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Best Heavy Duty Furniture Dollies of 2024

by Alexa Kova
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For an elementary movement of furniture and home appliance, consider getting the ideal furniture dolly. The furniture dollies are crafted to serve longer and with the heavy-duty designs, they support different load limits. Again, they are extendable and, therefore, fits smaller to larger loads. Also, they are fitted with swivel caster wheels, which makes them easy and simpler to move on every floor surface.

Other than this, furniture dollies are safe and simpler to use for easy movement of most loads. They are widely applicable products you can use in most places. Below are the reviews and a buying guide of the ultimate furniture dollies.

The Best Seller of Heavy Duty Furniture Dollies

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Rhino Cart All Terrain Moving Furniture Dolly

Rhino Cart - All Terrain Moving Dolly for Heavy Appliance and Material Handling

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The weight limit of the furniture dolly is a consideration everyone has to check when buying the products. This is a quality furniture dolly with 1500lbs, which suits it for the heavy loads. The all-terrain dolly is excellent for use on uneven and rough surfaces. The 8 heavy-duty urethane wheels allow for simpler easy movement. Additionally, the dolly is made to serve longer and ensures reliable services. Due to this, it brings about top-notch services and reliability.

Again, the product easily extends to 46-inches, which suits it for the larger objects. To add more, you can completely separate the sides of the product to provide reliable and convenient movements. Other than this, the dolly is crafted using quality commercial-grade poly resin to withstand heavy loads and rigor. With the smaller sleek compact design, the product is convenient to store in smaller spaces.

Key Features
  • 1500lbs weight capacity
  • A commercial-grade polyresin material
  • 46-inches maximum extendable length
  • 8 heavy-duty urethane wheels
  • Sleek compact design
  • Great quality price

BISupply Corner Furniture Moving Dolly Roller 4 Pack

BISupply Corner Furniture Moving Dolly Roller Portable Dolly Furniture Rollers

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This is a top-rated and reliable furniture dolly that you can rely on for better maneuverability of the goods. The product features large wheels of 5-inches that provide smooth movement on most terrains. Besides this, the product is designed to withstand repeated uses and great stability. It supports a load of 1320lbs and, therefore, a great option for your everyday tasks. The dolly also features quality thick rubber pads that will ensure no scuffs and scratches on the loaded furniture. This quality adjustable portable washer dolly allows for easy use and fits loads of wider length.

Furthermore, the piece has a low profile design for elementary loading and unloading. Again, it is recessed 5-inches wide and 2.25-inches tall, which makes it a fine pick that will deliver reliable convenient operations. The price of the product is relatively lower and affordable thus a great buy to consider.

Key Features
  • 1320lbs weight limit
  • 360-degrees swivel three ball-bearing casters
  • A low profile design
  • 5 x 2.25-inches recessed dolly
  • A pack of four furniture dollies
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DOZAWA Telescopic Furniture Dolly 8 Locking Wheels

DOZAWA Telescopic Furniture Dolly with 8 Locking Wheels

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Equipped with 8 locking wheels, the product is very flexible and reliable. The wheels provide 360-degrees swiveling for easy turning into any direction. Secondly, the product has a heavy-duty load limit of 500lbs and, therefore, favorite for most loads. To add more, the product easily telescopes, and with the adjustable steel poles, you can easily move it to the required height. Again, the product features four sturdy PVC corner pieces that have non-slip mats for better protection of the furniture from scuffs and scratches. To add more, the dolly has an ergonomic design to suit it for most users.

Additionally, the dolly is widely applicable for use to move items like washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators among others. More interestingly, the product is sturdy and durable plus has a powder-coat finish to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

Key Features
  • 360-degrees swivel wheels
  • 500lbs weight load capacity
  • Four sturdy PVC corners
  • 4 heavy-duty sturdy stainless steel poles
  • Scope of applications

GDAE10 Industrial Machinery Mover 13200lbs 360 Degrees Swivel Plate

Industrial Machinery Mover 13200lb 6T Machinery Mover Roller Dolly with 360°Swivel Top Plate

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With a higher load limit of 13200 lbs, this product is designed for industrial applications. The unit is, therefore, fit for a wide range of heavy loads; hence a selection to try out. Secondly, it features a 360-degrees swivel rotation cap that makes it very reliable and convenient for easy loading and unloading. Additionally, the product comes in a wider range of colors to get the favorite color pick. The widely applicable product is excellent for transportation, distribution, and warehousing among others. That said, the product is equipped with smooth rollers that allow for better movement on most floor surfaces.

The furniture dolly is a product of all-steel material coated in premium polyurethane material to provide better protection and years of service. The dolly has a wider surface area, which ensures that it fits a wide range of loads and, therefore, a great buy you may try out.

Key Features
  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • 13200lbs weight capacity
  • Wide range of applications
  • 360-degrees rotation cap
  • Sleek compact design

SoftTouch Heavy-Duty Expandable Furniture Dolly

SoftTouch 4260795N Heavy Duty Expandable Appliance Roller Pair Adjusts from 18-1:4" to 28", Brown

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In case you are interested in getting the ultimate furniture dolly, here is a fantastic product just for you. This unit is fully expandable to accommodate loads of different sizes. You can expand it from 18.25 to 28-inches, making it a fine pick to consider. Besides this, the product has easily rollers for smooth maneuverability of most loads. Furthermore, the pack provides you with two rollers that you will get great for your operations.

Again, the appliance rollers are sturdy and highly durable. Crafted using quality durable material and with the powder-coated finish, they are free from rust and corrosion. Because of this, they withstand repeated rigor to serve longer. Moreover, they are widely applicable dollies for moving freezers, refrigerators, and washers among others. Despite the quality features, the price of the units is relatively lower and affordable.

Key Features
  • Two appliance rollers
  • Scope of application
  • Heavy-duty rugged built
  • 25 to 28-inches expandable size
  • Non-marring smooth surfaces
  • Quality non-skid pads
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Xingyuan Multi-Functional Mobile Basen Four Feet Furniture Dolly

Multi-Functional Movable Adjustable Base Telescopic Furniture Dolly with 8 Locking Rubber Caster Wheels

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Fitted with four vibration-proof pads, the product will function at low noise; hence a pick that suits most spaces. Secondly, this product has an adjustable size that easily moves from 18 to 28-inches, making it a great option for most loads. Furthermore, the product is highly durable and sturdy due to heavy-duty steel construction. It has a rustproof powder-coat finish to guarantee the extended durability of the product.

Besides this, the product is widely applicable since you can use it for the elementary movement of most items. For instance, it suits the washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators among others. Because of the lower price, the product is a great buy for all users.

Key Features
  • Four vibration-proof pads
  • Sturdy durable steel built
  • Wide range of applications
  • 18 to 28-inches adjustable size
  • Sleek compact design

HONGKEN Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter 1100 Lbs 5 Pack

Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter with Triangle Moving Sliders Mover Tool Set Moving Appliance Roller Load

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With a total of five packs in the set, the furniture dollies are very reliable and great for most operations. This product has a large load capacity of 1100lbs and, therefore, a great option that will serve you better. To add mote, they are equipped with 360-degrees swivel wheels that provide better maneuverability on all floors. Again, they have 180-degrees adjustable heads that suit them for moving most loads.

The versatile units are recommended for use at home, offices, supermarkets, and more. Moreover, they have scientific ergonomic designs, which allow for better operation and use.

Key Features
  • 1100lbs weight limit
  • Scope of applications
  • Scientific ergonomic designs
  • A pack of 5 dollies
  • 360-degrees swivel casters

Y&J Furniture Lifter 5 Pieces 330lbs Moving and Lifting Systems

Furniture Lifter Easy to Move Slider 5 Piece Mobile Tool Set, Heavy Furniture Appliance Moving and Lifting System

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For elementary movement and lifting of most items, here is a pack of a mobile tool set to consider. They support up to 330lbs and, therefore, perfect for the lightweight loads. Besides this, the pack comes with up to five pieces that will serve you better, and with the ergonomic designs, they are simpler to use. The good thing is that they are carefully built to serve longer and with the powder-coat finish, they guarantee prolonged use and stability.

The tools are easy and quick to assemble with no tools involved. Also, they are cost-effective products that you will get great for your budget and, therefore, great buys to try out.

Key Features
  • 330lbs weight capacity
  • A pack of five pieces
  • Scope of applications
  • Durable metallic constructions
  • Moving and lifting systems
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WEN 1320 Pound Capacity Hardwood Dolly 2 Pack

WEN 721830 1320-Pound Capacity 18-by-30-Inch Hardwood Mover’s Dolly, 2-Pack

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Designed using quality durable hardwood material, the products are sturdy and highly durable. Each product holds up to 1320lbs, which makes them excellent for most operations. Fitted with four caster swivel wheels each, these units easily maneuver on every terrain. Moreover, they have large sizes of 18 x 30-inches to suit them for most loads. Again, they are covered on non-marring fabric that will keep the product free from scuffs and scratches.

What is more, the pack comes with two furniture dollies that you will get ideal for most operations. You can use them for moving sofas, washers, dryers, and refrigerators among others.

Key Features
  • 18 x 30 x 5-inches size
  • Four swivel caster wheels
  • 1320lbs weight capacity
  • Scope of applications
  • Quality hardwood material built

Grip 3 Wheel 160 Lbs Furniture Dolly Pack of 4

Grip 3 Wheel Furniture, Cabinet, Piano Movers Dolly 4 Pack (160 lb)

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You should consider the number of furniture dolly in the pack you wish to buy. This is a pack of four furniture dollies that you will find the ideal for most tasks. More interestingly, they are designed with three caster wheels each for simpler movement on the floor surfaces. Other than this, the products are sturdy and support up to 160lbs each. With this, you will get them favorite for most indoor applications.

For instance, you can use them for moving pianos, cabinets, and furniture among others. Also, they are ruggedly built and with the sleek compact designs, they are great options for prolonged use.

Key Features
  • 160lbs weight capacity
  • A pack of four pieces
  • Three 1-inches swivel casters
  • Scope of applications
  • Sleek compact designs

Furniture Dollies Buying Guide

  • Weight Limit: For the different brands available, each brand is designed to support variable weights. You may get smaller units that accommodate 160lbs. Again, you may get medium-sized products with weight limits of about 1320lbs for heavy loads. For industrial purposes, you will get a product with up to 132000lbs.
  • Material: Also, find out the quality of the material that makes the furniture dolly to buy. You may get dollies crafted using quality hardwood materials or premium steel materials. You, therefore, need to get a piece that is designed to serve longer and the metallic options are highly recommended.
  • Wheels: The movement of the furniture dolly will depend on the size and types of wheels. For better performances, get a product that has more wheels like 8 urethane wheels to easily move on every ground. The wheels should rotate to 360-degrees for simpler easy turns.


Here are the ideal furniture dollies that you will find the ideal for your needs. They are top-rated and reliable pieces with variable payloads. Other than this, the units are designed using quality sturdy materials to serve longer and withstand repeated rigor. Lastly, they have swivel caster wheels for convenient maneuverability and, therefore, great options to try out.

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