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Top 10 Best Dual Dash Cams in 2021 Reviews | Guide

by Kimyong Hill
Dual Dash Cams

Modern taxi, Uber, or any passenger motor vehicle seems incomplete without a dual dash cam. In the recent past, this was not the case, but thanks to camera technological advancement. These cams feature both rear-front cameras with a wider and high dynamic range. They are available in various rotatable dual-lens angle for better and broader viewing. Besides, these cams can support HD footage while giving clean and finer details about the licenses plate.

However, finding the right dual dash cam for your surveillance needs can, at times, become overwhelming due to flooding of dual dash cameras out there. But luckily enough, here is a well-detailed compilation to help you identify the best model for your surveillance needs.

List of Best Dual Dash Cam in 2021

#10. TOGUARD HD Dual Dash Cam w/ IR Night Vision

TOGUARD HD Dual Dash Cam w/ IR Night Vision

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Whether you want to safeguard your vehicle or protect yourself against accidents, the dual dash cam by TOGUARD will get you covered. This dash cam is well-equipped with 1.5-inches LCD screen and dual 6-Glass Lens that can simultaneously record inside at 1080x720P along with 25fps and front at 1920x1080P alongside 30fps. This screen will provide sharp, high-quality images/videos and reliable proof in case of a mishap or accident.

Besides, this dual dash cam is not only characterized by HDR Technology on its front camera that provides dynamic range and great exposure in dim light conditions but also excellent Day/Night Vision for handling low light conditions. The other thing is the built elliptical cylinder compacted structure that makes it perfect for discreet recording.

Key Features
  • Has an inbuilt acceleration collision G-sensor for collision detection
  • Come with built elliptical cylinder compacted structure for discreet recording
  • Characterized by HDR Technology & excellent Infrared Day/Night Vision
  • Continuous loop recording that will overwrite the previous footage automatically
  • Front lens angle: 170°wide
  • Cabin lens capture 140°
  • Compact Design
  • Dual 6-Glass Lens
  • Easy to Install

#9. Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO 2020 Dual Dash Camera

Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO 2020 Dual Dash Camera

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The SG9663DCPRO from Street Guardian is a 2020 Dual Channel Dash Cam that delivers HD 1080P quality video. Designed for stealth, the back& front cameras remain lustrous and unseen behind the windshield’s veil- capturing your automobile’s surroundings. Engineered with temperature variants system, the Metal Lens Holster and Super-Capacitor keep your HD cam operating at ultimate performance in any winter night or summer day.

More interestingly, this dash can support the full-range Wi-Fi camera controller for any smart device using a superb stability-certified App for both Android and Apple. And more importantly, the package is equipped with Premium Accessory Kit that guarantees smooth operation. The App stability and Wi-Fi coverage are a powerful addition to User’s experience!

Key Features
  • Has EXMOR CMOS Sensor on its Rear Camera
  • NOVATEK 96663 Processor
  • It supports Wi-Fi & smartphone App
  • 15 Mbit H.264 recorded Footage
  • Full HD (1080p) recorded footage at 30fps
  • 7 Component all-glass Lens
  • Support GPS Logging
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY for durability reasons

#8. inDigi New 2.7-InchesTFT LCD Dual Dash Cam

inDigi New 2.7-InchesTFT LCD Dual Dash Cam

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inDigi presents the best 2.7” 16:9 HD screen dash cam with 120-degree rotatable dual-lens. It features a special and unique design that further combines the telephoto lens wide-angle lens for ultimate decoration. No sooner than the vehicle starts moving, this dash cam detects the motion and start recording video automatically.

In the same fashion, the charging of the inbuilt lithium-ion rechargeable battery is possible using the included car charger. The package also includes AV cable and supports TV output. Also, it is characterized by infrared night vision and rotatable lens vehicle DVR. It provides a broad viewing and close monitoring of any incident on the road.

Key Features
  • Inbuilt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Support TV output for added convenience
  • Car charger included!
  • Wide-ranging field of view
  • AV cable included
  • Dual lens recording

#7. Rexing V1P Pro 1080p Full HD Dual Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1P Pro 1080p Full HD Dual Car Dash Cam

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Do you want to uphold personal protection on the busy road? If yes, then Rexing has dual dash cam with inbuilt GPS logger, loop recording, 2.4” LCD Screen, and Supercapacitor. It also support a mobile App. The incorporated inbuilt GPS logger will not only allow to mark location, date and time but also mark speed information to any of your recording. With wide dynamic range, each camera can even perform maximally in low-light conditions by cautiously fine-tuning the exposure.

What’s more, the super-capacitor also delivers a compelling alternative to a premium lithium battery that features improved temperature resistance to cold & hot climates. With WI-FI connect, dash cam can allow you to view, store and share recordings using app interface of a mobile phone via wirelea ss network.

Key Features
  • Has G-sensor for collision detection to lock the remarkable video footage
  • Use super-capacitor to deliver power
  • Has a smartphone app interface that support WI-FI
  • Wide-angle lenses of 170-degree
  • Internal GPS Logger for locating and marking purpose

#6. Garmin Tandem Dual Dash Cam

Garmin Tandem Dual Dash Cam

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Coming at position 6 is this pocket-size dual dash camera that features inbuilt GPS and voice control to capture any event automatically. The dash cam has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity that enhances video sharing on your phone with the help of the Garmin Drive mobile app. Auto Sync feature is also a desirable function that enables you to playback and control synchronized video from about four dash cams.

The extra USB port and charger are also included in the package so the drivers can charger their mobile gadgets while on-the-go. The other beautiful feature is 720p interior-facing lens alongside infrared night vision. With exclusive NightGlo technology, you can capture clear video nicely at night.

Key Features
  • microSD memory card included for storage of recorded footage
  • Characterized by Auto Sync feature for video playback synchronization
  • Features built-in GPS and voice control for automatic event capturing
  • Has an exclusive NightGlo technology that helps in capturing video at night
  • built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for video sharing
  • Field of view: 180-degree
  • It supports Garmin Drive phone app
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#5. AUTO-VOX 1920x1080P Dual Dash Cam

AUTO-VOX 1920x1080P Dual Dash Cam

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Enjoy the simultaneous recording of Cabin and front camera at 1080@30fps using dual dash Cam from auto-vox. When using it alone, the front camera delivers 1080P@60fps video quality. At high speed, you can even use this front camera to capture the license plate’s details very clearly and precisely. Characterized by F1.8 aperture and IMX307 Sony sensor, the inside Cam alongside 4 Infrared lights records perfect footage.

Besides all that, the magnetic bracket, along with the inbuilt GPS, can be assembled quickly and easily. Also, the GPS module plays a significant role in the recording of location attribute, driving speed and track, and with the exact date and time-stamped.

Key Features
  • Greater Infrared Night vision
  • Integrated Design with GPS Tracking
  • inbuilt G-sensors for detecting vibration to lock 30-second footage
  • Wide Dynamic Range for brightness balancing to ensure comfortable and clear footage
  • Advanced Sony Sensor for simultaneous image capturing and image quality increase

#4. Yu2d daily supplies New Dual Dash Cam

Yu2d daily supplies New Dual Dash Cam

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Are you planning to install the surveillance systems in the car? If yes, then Yu2d daily supplies have dual dash cam for your road monitoring need. The actual design of this dash cam is extremely compact, and hence it can fit your vehicle most stylishly. And more importantly, this cam can even support up to 32GB TF memory card, though not included. With high-performance chips, this cam can support the production of seamless HD dynamic videos.

More increasingly, wide-angle Lens of 120-degree, delay power-off, and G-sensor function are also a suitable function of this Camera from Yu2d daily supplies. The incorporated motion detection function can automatically switch on/off function to enhance seamless loop-cycle recording utility.

Key Features
  • Has inbuilt 250mAH battery
  • It is characterized by USB2.0 GPS logger, SD/MMC, and AV-Out Interface
  • Support 32GB TF memory card( though not included)
  • It includes special features like motion detection, cycle recording, digital zoom, g-sensor, etc.
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Video Format: AVI Camera

#3. inDigi New! 2.7-inches TFT LCD Dual Dash Cam

inDigi New! 2.7-inches TFT LCD Dual Dash Cam

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This is yet another dual dash Cam from inDigi with 2.7” TFT screen, 120-degree rotatable dual-lens, intimate and unique design. This design also combines a telephoto lens and wide-angle Lens for added convenience and decoration. With a fast switch, night mode shooting has been made effective and convenient to solve the issue to do with overexposure, and thereby to view fine details on the car number plate clearly.

Additionally, it comes with the SOS emergency button, which, when pressed, the system saves two files as non-deletable files for emergency reasons. The cam can support eight infrared vision lights and support motion detection. It comes with a Car charger that normally charges inbuilt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Also, it supports the AV cable and TV output.

Key Features
  • Has SOS emergency button
  • Support super night vision that effect motion detection
  • Its intimate and unique design combines telephoto lens & wide-angle Lens
  • Inbuilt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Support AV cable & TV output
  • Comes with 2.7” 16:9 HD screen

#2. AUKEY 1080P 2.7-inches Screen Dual Dash Cams

AUKEY 1080P 2.7-inches Screen Dual Dash Cams

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Presented to higher demanding market by AUKEY is dual 1080p Protection dash cam with Dual-Port Car Charger, 170-degree Wide-Angle Lens, Full HD Rear Front Camera, and 2.7-inches Screen. This DR03 camera supports full HD video while monitoring for rear & front view.

With Novatek NT96663 processor and Exmor IMX323 sensors, the super-sharp 1080p video can be captured with ease. Moreover, this dash cam is characterized by the full six-lane view that features wider coverage with 160° rear & 170° front view for more excellent protection. With its wide-angle lenses, you can capture more crucial peripheral action. And more increasingly, you can use G-sensor to activate emergency recording to automatically protect the recordings and captures unpredicted driving incidents.

Key Features
  • The intelligent operation for recording protection
  • dual-port USB charger for cars included
  • Has dependable DR03 Supercapacitor System for power supply
  • Full Six-Lane View for greater protection

#1. THINKWARE Q800PRO 1440P Dual Dash Cam

THINKWARE Q800PRO 1440P Dual Dash Cam

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Capture clear and detailed footage recording with dual dash Cam from Thinkware. And to start with, the 2K QHD 1440P video recording is facilitated with improved and new STARVIS image sensor from Sony. This dash cam, with its precise video technology and Super Night-vision, can assist in capturing license plate in undesirable conditions like low-light conditions. More increasingly, this video clear technology will not only enhance quality image recordings but also help in reducing noise.

THINKWARE Q800PRO is also well equipped with a Sony sensor, G-sensor and can even support loop recording, parking mode, night vision, GPS and WIFI as well. And more importantly, it is characterized by motion detection mode, impact detection energy saving, and time-lapse mode to cater to all surveillance needs.

Key Features
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty
  • Exclusive innovative video clear technology for quality image enhancement
  • Innovative driver assistance system for collision protection
  • Equipped with Cloud functionality that helps in receiving driving impact and geo-fencing notifications via cloud mobile app
  • Super Night vision for capturing finer details of license plate

How to choose the best Dual Dash Cam

Dual-channel support: This will enhance and support the running of the interior (cabin-view) or front-rear cameras. Generally, the interior cameras are placed on this dash cam, while rear cameras require additional and separate cabling. So, the model that incorporates such a feature should be your ideal choice as well.

Super-capacitor power: The dual dash camera of your choice should keep the incident recording moving even after 12-volt power becomes depleted. This is to say; the entire incident should be recorded even if run-time is adequate; the recording should continue for some time with the vehicle turned off. However, with super-capacitors, the broader operating temperature range and more recharge cycle are guaranteed. The super-capacitor should power the cam when 12-volt power is interrupted in a car crash

WIFI connectivity: Though not that essential, wireless connectivity can allow for video sharing via compatible mobile App. Also, you can make camera configuration and offloading video easier. Therefore, the model with such function is worth buying for video sharing needs.

Continuous loop recording: Storage requirements can also be minimized with the help of continuous loop recording. The video recording is done and then overwritten immediately at a quantified interval unless saved. You can also save the video to protect against overwriting automatically in case an event is detected. Virtually all dual dash cams tend to overwrite previous (older) recordings whenever they space insufficient.


In sum, this is indeed the better time to purchase a powerful model dual dash cam because the compilation above has got reputable models of dual dash cams that produce HD video. In all honesty, informed decision making is guaranteed if you will consider the above compilation. Choose any dual dash cam that best suits your budget and needs. Enjoy a happy shopping for ultimate road safety requirements.

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