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Top 10 Best Electric Pizza Makers in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Johnson Stev
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Baking your favorite pizza at home or traveling, you should get the ultimate electric pizza makers. The pizza makers have been built using highly durable materials that guarantee prolonged use. More interestingly, they are in different sizes for everyone to find the perfect pizza maker for his/her needs. To add more, they are also easy to clean since they have non-stick interiors; hence the ultimate units you never want to miss. They have non-stick interiors for easy cleaning and release of the pizza.

As you shop for the pizza makers, there are considerations to think about. For instance, consider the pizza cooking area, power output, non-stick interiors, and price among others.

List of Best Electric Pizza Makers in 2024

#10. LUBY Electric Pizza Maker

Luby Extra Large Toaster Oven, 18 Slices, 14'' Pizza, 20lb Turkey, Silver, Stainless Steel

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By: Luby

For toasting large pizza to serve more, this is a pick of pizza maker you never want to miss. The electric pizza maker has an internal space of 55 liters that will toast up to 18 slices of bread or 20lbs of turkey. In addition to this, the oven has been fitted with a 60-minutes timer so that you can preset the unit for efficient performance. More interestingly, the unit is fitted with non-slip feet so that it stays intact on the surface. To add more, the unit brings about fast and even heating for toasting without burns.

The versatile pizza maker is also recommended for other foods including fish, broiling turkey, and cookies among others. It is built using the best quality of material for a longer lifespan. The French door design allows for easy opening and closing.

Key Features
  • Dual heating element
  • French door designer
  • 60-minutes timer control
  • Separate temperature selector
  • 14-inches cooking area

Reason to buy

  • Provide fast and even heating
  • It is easy to control
  • Cooks large Pizza

#9.  Breville Electric pizza maker

Brevile BREBPZ600XL Pizza Maker, 19.5 x 12.6 x 19.2 inches, Silver

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By: Breville

Breville pizza makers is a professional unit that offers brick-oven results. Due to this, it is a selection that provides amazing baking for all your favorite pizzas. Moreover, the unit is easily programmable for the thin, medium, and thick pizza crusts, which means that it suits all users. In addition to this, the unit has a sleek compact design that allows for keeping the unit plus portability when needed. Besides this, the unit has a built-in 12-inches diameter for baking larger pizzas.

Furthermore, it also has a dual heating system for the bottom and top that brings about fast and even heating. It heats to 660-degrees F maximum temperature.

Key Features
  • Dual heating element
  • 12 inches diameter
  • 3 cooking settings
  • Sleek compact design
  • Non-slip rubber feet

Reason to buy

  • It is highly durable
  • Great for a small family
  • Easy to clean
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#8. Table Top Chef Pizzarette

Pizzarette – “The World’s Funnest Pizza Oven” – 6 Person Model - Countertop Pizza Oven – Europe’s Best-Selling Tabletop Mini Pizza Oven Now Available In The USA

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By: TableTop Chef

In case you wish to get the pizza ready in minutes, here is a fantastic unit that will prepare the pizza in under 10-minutes. The short cooking time makes it a perfect selection that will suit most cooking tasks. Second, to this it also has a dual heating system built on the up and lower parts thus will guarantee fast cooking needed. To add more, the unit has a removable cooking sheet that allows for elementary cleaning. Other than this, it brings out an exceptional flavor thanks to the handmade terracotta.

Also, the unit has a non-stick interior so that the pizza easily releases when fully baked. Again, it is a budget-friendly unit for your budget.

Key Features
  • Removable cooking sheet
  • Dual heating element
  • Handmade terracotta dome
  • Sleek compact design
  • 6-person cooking capacity

Reason to buy

  • It cooks relatively faster
  • Elementary to clean
  • Heats faster and efficiently

#7. Hamilton Beach Countertop

Hamilton Beach 31103Da Countertop Convection & Rotisserie Convection Oven, Extra-Large, Stainless Steel

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By: Hamilton Beach

The cooking capacity of the pizza maker is a consideration you should have in mind when the purchase. This is a great pizza maker that will cook up to two 12-inches pizzas. You can also use it for making two cake pans. The versatile unit is simpler to use by just connecting the contoured knobs. For stability on all surfaces, the unit is fitted with rubber capped feet for use on all countertops.

That said, it features a self-basting rotisserie system that locks in the flavor plus juices in the food for an amazing taste. Also, it has both bake and broils setting that allows you to operate easily. Lastly, the unit is equipped with a 2-hour auto-shutoff system.

Key Features
  • Bake and broil setting
  • 12 inches large capacity
  • Non-sleep feet
  • 2-hour timer
  • Self-basting rotisserie

Reason to buy

  • It is relatively larger
  • It is easy to clean
  • Elementary to control

#6. Oster Digital Countertop Electric Pizza Makers

Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven, Stainless Steel (TSSTTVDGXL-SHP)

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By: Oster

Here is an efficient convection countertop oven that you never want to miss. The powerful oven uses the convection technology for fast and even heating thus a fantastic unit that will serve you better. Other than this, the unit has two oven racks, an integrated broiling rack, and a baking pan, which implies that it is a widely applicable unit for all your cooking tasks.

The ruggedly built unit has been fitted using a quality material that brings about extended use. Moreover, the unit also has a large interior that fits up to 2 pizzas or 18-slices of bread. It is a programmable unit with a 90-minutes timer for efficient and reliable services.

Key Features
  • 1500W power output
  • Integrated broiling rack
  • 2 oven rack
  • Convection technology
  • Large cooking interior

Reason to buy

  • Easy to Clean
  • Cooks Faster
  • Is highly versatile
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#5. Presto Electric pizza

Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

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By: Presto

This is an amazing electric pizza maker that will deliver fast and even cooking thanks to the rotating tray. Second, to this, it also has a removable non-stick baking pan that prevents the food from sticking on the surface. Other than this, it is an energy economical use that saves up to 60% of energy, making it a selection you can rely on. To add more, the pizza maker also has both the bottom and top heating elements that bring about all-round heating without burning the pizza.

It has a non-slip rubber bottom that makes it an efficient unit for use on countertops. Additionally, it also has a sleek and compact design for convenient storage plus portability when required.

Key Features
  • Removable nonstick
  • Rotating trays
  • Timer setting
  • Top and bottom heating
  • Non-slip rubber bottom

Reason to buy

  • Saves as much as 60% in energy
  • Good for the price
  • Heats evenly without burning

#4. Goplus Stainless Electric pizza

Goplus Stainless Steel Pizza Oven, Electric Pizza Maker Pizza Baker with Snack Pan, Snack Maker, Counter Top, Commercial & Kitchen Use (Silver)

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By: Goplus

It is necessary to get a safe pizza maker that is convenient and great for your baking tasks. Here is a convenient pizza maker that will suit you better thanks to the auto-shutoff system plus timer. This allows it to turn off when the pizza is fully baked and also ensures that you can program the system for better results. Other than this, it has been fitted with a heat-proof handle that makes it safe to handle even when hot.

The efficient pizza maker cooks in just about 15-minutes thanks to the efficient heating elements. The unit also has a large cooking area of 12-inches, making it excellent for family use. The pizza maker also has a removable crumb tray to keep the surface clean.

Key Features
  • 12 inches cooking area
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto Shut-off Timer
  • Heat-proof Handle

Reason to buy

  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks in under 15 minutes
  • It is highly versatile

#3. VEVOR Commercial Electric Pizza

VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven 2200W Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Countertop 110V Electric Pizza and Snack Oven 16 Inch Deluxe Pizza and Multipurpose Oven

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By: Vevor

Featuring a temperature control time system, you can adjust the time from as low as 0-120 minutes. This means that it is a programmable unit that will suit most baking tasks. Secondly, the pizza maker allows you to adjust the temperature from 122-degrees F to 662-degrees F. To add more, it is a lightweight pizza that you can use at home or away from home. The good thing about the unit is the high power output of 2200W that brings about fast and efficient cooking.

It has a non-slip bottom to keep it intact on all surfaces without slipping off. The durable metal body built makes it a highly durable pick that will serve longer just as needed. Also, it is a multipurpose unit that will suit you accordingly.

Key Features
  • 2200W power output
  • Temperature Control Timer
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 16 inches cooking area
  • Wide application

Reason to buy

  • It is powerful and efficient
  • It is a breeze to clean
  • Guarantees a long life
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#2. Hamilton Beach Electric

Hamilton Beach 31700, 12 Inch Cooker, Red Pizza Maker

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By: Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker is a fantastic pick that you can now use for all your baking needs. It is a powerful pizza maker that will cook in less than 15-minutes plus has a 30-minute timer, it is a programmable unit that will serve you accordingly. To add more, the compact portable design of the unit suits it for use anywhere needed. The pizza maker has a non-stick interior allowing for the simple release of the pizza.

It makes hot and palatable pizza plus appetizers for the whole family. It has an elegant cool finish so that it suits the interior décor of every modern kitchen. Lastly, the unit also has a view window to monitor the cooking progress.

Key Features
  • 30 minutes timer
  • Viewing window
  • 12 inches cooking area
  • Sleek compact design
  • Non-slip bottom

Reason to buy

  • Allows you to monitor the process
  • Easily releases the pizza
  • It is highly durable

#1. MasterChef Electric Pizza Makers 12 Inches Rotating

MasterChef Pizza Maker- Electric Rotating 12 Inch Non-stick Calzone Cooker - Countertop Pizza Pie Oven w Adjustable Temperature Control, Fun Gift

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By: MasterChef

Fitted with a long power cord, the pizza maker is simple to use plus allows for better flexibility and, therefore, a unit that will serve you accordingly. The pizza maker has a large size so that it cooks relatively larger pizza for the whole family. In addition to this, the ruggedly built body implies that it will last longer plus rust and corrosion-resistant thus a pick that will suit your needs. The non-stick bottom of the unit means that the pizza will not stick on the bottom for easy release. You can also clean it efficiently; hence a pick for all users.

What is more, the pizza maker is sleek and portable for use in various places and, therefore, a pick you can rely on when traveling or for cooking at home.

Key Features
  • Non-stick bottom
  • 12 inches rotation plate
  • Automatic constant temperature
  • Long power cord
  • Item weight: 7.81 pounds

Reason to buy

  • Easy to clean
  • It cooks evenly
  • Easily portable and convenient

Electric Pizza Makers Buying Guide

  • Cooking Area: The pizza makers have different cooking areas, which means that you need to find a pizza maker that will suit you better. Some of these pizza makers have smaller cooking spaces of 12-inches whereas some have up to 16-inches cooking surfaces. Besides this, there are pizza makers that accommodate up to two large pizzas thus you need should get a pizza maker that will serve you efficiently.
  • Power Output: The other necessity should be the power output of the unit. The electric pizza makers have different power outputs so that you can pick on the ideal unit that suits you most. You can pick on pizza makers that have up to 2200W for fast cooking. On the other hand, you may consider units with below 1000W.
  • Heating Elements: The electric pizza makers also have varying heating elements. Some units only have a single heating element whereas some have two heating elements. When you need to cook evenly without burning the pizza, get a pick that has top and bottom heating elements.

Moreover, also think about the price, nonstick cooking area, ease of cleaning plus portability.


We have carefully selected some of the top electric pizza makers that suit all your baking needs. The pizza makers are easy to clean and care since they have non-stick cooking areas so that you can release the pizza. Apart from this, the units are highly durable since they are built using quality rugged materials. Again, they have larger cooking areas that suit most cooking needs as you can pick a smaller or larger unit. They are also safe programmable units that you can preset to bake the pizza when needed thus the perfect selections to consider.

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