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Top 10 Best Electric Typewriters in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Yang Fung
Electric Typewriters

An electronic typewriter can be a practical solution if you want to focus on your writing and avoid distractions. Unlike old manual typewriters that produces a noise when typing, electric typewriter works with minimal noise and are designed to offer long-term service and effective writing. Moreover, they are portable, and you can easily move it to another venue and are compact; hence, they use limited space in your office or home.

There are so many typewriter models in the market, and if you are not careful enough, you may end up purchasing the one that never works right. However, in this article, we have summarized the top 10 best Electric Typewriters in 2024. So, go through our review and choose the best one for you.

List of Best Electric Typewriters in 2024

#10. American Girl Typewriter Set Beforever Kit

American Girl Typewriter Set Beforever Kit

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Are you looking for an ultimate electronic typewriter for your young girl? This is the best Typewriter Set for her. It is a black metal typewriter that fits any Bratz kidz doll. It is included with a typing paper, pretty print box, typewriter eraser and a photo of Kit’s favorite baseball player. Ideally, each of the 4 rows of space and key bar presses to raise the typebar and then move the typewriter roller across. The Dings found on the end of each row of the Roller bar can be easily moved while the movable roller arm can raise the papers.

This typewriter has a red, white and green dotted print storage box. It has a drawer at the bottom that lifts the top for storage. The red ribbon ties down papers on the top under the lid.

Key Features
  • Fits any bratz kidz doll
  • Quality durable construction
  • High printing speed
  • Includes a typewriter eraser
  • Excellent learning tool
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#9. We R Memory Keepers 310297 Typecast-Pink Typewriter

We R Memory Keepers 310297 Typecast-Pink Typewriter

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This is another convenient and reliable typewriter that you will find it amazing. The We R Memory Pink Typewriter will add a retro look to your craft projects, and it can write fun letters in an old-fashioned way. Ideally, the effects of this typewriter are very delicious. You can match and mix the ribbon colors from the same Typecast collection, creating fun results for your projects.

The package is included with a 12×14 inch footprint, 12-inch paper-feed, four-line spacing options, 2-colour black and red ink ribbon and one typewriter. To date, the We R Memory Keepers has been manufacturing functional, most innovative and high-quality products that are loved by most people in the world.

Key Features
  • High quality and functional Typewriter
  • Four line spacing options
  • 12-inch paper-feed
  • It creates fun results
  • Black and red ink ribbon included

#8. Brand New Swintec Heavy Duty 7040 Electronic Typewriter

Brand New Swintec Heavy Duty 7040 Electronic Typewriter

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Different from the touch, different from the eye, this Electronic Typewriter by Brand New Swintec is packed with advanced features. This makes it simple to operate and easy to learn. The typewriter features 48,000-character memory and has adjustable 40-character crystal display. Subsequently, the Typewriter has a variety of file storage and text editing capabilities with 13.5 inches writing line and 17 inches paper capacity.

This Typewriter has 22 characters per second printing speed and allows automatic centering, underlining, bolding and return. Other features include repeat file print, decimal tab, format memory and bi-directional manual/global search. Subsequently, the typewriter has a 300-word user-defined dictionary and 80,000-word main dictionary. The product is offered with 90-days manufactures warranty.

Key Features
  • 500-character Correction Memory
  • 17″ paper capacity and 13.5 inches writing a line
  • 80,000-word main dictionary
  • Has 22 characters per second print speed
  • Easy to learn and simple to operate

#7. SMITH CORONA Portable Electronic SL480 Typewriter

SMITH CORONA Portable Electronic SL480 Typewriter

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This is another top-rated Electronic Typewriter that is made to suit every user. This classic typewriter is built using high-quality materials for durability and will guarantee long-term use. In addition to that, it features a quality-printing system with the center, auto return and underscore. It also has a decimal tab that permits easy operation. One great thing about this Typewriter is that it has a compact design and it is going to fit even in small spaces conveniently.

This system is likewise portable, and you can easily carry it with ease and serve you accordingly. The Typewriter also has decimal tab, bold print, word eraser and full line correction. The complete correction system helps in quick error correction while its full memory makes it a great pick and will suit you accordingly.

Key Features
  • Decimal Tab
  • Auto Center
  • Full Line Correction
  • Bold Print
  • Word Eraser

#6. NAKAJIMA WPT-160 Automatic Word Correction Portable Electronic Typewriter

NAKAJIMA WPT-160 Automatic Word Correction Portable Electronic Typewriter

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Are you looking for a high-quality electronic typewriter that will serve you for longer, NAKAJIMA WPT-160 is a professionally made Typewriter that is constructed from high-quality material for durability. Moreover, it is features exceptional features to make typing easy and faster. This electronic typewriter is portable, lightweight, and you can easily carry it from one place to another. Subsequently, it features full line correction memory, 20 character LCD display, 16k storage memory, spellcheck and automatic word correction

The unit has automatic relocation, express backspace, backspace and margin release. Other than that, it has caps lock, bold type, index forward/reverse and required space/hyphen. Finally, this typewriter has unsurpassed performance features, reliability and quality, making it unbeatable.

Key Features
  • 16k storage memory
  • Gas built-in carrying handle
  • Automatic word correction
  • Automatic paper eject
  • 20 character LCD display
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#5. IBM Selectric II Typewriter

IBM Selectric II Typewriter

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Despite being one of the oldest Typewriters in the industry, this Typewriter will deliver to the maximum. This is because it is very efficient and comes from IBM company. Moreover, it will enable you to type in the IBM old English font styles. As a result, your printouts will look classic and stylish. The typewriter uses internal mechanical binary coding and whiffletree linkages to select the characters to be typed. Moreover, you can also write in many other font styles it comes with.

It is designed such that force required when typing is minimal. Furthermore, the keyword layout is very easy to use. The print produced is of high quality and appealing to the eye. The typewriter speed is 15 seconds per character, making it efficient and fast.

Key Features
  • 88 characters keyboard
  • Reliable
  • High print quality
  • Dual patch spacing mode
  • 15 seconds per character typing speed

#4. Qwertywriter wireless and manual Typewriter

Qwertywriter wireless and manual Typewriter

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This typewriter comes with an integrated table stand for improved stability. It is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology that connects up to 3 devices at a go. With this, you can connect your devices without much hustle. In addition to that, the dual scroll knob encoders make control of the volume and page scroll functions easy. It is constructed with scratch-resistant aluminium for durability. The typewriter is compatible with IOS, Android, MAC OS and Win 10 devices.

Additionally, it connects wirelessly through Bluetooth or through wired USB mode. The programmable return bar can also be modified to act as the enter key on the typewriter. Moreover, the keycaps are beautifully designed and improved for better stability and are electroplated.

Key Features
  • Aluminum construction
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Table stand
  • USB wired mode
  • Programmable return bar

#3. BROTHER SX-4000 Typewriter

BROTHER SX-4000 Typewriter

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It features a 70,000-word dictionary and a professional keyboard that is easy to work with. Its editing features include line-out and word -out correction memory bold printing and automatic view mode. Besides that, it has automatic paper insertion and a variable pitch-typing selector. It also features line by line printing, forward, and reverse indexing. The cassette daisy wheel is interchangeable with various styles in place. Conveniently, the self-demo feature provides a manual for functions and features.

It comes equipped with a carrying handle for easy portability. The paper support conveniently acts as a lid cover for the typewriter. The automatic underlining system makes editing with the typewriter very easy. Lastly, the view mode will allow you to view the files you are working on easily.

Key Features
  • Carrying handle
  • Automatic paper insertion
  • Interchangeable cassette ribbon
  • Self demo manual
  • 16 character LCD display

#2. Royal Manual Black Typewriter

Royal Manual Black Typewriter

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Are you a writer that does constant writing or always on the go? If yes, then this is the best typewriter for you. This is a portable typewriter that you can move around with. Additionally, the typewriter comes with a paper stand to hold the papers in place. You can also manually set the paper margins. The equipped lever enables you to select between red type and regular stencil for a lighter or bolder touch. Likewise, the touch selector will also enable you to adjust the intensity of the touch keys. As a result, effort exertion is controlled when typing.

The sturdy metal construction of the typewriter will provide a good working environment and make it durable this typewriter will definitely get your work done and provide you with good and clear quality printouts. It also does not require electricity, making it suitable for in areas of sparse power coverage.

Key Features
  • 11” typing width
  • 44 keys and 88 characters
  • Space bar repeat key
  • Touch selector
  • Paper stand

#1. Brother Daisy Wheel GX-6750 Electric Typewriter

Brother Daisy Wheel GX-6750 Electric Typewriter

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If durability, efficiency, speed and longevity is what you desire, then this Electric Typewriter by Brother will do you justice. It is designed for students, small business or home users. This unit is portable and features a professional touch keyboard and an automatic correction system including 65 character lift-off memory and word-out, right margin flush, bold printing, automatic underling and view mode. Another thing, this typewriter has caps lock, 10/12 pitch typing selector, automatic paper insertion and line indent.

This typewriter is compact and portable; thus, you can easily move it from one place to another. Furthermore, it has a variety of automatic timesaving features, and it is offered with a 1-year standard warranty.

Key Features
  • 65-character correction memory
  • Variety of automatic timesaving features
  • Professional touch keyboard
  • Perfect for student and small business
  • 1-year standard warranty
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Electric Typewriter Buying Guide

Paper Capacity: Different electronic typewriters usually have different paper capacities. Therefore, you need to look for the one that will suit your needs. Some typewriters can accommodate 17-inches paper capacity while others only accommodate only 11-inches papers. If you want to print large papers, then choose a device that supports 13.5-inches and more. On the other hand, if you’re going to use small papers, consider having units with 11-inches.

Portability: Initially, old typewriters were very heavy, and it could be very challenging to move or change the venues. Nowadays, some typewriters have a sleek and lightweight design for easy carry when need be. Choose a unit that is portable and versatile to allow you easily change its location swiftly.

Noise Level: Old typewriters usually produce a lot of noise whenever you are using them, which can affect your office in quiet environments. Look for a typewriter that is effective and silent whenever you are using it. This will not create attention to other office workmates.

Construction and Design: Look for a typewriter that is made of high-quality materials so that it can withstand daily wear and tear. Also, get the one that will give clear words to allow easy reading exercise. Some typewriters come with a small LCD screen that displays useful information that you need when typing. Also, some enable you to type with other languages such as Spanish and French. Therefore, get a model that will suit your needs.


Typewriters are still useful in many situations such as in an office, home and other places. However, not every product in the market works right. Some are little cumbersome, noisy or somewhat heavy to carry. The above selection of the top ten best electronic typewriters comes with excellent features and will suit your writing tasks. You will enjoy their quality work and typing will be more comfortable than before. Moreover, these typewriters are of great quality as they are professionally designed with the highest quality of materials to serve you longer. They come in a portable design, and you use them at any place of convenience. By owning any of these typewriters, you will have an easier time whenever you are typing.

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