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Top 10 Best Chinese Yoyo in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Dark Ereric

The Chinese Yoyo or Diabolo is a juggling prop comprising of two discs or cups and an axle. This Chinese Yoyo is spun with the use of a string tied to two hand-sticks. With this product, quite a number of tricks can be performed, including tosses, and many styles of interaction using the string, sticks, and various users’ body parts. Surprisingly, a single string can spin Multiple Chinese Yoyo.  Luckily enough, standard Chinese Yoyo features two halves together with the fixed metal axle that is integrated between the halves, point to the string attachment. Likewise, some Chinese yoyos incorporate an axle between the two halves, which features a one-way bearing.

The package may include an instructional Chinese yoyo DVD to help you familiarize with various Diabolo and learn new tricks. These DVDs have all been skillfully captured, edited, and organized. Here is the list of best Chinese Yoyo for you choose.

List of Top Best Chinese Yoyo in 2024

#10. HenMerry Colorful LED Triple Bearing Chinese Yoyo Set

HenMerry Colorful LED Triple Bearing Chinese Yoyo Set

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HenMerry Diabolo Chinese Yoyo is a complete set that supports players of different levels. Diabolo set is suitable for professional, beginner, and intermediate players. The set features bowl, handsticks, and a string of 55.11-inches. The featured FRP stick has polished shafts that perfectly fit the Diabolo axle. For superior grip and effort saving, the 13.77-inches hand sticks are characterized by foam handles. With colorful LED, this unit can be played at night, and it is also appealing to kids

Satisfyingly enough, this high-performance Chinese Yoyo comes in a triple bearing design that makes it spin faster and more stable compared with fixed bearing ones. It is an ideal starter and has long-lasting static rotation. With this product, performing throws, catches, cradles, and tricks is possible.

Key Features
  • Aluminum hand sticks feature foam handles for a comfortable grip
  • Has a sturdy and compact structure that measures 5.12-inch D by 5.9-inches H
  • Snug dense foam grip
  • Has an appealing, colorful LED
  • Triple bearing design
  • Cotton carry bag

#9. DSJUGGLING medium 5-inches Triple Bearing Chinese Yoyo Set

DSJUGGLING medium 5-inches Triple Bearing Chinese Yoyo Set 

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DSJUGGLING Chinese Yoyo juggling Diabolo set is a perfect choice for players who want to become first-bearing Diabolo or leave single-bearing Diabolo to an advanced level. With triple bearing juggling, this Diabolo set guarantee excellent performance and fast and easier starting speed for professional. For those who like traveling, this unit is accompanied by a free mesh carry bag.

The Diabolo set has a cup that measures 148mm H and 125mm D and fiberglass sticks alongside cushioned handle for long grinding times. In addition to that, the set features 32cm long free-hand fiberglass sticks and 60-inches of premium-grade Diabolo string. The package also features an additional Diabolo string that can replace the first one.

Key Features
  • Includes 32cm long free-hand fiberglass sticks
  • Had LED Light Kit for light up
  • Has 60-inches of premium-grade Diabolo string
  • Weighs 9.9 pounds
  • Mesh Carry bag
  • Free Fiberglass hard sticks
  • Cup weighs 280 g

#8. OVOKIA Five Bearings 5” Chinese Yoyo Diabolo

OVOKIA Five Bearings 5” Chinese Yoyo Diabolo 

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OVOKIA Chinese Yoyo is a high-performance, and complete Yoyo Diabolo set with five bearings. Unlike other brands with fixed-bearing ones, this Chinese Yoyo by OVOKIA spins stable and faster. With this one, performing your favorite Chinese Yoyo diabolo cradles, catches, throws, and tricks is possible.

The set also includes a bowl, hand sticks together with string, and a 10m spare string. The incorporated drawstring bag is made with cotton and can be used to store juggling props, and Diabolo set. Ultimately, this product is made of premium-grade TPR Hard rubber, broken-resistant, anti-impact, and efficient shock absorption material.

Key Features
  • Material: premium-grade TPR Hard rubber
  • Hand sticks feature foam handles for firm griping
  • Bearing: Five bearings design
  • Includes 10m spare string
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Weighs 12 oz
  • Color: Translucent Purple
  • The durable copper end for tying the string

#7. Juggle Dream Jester Medium Blue/White Diabolo

Juggle Dream Jester Medium Blue/White Diabolo 

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Juggle Dream Jester Medium Diabolo set includes a pair of wooden handsticks with high-speed string and Sparsus medium Diablo. The set consists of a fixed axle that is constructed of polished aluminum. In addition to the fixed shaft, this set also features wooden Diabolo hand-sticks that is a perfect option for absolute beginners.

Well, frankly speakingthe sturdy rubber cups have a mottled pattern that not only spins faster but also looks cool. The set provides great value with its Firetoys carry bag. The Diabolo features a width of 4.5-inches and a diameter of 4-inches.

Key Features
  • Firetoys carry bag included
  • Tough rubber cups
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
  • Incorporated string with the hand-sticks
  • Has a fixed axle

#6. Spintastics LED Light Up 5-inches Triple-Wide Bearing Diabolo

Spintastics LED Light Up 5-inches Triple-Wide Bearing Chinese Yoyo Diabolo

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The Chinese Yoyo from Spintastics is triple wide-bearing with a light-up diabolo brand. It comes in perfect weight and size for advancing your skills or learning new skills. Well, to be fully honest with you, this set is considered a large or full-sized soft diabolo.

What makes this Chinese Yoyo by Spintastics the better option? Many features! It is built with tough, rubbery plastic, which withstands routine usage and performs. The set features a one-way ball-bearing axle that guarantees extra-long spinning times. Luckily, it incorporates extremely high-end LED light up for custom radiance in the dim plastic sticks design. For Manufacturer Quality Guarantee, the set is accompanied by a warranty of 2-years.

Key Features
  • High-speed, One-way, Triple Wide Bearing Axle Design
  • Weighs 14.1 ounces
  • Durable, thick rubbery plastic
  • Premium-quality Soft Diabolo
  • Includes Custom Grasp Carbon Sticks
  • LED Light Up for Glowing in the Dark
  • Hand sticks with padded, comfortable, and durable handles
  • Cup measurement: 5.4 inches Width and 5 inches Diameter
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#5. Firetoys Jester Medium Chinese yoyo

Firetoys Jester Medium Chinese yoyo 

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Jester Medium Chinese yoyo from Firetoys is a perfect and complete set that includes aluminum sticks together with the attached string. Unlike other yoyos with wooden diabolo sticks, this set by Firetoys has aluminum diabolo hand-sticks that guarantee hard-wearing. This Diabolo is characterized by rubber cups lightweight, smooth plastic hubs plus a metal axle perfect for grinds. It’s astonishingly well-balanced at high-speeds.

Not only does the set include durable metal sticks but also hand-sticks with thin shaft for stick grinds. The grip is durable and comfy. Unlike the models that feature the standard hole system, this one has a slightly more advanced string fixing system. The set has an exclusive and super-cool Firetoys design.

Key Features
  • Has rubber cups & metal axle
  • Weighs 10.2 ounces
  • Comes with aluminum sticks
  • Hand-sticks has a thin shaft
  • Medium-sized rubber diabolo
  • Smooth & lightweight plastic hubs

#4. Flight Diabolo Professional Triple Bearing Yoyo with LED Light Up

Flight Diabolo Professional Triple Bearing Chinese Yoyo with LED Light Up 

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The professional Chinese Yoyo from Flight Diabolo is a mid-sized Triple Bearing diabolo model with LED light up. It has the perfect weight and size for advancing your skills or learning new skillsIn all honesty, this set is considered a large or full-sized soft diabolo. What makes this Flight Diabolo Chinese yoyo an ideal choice? Countless features! It is designed with robust and rubbery plastic, which endures routine usage and performance.

The set includes a one-way triple-bearing axle that promises extra-long spinning times. Moreover, it features 13.5-inches aluminum hard-sticks alongside comfortable, durable foam handles for a firm grip. Likewise, with this product, performing your favorite Diabolo throws catches, tricks, and cradles are possible.

Key Features
  • Has Cushioned Carbon Sticks
  • Comes with a Full-length string
  • Net Carrying bag included
  • Extra Diabolo String: 72 inch
  • Long-Spin Triple-bearing Design
  • Features 5.6-inches Width and 4.7 inches diameter
  • String length: 72-inches
  • LED Light Up
  • Weight 9.5 oz.

#3. KickFire Classics SuperNova Professional Chinese Yoyo (Green)

KickFire Classics SuperNova Professional Chinese Yoyo (Green)

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Challenging Entertainment for the Pro, Expert, or Beginner! KickFire Classics is passionate about manufacturing commercial-grade, classic Chinese Yoyo that challenges adults, teens, and kids, teens to set apart their devices and involve in active play. KickFire Classics promises unparalleled support and is also passionate about adhering to your requirements.

Furthermore, KickFire Classics Yoyo is astral for performing throws and tricks, and it is also characterized by padded carbon sticks, triple-axle-bearing, and 60-inches, premium-grade string. What’s more, KickFire Classics toy entertains everyone regardless of ability, age, or gender. The set is sturdy and lightweight and thus making it suitable for trick Chinese yoyo-ISTS and serious diabolo performers

Key Features
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Premium-grade nylon string that measures 60-inches
  • Weigh 11.2 ounces
  • triple-axle-bearing for performing cradles, tricks, throws, and catches
  • Includes 13.625-inches padded carbon sticks

#2. Mister M Professional Diabolo Aluminum Sticks

Mister M Professional Diabolo Aluminum Sticks 

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Mister M Diabolo is a perfect weight and medium size for beginners and children. Luckily, this ultimate set is made of solid, soft rubber. Professional diabolo, free online video, and aluminum sticks are all-in-1 attractive tin can. It is the ideal gift for those who want to win an international juggling award.

The Diabolo body has a diameter of 5-inches, a total length of 11-inches, and a weight of 8 ounces. Additionally, Master M Chinese Yoyo Diabolo is also accompanied by free online video.

Key Features
  • Aluminum sticks alongside a foam grip
  • Premium-grade soft Medium Size
  • Total length: 11 inches
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Diabolo diameter: 5 inches

#1. Flight Diabolo Pro Triple Bearing 5-inches Medium Blue Chinese Yoyo

Flight Diabolo Pro Triple Bearing 5-inches Medium Blue Chinese Yoyo 

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The Flight ProTM presents another mid-sized Chinese Yoyo model with a long-spin triple-bearing design. In all honesty, this set has cushioned carbon sticks, net carrying, and an extra string of about 72-inches. What makes Flight ProTM Chinese Yoyo an ideal choice? This Chinese Yoyo can perform the Diabolo throws catches, tricks, and cradles.

Furthermore, the set incorporates 13.5-inches carbon fiber hard-sticks alongside comfortable, durable foam handles for a firm grip. It also features a Diameter of 5-inches and a Width of 5.75 inches. With a 5-inches diameter, this Chinese Yoyo guarantees high performance. This size is perfect for handling and speed.

Key Features
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Durable foam handles
  • Full-length string
  • Long-spin triple-bearing design
  • Carbon fiber hard-sticks of 13.5-inches
  • Has cushioned carbon sticks

How to choose the best Chinese Yoyo

  • Large Vs. small Sizes: If you begin exploring for the personal models, you’ll definitely come across Chinese Yoyo of different sizes. Generally, larger Chinese yoyos are better for performing and also slightly easier to control because they can be seen easily. Nevertheless, the larger sizes can tire your arms very fast and also make it impossible or harder for you to perform tricks using multiple diabolos. On the other hand, smaller Yoyo does not tire your arms and is a better option for those who perform tricks while using multiple Chinese yoyos. For instance, a reasonable Chinese yoyo should be that with a diameter of 4-inches and 5-inches.
  • Material: Hard or Soft: Most Chinese yoyos are constructed of plastic material while some are softer with rubbery” feeling. Some are smoother and harder feeling. Theoretically, a hard, slippery plastic Chinese yoyo can spin longer and faster because the likelihood of losing its shape or deforming during high-speed spinning is very low. Conversely, hard plastic Chinese shatters when it falls on concrete. A rubber Chinese yoyo, in contrast, is very durable and flexible but deforms during quickly spinning. Ideally, the Chinese Yoyo of your choice should be constructed with considerably rubbery plastic material because such construction material is durable and does not deform. That makes them superb for high performance and also ideal for learning.
  • Hand-Sticks: Any material, including carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic, and wood, can be used to make Chinese Yoyo. The most common hand-sticks are either constructed of plastic or wood. Hand-Sticks can vary slightly in length and diameter (thickness). There’s no exact hand-stick diameter or hand-stick length that can be considered the best, so the choice will depend on personal preference. But also you can purchase high-end Chinese yoyo sticks if your budget is not that tight.


In sum, all Chinese yoyos listed have a significant role to play when it comes to advancing your Diabolo tricks. Therefore, considering the above buyer’s guide, you can never go wrong or make the wrong purchase. For that reason, choose the best Chinese Yoyo depending on your preference.

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