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Best Electronic Dartboards in 2022

by Alexa Kova
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Are you looking for the ideal electronic dartboard that will suit your playing needs? The electronic dartboards are designed to provide excellent gaming experience and comes with variable numbers of games and scoring variations. Besides this, they also have large backlit screens for easy reading of the results. To add more, each pack comes with various numbers of darts and spares to choose what will suit your needs.

Here are the ultimate picks of electronic dartboards and a detailed buying guide to consider.

The Best Seller of Electronic Dartboards

Our Top Picks

Fat Cat by GLD Products Electronx Electronic Dartboards

at Cat Electronx Electric Dart board, Built In Cabinet, Solo Play With Cyber Player, Dual Screen Scoreboard Display

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Featuring a built-in cabinet, this quality electronic dartboards is a fine option you need to consider. The cabinet is a product of premium ABS material, making it suitable for prolonged use. To add more, the unit has 38 games and 167 scoring options, which makes it a fine dartboard to suit the playing skills. It also features a cyber-play that has up to five skill levels and suitable for up to 8 players.

This quality product has an easy to read LCD front panel that offers an easy reading of the results; hence a pick will suit you accordingly. The product has a total of six darts and six spare tips for reliable playing needs. This product also has a glass door that gives an awesome look and matches the traditional décor.

Key Features
  • 38 games and 167 scoring options
  • Wide extended catch ring
  • Sturdy ABS built-in cabinets
  • 13.5 inches tournament target
  • 6 darts and 6 spare tips
  • Cyber-play with 5 levels of spills

Viper by GLD Products 800 Electronic Dartboards

Viper 800 Electric Dart board, Extended Scoreboard For Spanish Cricket

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This is a high-quality and durable electronic dartboards that you will find excellent for your playing needs. It is a ruggedly built unit that has up to 57 games with 307 scoring options. With this, you will get it a great pick to suit the playing skills. The product has a largely missed dart catch to protect the wall from errant throws.

Additionally, it also comes with the mounting hardware that allows for elementary set-up in minutes. To add more, the product has a 15.5-inches regulation target face and, therefore, fit for tournament use. The good news is that the dartboard has built-in storage that holds two darts plus extra dart points.

Key Features
  • Locking segments holes
  • A bright LCD screen panel
  • Built-in storage system
  • 57 games and 307 scoring options
  • 15.5 inches pro target standard size
  • Quality thermal resin segments
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Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 13.5 Inches Target Area Electronic Dartboard

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set with 13.5” Target Area

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Here is another ideal selection of an electronic dartboards that you can use to enhance the gaming skills. It is designed to serve all levels of players and with the large target area of 13.5-inches, you will get it excellent for home use and tournament playing. It has quality wooden cabinet doors in a walnut finish to give a great look. More interestingly, the product has a large LCD display screen that provides easy reading of the results. To add more, the dartboard is simpler and faster to set-up with every part included.

The dartboard is excellent for four cricket games since it has 34 games and up to 183 variations, making it a nice unit that will suit the playing skills. Despite the quality features, the price is relatively lower.

Key Features
  • 13.5-inches regulation target face
  • 34 games with 184 variations
  • 27 x 22.5 x 5.5-inches size
  • Quality wooden cabinet doors
  • Large LCD display screen

Miuko Electronic 18 Games 159 Options Electronic Dartboard

Miuko Electronic Dart Board, Electronic Dartboard, Soft Tip Dartboard Set LCD Display Scoreboard

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Miuko Electronic dartboard is designed to provide a great playing experience. The unit has a large backlit LCD display that will offer an easy reading of the results. Other than this, it has a total of 18 games and 159 scoring options to enhance the playing needs. Furthermore, it also has 6 darts and 24 tips, making it favorite for 8 players. Due to the quality durable construction, you will get a great dartboard to serve for years.

The installation process of the dartboard is elementary with the mounting hardware included. This unit also has a double protection system and with the mesh protecting the outer rings for increased longevity.

Key Features
  • 18 games and 159 scoring options
  • Double protection system
  • Backlit large LCD screen display
  • 6 darts and 24 tips
  • Durable rugged construction

Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard, Classic Cabinet Door Style

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Do you need a quality electronic dartboards that will serve accordingly? This is a perfect pick that is designed to enhance the playing skills and, therefore, the perfect option for all users. It has a total of 57 games and up to 307 scoring options to suits up to four players. Additionally, it has a built-in wooden cabinet for keeping most of the items. It is powered by an external 1000mAh battery to keep it powered for long.

The dartboard is a great option for tournament thanks to the large 15.5-inches target face. You can also use it for home playing and with the LCD screen panel, it will display all the results.

Key Features
  • Extended Spanish cricket scoreboard
  • 59 games and 307 scoring options
  • Durable built-in wooden cabinet
  • 1000mAh external battery
  • 15.5-inches regulation-sized target face
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WIN. MAX Electronic Dartboard 12 Darts 40 Tips

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board,Soft Tip Dartboard Set LCD Display

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With the auto-scoring voice announcer, the dartboard is very reliable and convenient as you get to know every time you score. Second, to this, the product provides up to 21 games and 65 variations, making it a fine product that will suit all levels of players. It also comes with the complete mounting hardware, making it elementary to set-up. The backlit LCD screen provides easy reading of the results even under low light conditions. Also, the pack provides you with 12 darts and 40 tips, which makes it favorite for up to 8 players.

The good news is that the product has a wider catch ring that will protect the dart from damaging the wall. It is highly durable product that will offer years of use; hence a buy you don’t want to miss.

Key Features
  • 12 darts and 40 tips
  • Bright LCD screen display
  • Automatic scoring voice announcer
  • 21 games and 65 scoring options
  • Complete mounting hardware
  • A wider catch ring

Viper by GLD Products Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

Viper Solar Blast Electric Dart board, Spread Out Overhead Cricket Scoreboar

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The number of games and variations should be a feature to consider as you order the products. This is a quality dartboard with up to 43 games and 187 scoring variations. With this, you will find it a fantastic option to suit your playing tasks. It comes with a powerful 5V 1000mAh external battery that will keep it running for long. Other than this, the dartboard has an ultra-thin spider that aids in reducing the bounce-outs; hence brings about closer dart grouping for higher scoring chances.

Additionally, it features built-in storage that can hold up to two darts plus extra dart points. You can easily set-up the unit since all the mounting hardware is included. Also, it has a 15.5-inches target face for competition uses.

Key Features
  • 43 games and 187 scoring options
  • Modern design contemporary with decors
  • Large backlit bright LCD screen
  • 5V 1000mAh external battery
  • Built-in storage and ultra-thin spider

Fat Cat by GLD Products Automatic Voice Feedback Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat 727 Dart board, Easy To Use Button Interface, Automatic Voice Feedback

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In case you are looking forward to buying an electronic dartboard, this is a top-rated product you may consider. The unit has a longer lifespan thanks to the premium durable construction. To add more, the unit has a total of 43 games and 201 options to score and, therefore, a fine option to consider. It is fit for up to 8 players and with a large 13-inches target face, you will find it suitable for your needs.

The good news is that the product has a missed dart catcher to keep the wall safe. It is also simpler and faster to mount with the mounting hardware included. Additionally, it comes with six soft darts for great play.

Key Features
  • 43 games with 201 scoring options
  • Built-in automatic voice feedback
  • Large 13-inches target face
  • Built-in storage and 6 darts
  • Durable premium construction
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Viper by GLD Products Double Height Cricket Scoreboard Electronic Dartboard

Viper 777 Electric Dart board, Easy To Use Button Interface, Red White And Blue Segments

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This is another fantastic option for an electronic dartboard that you will find suitable for all levels of players. The product has a large 15.5-inches regulation-sized target face, making it a product to serve best for tournaments. It also features a large backlit LCD screen that allows for an elementary reading of the results. Furthermore, it has an ultra-thin spider to maximize the scoring chances. This product is built using premium quality material for extended use.

Additionally, it comes with six soft tip darts, and with a total of 43 games and 230 scoring options, it is a great option to try out.

Key Features
  • 43 games with 230 scoring options
  • Double height cricket scoreboard
  • Built-in bright LCD screen display
  • Ultra-thin spider and 6soft darts
  • 15.5-inches regulation-sized target face

Fat Cat by GLD Products 13.5 Inches Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Sirius 13.5 Electric Dart board, Compact Size for Easy Install, Backlit Cricket Scoreboard, Easy to Use Button Interface

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Fat Cat by GLD Products 13.5 Inches Electronic Dartboard is a high-quality dartboard that will enhance the gaming needs. This unit provides 32 games and up to 595 scoring options for better playing experience. It has an auto LED scoreboard with the cricket display and with the quality durable construction, it will bring about years of use. The unit is faster to set-up with all the mounting hardware. The good news is that the product has a large 13.5 target face that provides a wider scoring area.

Also, it comes with two sets of starters and 24 spare tips that you will use for long when playing. The unit is relatively affordable despite the top-notch features; hence a pick to try out.

Key Features
  • 13.5-inches large target face
  • 32 games and 595 scoring options
  • Premium quality durable construction
  • Automatic LED scoreboard
  • Large backlit LCD panel

Electronic Dartboards Buying Guide

  • Number of Games and Variations: You need to get a quality electronic product that comes with more games and variations to suit a wide range of players. For instance, you may find units that have 38 games and 167 scoring options or 57 games with up to 307 scoring options. You should, therefore, find a product that will suit the players.
  • LCD Screen: For an elementary reading of the results, get a pick that has a large LCD screen. It should have a bright backlit screen that you can read easily without straining the eyes. Such provides very reliable and convenient services.
  • Size of Target Face: Based on the brand, these units have different target face sizes. You may get products with 13.5-inches target face whereas some got 15.5-inches. For a unit to use for both tournaments and fun playing, go for products with a 15.5-inches face.


For the best options of electronic dartboards, here are the ideal products you may consider. They are favorite units that you can use for fun and tournament needs thanks to the large target faces. They come with mounting hardware for elementary set-up on the wall. The units have variable numbers of games and scoring options to get what will suit serve you best.

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