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Best Car Wheel Dollies in 2024

by Alexa Kova
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Do you need a perfect car wheel dolly for your car? The car wheel dollies are designed to allow for the simple portability of damaged cars, which suits them for garage, workshop, and park uses. To add more, they are crafted using quality sturdy materials to offer better stability and longevity. The products are also equipped with 360-degrees swivel caster wheels for easy maneuverability in every direction.

That said, the products are of variable sizes to get a unit that will fit the car wheel. They are easily portable and simple to store when not in use.

The Best Seller of Car Wheel Dollies

Our Top Picks

Sunex Tools 1500lbs Hydraulic Wheel Dolly With Highly Adjustable

Sunex 1500-Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

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This quality product from Sunex is a great pick you can rely on for amazing services. The unit has a weight capacity of 1500lbs, making it a nice pick that guarantees reliable operations. To add more, the product has a sturdy ratcheting design with no maintenance needed; hence a special unit that you will get more suitable. Additionally, this product is equipped with swivel caster wheels to allow for simple maneuverability on every surface. Fitted with a convenient carry handle on the side, this car wheel dolly is a breeze to transport.

The frames are built using premium powder-coated material, which brings about better stability and strength. Also, the product features an oversized foot pedal to hinder it from jamming the toes on wheels. With this, it guarantees reliable convenient operations, making it a great buy for all users. The locking wheels will secure the vehicle in place for safety purposes.

Key Features
  • 1500lbs weight capacity
  • Sturdy ratcheting design
  • Locking swivel caster on out-board
  • A convenient side carrying handle
  • An oversized L-shaped foot pedal
  • High-grade aluminum construction

PENTAGON TOOLS Tire Stakes 4 Tires Car Wheel Dolly

Pentagon Tools 5060 Tire Skates 4 Tire Wheel Car Dolly Ball Bearings Skate Makes Moving A Car Easy, 12" (Pack of 4) Rated at 6000lbs.

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Interested in getting the ideal cat wheel dolly that can easily move the car? This product is a fine option that comes with a set of four pieces to handle the car. These products have extra-large sizes of 12 x 16-inches, making them excellent options that will fit car wheels. Additionally, they have a maximum load capacity of 6000lbs; hence appropriate for cars within the weight load. These products are available in other sizes to get the ideal option that suits your demands.

Also, the car wheel dollies feature an integrated hole at the top, which allows for simple convenient storage. Apart from this, they are fitted with 3-inches premium ball-bearing casters for simple movement on all types of terrains. Built using quality powder-coated steel materials, these products are great options that will ensure amazing stability and longevity.

Key Features
  • 6000lbs maximum load capacity
  • 3-inches premium ball bearing casters
  • 12 x 16-inches large solid steel plates
  • An integrated hole in the top
  • A pack of four dollies
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OTC 1500Lbs Car Wheel Roller Dolly

OTC Tools 1580 Stinger 1,500 lbs Easy Roller Dolly

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Equipped with heavy-duty phenolic casters, this dolly is a fantastic option that will serve you accordingly. The product allows for simple movement on most terrains for reliable operations. To add more, the car dolly wheel is crafted using heavy-duty powder-coated frames for extra strength and stability. What is more, this dolly has a weight capacity of 1500lbs to ensures maximum stability and support.

Additionally, the car dolly is wider enough to accommodate car tires of 12-inches large. The product has a convenient foot pedal for easy simple hydraulic lift mechanisms. Due to this, you will get it a breeze to operate for top-notch services. Lastly, the price of the product is relatively lower and affordable.

Key Features
  • 1500lbs maximum load capacity
  • Four heavy-duty phenolic casters
  • Premium heavy-duty powder-coated metal frames
  • Convenient food pedal system
  • Extra-large size design

Omega 2000lbs 3 In 1 Car Dolly Set

Omega 47020 2000 lb HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly Set, 1 Pack

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The weight capacity of the car wheel dolly is a consideration for every buyer. This 3-in-1 car dolly wheel supports 2000lbs, which ensures amazing stability and support. Due to this, it provides a simple convenient operation to withstand the weight of most cars. Apart from this, the dolly can support cars in three ways that include by frame, pinch weld, and by using wheels. With the self-stacking designs, these products will minimize the space needed for both portability and storage. Also, the car wheel dolly features quality integrated frame adapters for better usage. The frames are produced using quality powder-coated material for a longer lifespan and amazing stability.

It has four swivel caster wheels that will provide great stability plus easily moves on every surface. That said, these products are easy and simple to assemble with no tools needed. The locking casters also ensure better safety needed when transporting the cars; hence a pick you will find great for damaged car mobility.

Key Features
  • Four swivel locking casters
  • 2000lbs weight capacity
  • Sturdy powder-coated metal built
  • A 3-in-1 car dolly set
  • Integrated frame adapters

WEN Vehicle Dolly 1500lbs 2 Pack with Brakes

WEN 73017 Vehicle Dolly (1500-Pound Capacity) 2 Pack

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Do you need a cost-effective product that will suit your budget? This is a pack of two car wheel dolly that comes at a relatively lower price yet delivers amazing strength and safety. These products are fitted with four 2.5-inches swivel caster wheels each. Because of this, they allow for simple easy maneuverability. Besides this, the plates are carefully designed using rustproof diamond-plated material. They are wider enough to accommodate most car wheels. Additionally, they support 1500lbs, which totals to 3000lbs for both; hence excellent for most cars.

These car wheel dollies are fitted with on-board brakes for safety needs and simple carrying handles for portability. They bare stackable products that you can easily carry for portability and store safely.

Key Features
  • A pack of two dollies
  • Four 2.5-inches swivel caster wheels
  • 12 x 16-inches diamond-plated surface
  • Quality ball-bearing construction
  • 2-year warranty
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MOTOOS 2 Packs Car Wheel Dollies 14 Inches Plates

2 PCS Tire Wheel Dollies Dolly Vehicle Car Auto Repair Moving Diamond 14"

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In case you need a perfect set of car wheel dolly, here is a great buy you may consider. The wheel dollies are designed to ensure great stability and strength, which allows for elementary transportation of the damaged cars. Besides this, the pack comes with two pieces that support 1000lbs each. With this, you will get them excellent options for most cars.

They are fitted with 3.5-inches ball bearing 360-degrees swivel casters. Because of this, the dollies can easily move on every surface for simple transportation. Additionally, they are 14-inches wide plates to accommodate variable wheel sizes. The versatile products are excellent for use at the park, workshops, auto sales, and garages among others. Due to the lower affordable price, they provide value for the money.

Key Features
  • 14-inches large plates
  • 1000lbs weight capacity each
  • Wide range of applications
  • Four 3.5-inches 360-degrees swivel caster wheels
  • A pack of two-wheel dollies

OTC 1572 Car Wheel Dollies 3600lbs

OTC Tools 1572 Car Dollies with 3,600 lbs Capacity - 1 Pair

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For folks looking forward to buying the ideal car dollies, here is a selection you may consider. These dollies are designed to allow for simple movement of damaged cars. Due to this, they are special additions to garages and workshops among other places. To add more, they are built using quality powder-coated frames to offer excellent stability and strength for years. These products are fitted with three swivel caster wheels, which allows for simple movement on all terrains.

With a pack of two pieces, you will find them very reliable for your operations. Again, they support a maximum load capacity of 3600lbs to handle most cars. They are easy to carry for transportation and stackable for storage.

Key Features
  • Three large swivel wheels
  • 3600lbs weight capacity
  • Premium powder-coated metal frames
  • Wide range of applications
  • Convenient carry handles

Allstar Performance 3500lbs Aluminum Caster Wheel Dollies

Allstar Performance ALL10134 3500 lbs Aluminum Standard Caster Wheel Dolly, (Pack of 2)

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The built of the car wheel dolly determines the longevity and stability of the product. These products are designed using quality 5/16-inches extruded aluminum plates that ensure amazing support and durability. They are also powder-coated for rust and corrosion protection. Again, the plates are 10 x 16-inches wide for accommodating most wheels. That said, the pack comes with two pieces for reliable operations and supports 3500lbs for better performance.

Furthermore, they are equipped with four 360-degrees swivel wheels that allow for simple maneuverability in every direction. The 3-inches non-marking casters have locking systems for safety.

Key Features
  • 3-inches non-marking caster wheels
  • 3500lbs weight capacity
  • A pack of 2 wheel dollies
  • 10 x 16-inches wide plates
  • 5/16-inches extruded aluminum plates
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Trailer Valet Dual Axle Wheel Dolly Set

Trailer Valet | TVWD | Trailer:RV:Boat | Dual Axle Wheel Dolly Set (2) | 1,250 lbs Max. Wheel Weight

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Crafted from the best quality of solid steel frames and finished in a powder-coat, these car wheel dollies are great options that will serve you better and longer. These wheel dollies also feature foot pedals for simple hydraulic systems; hence will serve you accordingly. That said, these products support up to 1250lbs each, making them excellent options for most cars. Again, they are larger and versatile units that accommodate tire sizes of 9-inches x 32-inches.

Also, they are equipped with extra-large polyurethane caster wheels, making them ideal for simple maneuverability on every terrain. They are simple to operate and with the carry handles, they allow for easy portability.

Key Features
  • 1250lbs weight capacity each
  • Solid steel frames with powder-coat finish
  • Smooth foot pedal lift system
  • Premium polyurethane swivel caster wheels
  • Quality aluminum sleeve-fitting

ATD Tools Heavy Duty Car Wheel Dolly

ATD Tools 7466 Heavy Duty Car Dolly Set

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This is another top-rated car wheel dolly that you will get excellent for your operations. This product has a maximum weight capacity of 1500lbs, making it excellent for most cars. Besides this, the product is fitted with four heavy-duty 3-inches swivel caster wheels for simple maneuverability on every terrain. That said, the car wheel dolly has a large size of 12 x 16-inches to allow for proper fit of all wheel sizes.

Additionally, this car wheel dolly has two locking caster wheels that keep it in places for safety uses. The powder-coated steel built ensures prolonged use and amazing stability.

Key Features
  • 1500lbs weight capacity
  • Four 3-inches swivel caster wheels
  • 12 x 16-inches extra-large size
  • Premium powder-coated steel frames
  • A pack of two dollies

Car Wheel Dollies Buying Guide

  • Construction: First and foremost, get a product that is designed to serve longer and withstand repeated uses. Find a product that is built from extruded aluminum material or sturdy solid steel material. Besides this, the car wheels should be powder-coated for rust and corrosion protection.
  • Weight Capacity: Again, find a product that is designed to support the weight of most cars. The products support variable payloads like 1000lbs, 1500lbs, or 2000lbs per dolly. You need to go for a product that will hold the weight of most care; hence consider units that support 1500lbs or more.
  • Caster Wheels: Every car wheel dolly is equipped with certain numbers of caster wheels. You may get units that have three wheels or four swivel wheels. For simple movement, get a dolly that has four large wheels of 3-inches or more.


We have selected the best picks of car wheel dollies that you will find the ideal for your tasks. They are designed using quality powder-coated materials for a longer lifespan plus available in various sizes to choose from. These units accommodate different weights depending on the brand thus the best options you may consider.

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