Pagers and 1 pc 999-Channel Keypad Call Button

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NADAMOO Call Assistance Restaurant Pager System has 20 pager receivers for guests or patients use. The signal transmitter is one and a single charging dock on the waiters or reception desk. As soon as you buy this top quality system, you can start using it instantly.

The radiofrequency of this high-quality guest pager is 433MHZ and thus penetrates through walls transmitting up to 100 meters through obstacles. Moreover, high-quality pager can transmit up to 500 meters in a barrier-free area.

Key Features
  • 1 signal transmitter
  • 20 Pager receivers
  • Give information by flashing, buzzing and vibrating
  • 7 volts battery
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Tangxi Restaurant Long Range Wireless Calling Paging System

Tangxi Restaurant Pager System, Wireless Calling System,Long Range Paging System

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After taking of orders, your guest or customers can freely move around waiting for the order to be ready. As soon as the order is ready all the waiter does is to press and alert the guest that the order is ready for pick up.

The launcher to this top quality pager is outstanding and can easily alert up to a distance 1500 meters on a barrier-free open space. The making of this top-quality guest pager is outstanding and will give the best result for a long time. Moreover, the pager comes as a package with all the things that you need for easy satisfying use.

Key Features
  • Voltage: 100 to 240 volts
  • 20 pager receivers
  • 3 power adapters
  • Single transmitter

Retekess Pager System Long Range Buzzers for Church and Hospital T119

Retekess T119 Restaurant Pager System Long Range Check Calling Records Max 999 Pagers

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The buzzer to this guest pager helps for easy reminding of the customers in the line of when they are needed or their services are ready. Your staff members do not need to keep on looking out for the customers for all needed is to press and the customer is available for he/she has been alerted.

Additionally, the making of this high-quality guest and customer pager is exquisite and has a long-range transmission of up to 984 feet or 300 meters on a barrier-free area. Moreover, the transmitter can transmit radio frequencies through walls up to a distance of 100 meters or 328 feet

Key Features
  • 10 Pager receivers
  • Keypad transmitter
  • Power adapter
  • Long-distance transmitter up to 300 meters

SINGCALL Wireless Calling Bells for Patients

SINGCALL Waterproof Wireless Calling Bells Patient Calling System Call Nurse Doctor

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This is a top-quality waterproof pager system that gives outstanding results every time. The guest pager has 5 days stand by time and rechargeable battery that allows for easy use at all times. The pager has a calendar and an alarm clock functionality.

Additionally, the top-quality guest pager has a delete function after attending to the numbers called earlier. The SINGCALL Wireless Calling Bells for Patients is modern and lightweight and thus you can easily carry at all times.

Key Features
  • 5 days of standby time
  • Number of display: 10
  • Vibration mode only
  • Capacity: 500
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Retekess Restaurant, Churches and Hospitals Buzzer System T116

Retekess T116 Restaurant Buzzer System Max 999 Beepers Long Range Social Distancing Buzzer

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There is no need to keep sending your staff to go looking for certain customers when technology has brought fast and easy operating guest pager that can do the work for you and save much of time. The Retekess Restaurant, Churches, and Hospitals Buzzer System T116 reminds your customers of their services and product when ready by easily pressing and alerting them.

Additionally, the superior quality guest pager has 5 alerting modes. An alert lasts for 30 seconds and hence long enough for everyone with the receiver to hear and respond. On an open area, the transmitter can transmit frequency at a distance of 1640 feet and 492 feet where there are obstacles.

Key Features
  • 5 alert modes
  • 20 guest pager receivers
  • Long-range transmitter
  • Weight: 5.19 pounds

KERUI Paging Wireless Calling System KR-C1999

Restaurant Paging System,KERUI Wireless Waiter Server Paging Calling System for Caregiver

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The KERUI Paging Wireless Calling System KR-C1999 can easily be customized to your needs to give the best services. The pager receiver can be used in diverse environments like hospitals, hotels, and shops among other places.

Additionally, the installation process of the system is easy and fast and the usage is simple. All you need is to press a button and the information is relayed to the relevant person. The transmission distance 100 meters while the signal is stable and reaches the recipient instantly.

Key Features
  • Transmission distance: 100 meters
  • 3 volts batteries
  • 4 working modes
  • Weight: 2.85 pounds

Guest Pagers Buying Guide

  • Material: The material used to make the guest pager you intend to buy needs to be tough and heavy-duty to withstand any fall by a customer. Moreover, the durability of the guest pager entirely depends on the material for the best long service.
  • Number of Pager Receivers: While you intend to buy a top-quality guest pager check on the number of receivers that you need for maximum satisfaction. There are pager receivers with 10, 20, and 5 among others, and hence need to ensure you pick the one that will suit your business.
  • Transmission Distance: Diverse transmitters emit radio frequencies at different intervals. Therefore, you need to pick one that covers the entire area of your business premises. The distance varies and thus should pick the top one that suits your geographical area for a stable signal while calling.


These are the top exclusive guest pagers in the market that will give outstanding results in your business. The guest pagers come from the best manufacturers in the market and thus give you outstanding call services without necessarily sending the staff. The superior quality guest pagers are all lightweight and can easily be installed in different locations. Moreover, they are best for hotels, hospitals, factories, banks, nursing homes, tea houses, hotels, and bars. While selecting the best guest pager that will suit your institution ensure to close check on the features to pick the best one.

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