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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Conference Phones in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Johnson Stev
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In larger conferences or boardrooms, it is vital to get the best conference phone that will allow for a two-way communication system. The Bluetooth conference phones have been designed to allow for seamless connection plus deliver crystal clear sound quality. That said, they are also sleek and modern in design so that they can be used in any given space. Most of them also have USB connection points for easy connection to PC and Macs for video conferencing. With the built in rechargeable batteries, they offer longer talk time.

Things that you need to look out for when making the order include battery life, two way communication, connectivity, design, sound quality, and price among others.

List of Best Bluetooth Conference Phones in 2024

#10. VTech ErisStation Wireless Conference Phone

VTech VCS702 ErisStation DECT 6.0 Conference Phone with Two Wireless Mics using Orbitlink Wireless Technology

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By: VTech

The battery life of the Bluetooth conference phones you wish to buy is a feature to check out when making the order. This is an efficient conference phone with a powerful and reliable battery offering up to 70 hours of runtime. Besides this, the phone has been equipped with two wireless DECT 6.0 microphones, which makes it very convenient. In addition to this, it also has a central fixed microphone. The good thing is that the unit features a central full-duplex speakerphone at the base. This enables the caller to be heard even when speaking.

Additionally, at the base, the phone has a magnetic charging bay that will keep the wireless microphone together and always ready for the next call. Furthermore, it also has a two-line backlit system that has both time and date; hence saves up to 50 CID entries. This also allows for easy usage under low light.

Key Features
  • Central full-duplex speakerphone
  • 2-line backlit display
  • Magnetic charging bays
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Guarantees longer runtime
  • It allows you to be heard when speaking
  • It is always ready for the next call
  • No protection interference
  • Higher price
  • Old product

#9. Polycom SoundStation2 Bluetooth Conference Phone

Polycom SoundStation2 Expandable Conference Phone (2200-16200-001)

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By: Polycom

This is a user friendly Bluetooth conference phones that is easy to control and use. With the graphical backlit LCD, it provides a better display of who is calling and allows you to select your preferred ringtone. In addition to this, the phone has been equipped with a total of three cardioid microphones each having intelligent mic mixing. The wireless system works in a range of 10-feet; hence very convenient to use in large conference rooms.

That said, it also allows for two conversations thanks to the acoustic clarity of the full-duplex. The unit also allows for easy volume adjustment so that it reduces the dynamic noise.

Key Features
  • Three cardioid microphones
  • 12-telephone keypad
  • Acoustic clarity full duplex
  • Graphical backlit LCD
  • Allows for a simultaneous two-way conversation
  • It is simple to control
  • Works within 10ft range
  • It’s just work for 110V
  • Couldn’t support with cordless headset
  • No missed call record or recently called
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#8. Meeteasy Expandable Bluetooth Speakerphone

Meeteasy MVOICE 8000 EX-B Expandable Bluetooth Speakerphone for Softphone and Mobile Phone Conference Call

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By: Meeteasy

With this quality expandable Bluetooth conference phones, you can easily expand it to suit your conference needs. It can accommodate more microphones, which suits it for most tasks. Other than this, it provides crystal clear sound thanks to the echo cancellation, which does away with the acoustic echo. To add more, the device also has a noise cancellation system that aids in eliminating the ambient noise.

The unit utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology, which allows for a seamless connection with your phone device. It also features a USB port, which allows for easy connection to PC web-conferencing plus supports video conferencing. Lastly, it has a sleek compact design for convenient storage.

Key Features
  • Echo cancellation system
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Noise cancellation system
  • USB connection
  • It supports video conferencing
  • Provides crystal clear sound
  • Connects seamlessly with phone devices
  • No wall charger included
  • No noise canceling

#7. AT&T DECT 6.0 Bluetooth Conference Phone

AT&T SB3014 DECT 6.0 Conference Phone with Four Wireless Mics

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By: AT&T

For premium sound quality, this is a great Bluetooth conference phones that you will find fantastic. The conference phone utilizes full-duplex technology plus both audio equalization and digital mixing. With all these, it ensures that no sound is lost. Also, it has a total of six microphones with four wireless and two fixed. This implies that it will cover the whole room. For better clarity, it also uses Dect 6.0 technology, which greatly enhances the sound system.

It features a built-in magnetic charging bays to keep the microphone charged and always ready for the next call. The device has a long-lasting battery, which guarantees up to 70 hours of runtime; hence very efficient.

Key Features
  • Four wireless and two fixed microphones
  • Built-in magnetic charging bays
  • Full duplex technology
  • Dect 6.0 technology
  • Provides a full room coverage
  • Guarantees longer talk time
  • Ensures the microphones are always charged and ready
  • No interference protection
  • Doesn’t have audio port
  • Non expendable device

#6. Konftel 55Wx Wireless Bluetooth Conference Speaker Phone

Konftel 55Wx Wireless Bluetooth HD Audio Conference Speaker Phone

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By: Konftel

Do you need the ultimate Bluetooth conference phone for your meetings? This is an exceptional unit that has an HD audio speakerphone for omnisound system. With this, it will be heard on all corners of the room. Second, to this, it connects seamlessly through Bluetooth, USB, and desk phone. This makes it a convenient unit that will suit you accordingly.

What is more, the conference phone has been equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that provides up to 9 hours of talk time. You can also expand the optional wired microphones so that it suits many users. Additionally, the affordable unit can record all calls on the SDHC and SD cards.

Key Features
  • HD audio speakerphone
  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 2-year warranty
  • It easily records all calls
  • Provides talk time of up to 9 hours
  • Allows for easy expansion to suit more users
  • No microphone included
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#5. AVAYA HD Bluetooth Conference Phone Station

Avaya B189 IP HD Conference Phone Station (700503700)

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By: Avaya

Featuring a sleek modern design, this is a favorite Bluetooth conference that will suit every space. The conference phone utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology so that it connects seamlessly to all devices. It also uses OmniSound technology to make sure that it maintains quality HD sound for better clarity. This also supports two-way communication so that you be heard when talking.

The easy to navigate 5-inch touchscreen display clearly shows the date and time for convenience. Other than this, it also comes with a built-in battery, which guarantees a longer runtime just as needed. Lastly, it is a cost-effective unit that you will find great for your budget.

Key Features
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • OmniSound technology system
  • HD-quality sound
  • Sleek modern design
  • It provides longer runtime and talks time
  • Elementary to control
  • Great for the executive boardroom and large conferences
  • Non power source included
  • It doesn’t work with Bluetooth

#4. Jabra Speak Portable Speaker

Jabra SPEAK 810 UC - Professional Unified Communication Speakerphone

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By: Jabra

You can now make all your calls plus listen to your favorite music when you got this quality portable speaker. It has been equipped with call control and seamless integration that has leading UC systems. These include the IBM Sametime, Microsoft Skype for business, and Avaya among others. In addition to this, it also has a sleek modern design, which allows for easy portability and convenience. The good thing is that the portable device produces amazing sound quality for greater performances.

To add more, it has been equipped with USB charge out port. With this, you can always charge your smartphone on the go.

Key Features
  • USB charge out port
  • Seamless integration
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Call control system
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Delivers crystal clear sound system
  • Allows you to charge your devices on the go
  • The cable too short

#3. ClearOne Pods Wireless Tabletop Conference Phone

ClearOne 910-158-600-00 MAXAttach Pods Wireless Tabletop Conference Phone System with 2 Pods

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By: ClearOne

Looking for the best Bluetooth conference phone? Here is an exceptional quality that you will find amazing for your conference or large boardrooms. The device has been designed from the best quality of material to guarantee a longer life. Besides this, it also features acoustic intelligence so that the first microphone activates to the closest person speaking. The unit has a total of three built-in microphones that will create an array with up to 360-degree audio pickup. The Bluetooth can work within a range of 12 feet, which ensures that it suits larger rooms.

It also features a distributed echo cancellation system plus noise cancellation for quality HD sound system. Lastly, the device has a large loudspeaker for a clear and rich sound system.

Key Features
  • Expandable design
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Acoustic intelligence
  • Distributed echo cancellation
  • It is a great unit for larger conference rooms
  • Provides up to 360-degree coverage
  • Ensures clear sound system
  • None
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#2. ClearOne 170 USB VoIP Hands-Free Wired Phone

ClearOne 910-156-250 Chat 170 USB VoIP Desktop Hands-Free Wired

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By: ClearOne

Here is another perfect selection of a conference phone that features both level control and automatic gain so that the microphones automatically adjust the levels required. Besides this, it has a noise cancellation system, which brings about ambient room noise and cancels it out for crystal clear communication.

Moreover, the unit also has a full-duplex audio performance, which ensures that you can listen and speak at the same time with no audio cutting. Due to the smaller and compact design, it takes a smaller space on your desktop. The good thing is that it delivers 360-degree sound and covers up to 8 ft.

Key Features
  • Automatic gain system
  • Noise cancellation
  • Full duplex audio performance
  • Level control adjustment
  • It delivers amazing crystal clear sound
  • Ensures better communication with no audio cutting
  • Provides 360-degree coverage
  • Don’t have a breakout box
  • Cannot connect to cisco phone

#1. Logitech Mobile Conferencing Bluetooth Phone

Logitech P710e Mobile Conferencing Speakerphone

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By: Logitech

When interested in finding the best Bluetooth conferencing phone, this is a great selection you never want to miss. The unit uses advanced DSP technology, which brings about precise tuning for the speaker and microphone. With the powerful and durable battery, the unit offers up to 15 hours of talk time, which makes it very convenient.

It also features a USB plug and plays connectivity, which allows for easy connection with Macs and PCs. The latest Bluetooth system ensures that it connects up to eight devices at the same time, which perfectly suits it for larger conferences. The good news is that the unit allows you to be heard and hear, which means that it supports proper conversation. The integrated stand position for tablets or mobile phone allows for easy positioning of the device.

Key Features
  • USB plug and play
  • Advanced DSP technology
  • An integrated stand position
  • Bluetooth technology
  • It offers up to 15 hours talk time
  • Supports up to eight devices at once
  • Delivers crystal clear sound system
  • Non of noise canceling
  • Don’t have automatically system shut off
  • It’s doesn’t record a phone call

Bluetooth Conference Phones Buyer’s Guide

To get the best Bluetooth conference phone, here are some of the vital features and factors to look out for.

  • Connectivity: Since the Bluetooth phones connect wirelessly, ensure that you get a perfect pick that uses the latest Bluetooth technology. The phone needs to support more devices at once for a seamless connection. With such a phone, you can conveniently use it even in larger rooms. Besides this, it also needs to have USB ports for easy connection with PC and Macs, which allows for video conferencing.
  • Two-Way Communication: For better conversation, you need to check out for a unit that allows for a two-way conversation. For such a unit, it should utilize Advanced DSP technology or a Full-Duplex audio system. Through this, you will hear and be heard; hence very convenient. Other than this, the unit also needs to deliver a crystal clear sound quality with no noise and echo interference.
  • Battery Life: The battery life of the device will determine how long the phone can serve. For a longer talk time and runtime, check for a unit that has been equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery. The battery should offer up to 15 hours of talk time for great convenience.

More considerations to look for include the design, price, ease of use, area coverage, and warranty.


From the above product reviews and comprehensive buyer’s guide, we have sampled some of the top-rated products that will suit your conferencing needs. These are quality Bluetooth conferencing phones that you can use in larger conference rooms and boardrooms. Besides this, they are also integrated with the latest technology so that you can hear and be heard for a better conversation. To add more, the phones are also convenient since they have been equipped with built-in rechargeable batteries, which means that they will serve you better. What is more, they also provide crystal clear sound thanks to the echo and noise cancellation systems. Lastly, they have sleek and modern designs to suit every space; hence the best units you never want to miss.

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