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Top 10 Best Boat Navigation Lights in 2024 Reviews

by Dark Ereric
Boat Navigation Light

Whether you’re an avid fisherman, boat connoisseur, sailor, or new boat owner, a proper boat navigation light is mandatory after sunset, for early morning, & low visibility weather voyages. A lighting system is an excellent option for marine navigation since it can significantly enhance safety and improve visibility. These lights are rated waterproof IP66 and dustproof. This property makes it withstand harsh elements. They are bi-color having green and red colors.

Nevertheless, the challenge comes when you are out to find the right model for you. In all honesty, this is not as simple as many people would think because there are so many models and brands from different manufacturers. It sounds confusing, but with the buyer’s guide, all your worries are no more. Here are some wisely compiled boat navigation lights for you.

List of 10 Best Boat Navigation Lights in 2024

#10. THALASSA One Pair Boat Navigation LED Lights

THALASSA One Pair Boat Navigation LED Lights

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This boat navigation light from THALASSA is one pair of bright green and red lights with an ABS case. This light not only provides visibility of 2 nautical miles but also makes you visible in dark hours, ensuring safety. Other than that, this light consumes low power (2w).

What’s more, these marine navigation lights are rust-free, durable, and lightweight without interfering with the look of the boat. It works well for chandlery boats, rafts, yacht as stern lights, bow lights, and running lights replacement. With an extra seal gasket, the waterproofness of boat navigation lights is enhanced. It is, therefore, rated IP65 waterproof and hence durable and reliable.

Key Features
  • Material: ABS Cover
  • Visibility: two nautical miles
  • Low power consumption
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Radiation angle: 112.5-degree

#9. LEANINGTECH One Pair Bow Boat Navigation LED Lights

LEANINGTECH One Pair Bow Boat Navigation LED Lights

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Coming at number nine is this Boat Navigation Lights from LEANINGTECH is made of durable, premium-quality ABS plastic base plus SS304 stainless steel casing construction. With high-quality, lightweight material, these Bow Navigation Lights ensure long last life. This features two-color lights, green color for the starboard side, and red color for the port side. Apart from that, this bright LED bulb offers practical and simple boat safety lighting that consumes low power.

Besides, these boat navigation lights have an ingress protection rating of waterproof IP66 so, you didn’t have to worry about strong wind or pouring rain anymore. It is the perfect replacement bulbs for the pontoon boat, meets fisheries and wildlife regulations.

Key Features
  • Bright LED light
  • Compatibility: For Power or Sail Boats to 20 Meters
  • Mounting screws and refined stainless steel casing with rubber gaskets
  • Effective Lumen: Red:19Lumen, Green: 61.5Lumen
  • Dust-proofing and waterproofing: IP 66
  • Visibility: one nautical mile
  • Certificate: CE-RoHS

#8. SeaLux Marine Products Boat Navigation Side Lights

SeaLux Marine Products Boat Navigation Side Lights

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The boat yacht navigation light from SeaLux Marine product is sidelights GREEN and RED for 2 miles visibility. This boat navigation light is constructed with premium-grade materials to provide you with years of service. Designed using ultramodern technology alongside customers in mind, this product from SeaLux will give a lifetime service.

Moreover, it will deliver exceptional quality and meet your needs at a budget-friends cost. The material used to construct this boat navigation light with 316-grade stainless steel casing. Moreover, the permanent Snap-On cover and hard wire leads are also pleasing features of this product.

Key Features
  • Permanent Snap-On cover
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Service Life: 50,000 Hours
  • Has 4 LED configuration
  • Hardwire leads
  • Horizontal Surface mount

#7. Pactrade Marine bi-color Plugin Bow Light

Pactrade Marine bi-color Boat Navigation Light

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This boat navigation light from Pactrade Marine is a 13-1/2-inches red, green bi-color light. This light is made of aluminum post and plastic housing. It has a visibility of one Nautical Mile (NM). With aluminum post and plastic housing, this boat navigation light can even resist harsh elements.

Other than that, you will notice that this light has black housing and exhibits green/red color. Also, it uses a two-pin female connection. The 2-prong stern bulb base accompanies this model due to its compatibility with it

Key Features
  • Made with aluminum post & plastic housing material
  • Bi-color: Red / Green
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Visibility: 1NM
  • Working Voltage: 13 VDC.
  • Mount: two-pin female connection

#6. Obcursco Boat Bow Navigation LED Lights

Obcursco Boat Bow Navigation LED Lights

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Next on the list is boat navigation lights from Obcursco is a brilliantly bright marine navigation lamp for skeeter, pontoon, skiff, and powerboat. This light features a great blend of style, value, and bright. These boat bow lights adjust the LED lamp with green and red colors. And for longevity and high-quality, this boat bow light is made with superb ABS Material alongside sealed LED units that resist water intrusion.

What’s more, the rubber mounting gaskets and wire is needed to make the cleanest, easiest installation. It suitable for use on the pontoon, touring car, boat, speed boat, fishing boat, etc. They provide an effective and simple boat safety lighting, though it would not impact your boat appearance.

Key Features
  • Sealed, and reliable
  • Made with superb ABS Material
  • Long-lasting life
  • Characterized by 100% WATERPROOF design
  • Unique appearance
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#5. Linkstyle 12v Marine Boat Navigation LED Lights

Linkstyle 12v Marine Boat Navigation LED Lights

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Are you in pursuit of waterproof marine navigation lights? Fine Link style has you covered. This boat lights stern and bow adopted marine quality stainless steel coating and ABS plastic casing. These nautical navigation lights are lightweight and have a longer-lasting life. It is characterized by 4W LED lamp that offers an effective and simple boat safety lighting alongside low power consumption.

What’s more, this boat navigation Lamps features ingress protection rating of waterproof IP65 so, you didn’t have to fear strong wind or pouring rain anymore. It is suitable replacement bulbs for the pontoon boat, meet fisheries and wildlife regulations. Also, it is excellent for a fishing boat, yacht, pontoon, speed boat, and more.

Key Features
  • Wide Lighting Range
  • Uses 4W LED bulb
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Marine quality stainless steel shell & ABS plastic housing
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Visibility: one nautical mile
  • Radiation Angle: 225-degrees

#4. Shoreline Marine Portable LED Clamp

Shoreline Marine Portable Clamp on Navigation LED Light Combo

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The boat navigation light from Shoreline Marine is a Portable Clamp-on marine Light Combo that offers a fast alternative light supply for night boating. Along with that, it gives a superb backup in case existing lights go wrong. The kit also delivers an easy way out for installing lights on any small boat.

Therefore, it is characterized by Dual clamp mounts design. In all honesty, this light is Low amp draw, strong durability, and long-lasting life. In other words, the Low amp draws guarantee extended battery life. Also, it has dual clamp mounts. The navigation led light combo runs on 3 AAA batteries, which is not included in the package.

Key Features
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Battery operated all-around bow and stern lights
  • Low amp draw guarantee long battery life
  • Each light runs on AAA batteries
  • Dual clamp mounts included
  • Weighs 14.4 ounces
  • Package Measures 3.5 by 1.2 by 1.5 inches

#3. Shangyuan DC 12V 2PCS Boat LED Strip Lights

Shangyuan DC 12V 2PCS Boat Navigation LED Strip Lights

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This new boat navigation light from Shangyuan is more effective and stylish. It includes one 3.8-inches green & one 3.8-inches red LED strips. In addition to that, the PC lens is rated dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. Along with that, this LED light has a longer lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Moreover, it is characterized by low-temperature energy-saving and hence consuming low power.

When it comes to installation, you only require two wires connected together with foam tape bases and a free screw set. Ideally, it is a perfect fit for starboard light, bow light, portlight stern light, and navigation light. It is commonly used in a kayak, small boat, pontoon boat, and sailboat. Purchase with confidence, Shangyuan offers a warranty of one year on marine navigation light. This is to compensate for confirmed manufacturer defects or damaged items during delivery.

Key Features
  • LED quantity: six LEDs
  • Voltage: 12V-DC
  • LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Flux: 120 lumens
  • Material: ABS housing + PC Lens

#2. Attwood 1-Mile Deck Mount Bow Navigation LED Light

Attwood 1-Mile Deck Mount Bow Navigation LED Light

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Are you in search of a boat navigation light? Attwood LED light has got a solution for you. It is featured by a stainless-steel design that makes brightness and visibility clearer in the boat. Not only is it sealed to prevent corrosion, but also it has a green and red light that meets the bow light requirement. Besides this, Attwood LED navigation bow light is the lowest power consumption in the market. It runs on 2.4W and 12V DC.

Also, designed with bi-colored lights with 225 degrees visibility, and each light provides 112.5-degree visibility. Further customer demands are met since its safe, reliable, and easy to install.

Key Features
  • Fully sealed LED lamps resist electrostatic discharge, water intrusion
  • Rated for 50,000+ hours
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Integrated telltale indicators
  • Durable and bright LED lighting elements
  • Has high-quality durability and electro-polished style
  • Accompanied by a warranty of 10-year
  • Visibility: one nautical mile


LEANINGTECH Boat Navigation LED Lights

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Coming at number one is this boat navigation light from LEANINGTECH. This light has two colors in one lamp starboard side green color and port side red color. The LED lamp offers effective and simple boat safety lighting. It is also good to mention that this bulb consumes low power. And more admittedly, this boat navigation light meets and surpasses USCG Requirements due to its visibility of 2 nautical miles.

The other pleasing feature of this light is the durable construction material. It is constructed with a premium-grade ABS plastic base together with 304 Stainless Steel casing construction. Surprisingly, this light is characterized by an ingress protection rating of IP66 waterproof and, therefore, can withstand strong wind and pouring rain.

Key Features
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel with ABS base
  • LED Lifetime: 50000hrs
  • Green and red bow LT. 225°
  • Effective Lumen: 50LM
  • Voltage: DC10-30V
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Mount style: Horizontal mount

How to choose the best boat navigation lights

  • Marine legal requirements: There are legal guidelines, requirements that govern maritime navigation expeditions. Therefore, the boat navigation light of your choice should abide by these legal requirements. These regulations are based on your location. In general, you are expected to have particular navigation lighting on during low visibility hours or between dusk and dawn. When designing your layout and selecting your lights, it’s good to consider restrictions and requirements.
  • Quality: High-quality material is vital when it comes to purchasing marine equipment. Marine equipment, be it hardware, stereos, and even navigation software or, of course, navigation lights, encounter harsh weather elements, salts, and water damages. Therefore, consider higher-quality navigation light for your boat. If you purchase quality navigation light, there will be no need for replacement.
  • Waterproof: Since marine vessels are subjected to storm and rain showers, you need to buy waterproof navigation light to prevent such conditions. It is, therefore, important to consider something rated waterproof, for instance, IP65.
  • Use led lights: It is advisable for you to LED lights for Marine navigation. These LED lamps are a handy resource of light for boat navigation. They resist the wear & tear of the nautical vessel life. Unlike incandescent bulbs options, they are energy efficient and are as well long-lasting. These are versatile and adaptable.


Any marine vessel requires navigation light for safety reasons. If you’re a fisherman, boat connoisseur, or sailor, the products above are there for you to choose the best. All the above boat navigation lights are good enough to help you improve your maritime experience. Most of these lights are also applicable on and off-deck, and they further intensifying the visibility and safety of the marina.

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