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The Safest Beekeeper Suits of 2024

by Alexa Kova
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Whether you are a professional beekeeper or an amateur, you definitely understand the significance of having a quality-made bee suit. There is nothing heroic about getting stung. Nevertheless, having the best set of protective garments, it will guard you against stings from bees. Beekeeper Suits are designed to cover your entire body so that your feet, hands, and face are not at risk when gathering honey.

Choosing the right Beekeeper suit can rather be a challenging task. To help you choose the best one that will offer the utmost protection from a bee sting, we have polled together a list of the top 10 best Beekeeper Suits in 2024.

The Best Seller of Beekeeper Suits

Our Top Picks

Bees and Co U83 Beekeeper Suits Ultralight Suit with Round Veil

Bees & Co U83 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit with Round Veil

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Stay safe from bee stings with Bees and Co Beekeeper Suit. It is a high-quality Beekeeper Suit with a unisex design and can be worn by both men and women between 180 cm to 185 cm. In addition to that, it has cotton cuffs and an Elasticated waistband plus foot loops & elastic thumb to keep everything comfortably in place. In addition to that, this suit comes with 2 leg hive tool pockets, cotton knee pads, and 3 pockets.

These beekeeping suits are ventilated and come with a removable round veil that allows you to have better visibility. Other than that, the suit has heavy-duty zippers that do not allow any stings to pass through into your skin. It is a ventilated and ultra-light Beekeeper Suit with cotton cuffs and an elasticated waistband to allow the user to stay safe from bee stings. Moreover, it has a unisex design making it ideal for men and women.

Key Features
  • Unisex design making it ideal for men and women
  • Durable double-stitched pockets
  • Elasticated waistband and cotton cuffs
  • Ultra-light keeps you ultra-cool
  • Comes with heavy-duty zippers
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Forest Beekeeping Supply Beekeeping Suit with Metal Brass Zippers and Round Hood (XX-Large)

Forest Beekeeping Supply - Premium Cotton Beekeeping Suit With Round Hood | Suitable For Beginner and Commercial Beekeepers | Metal Brass Zippers | Thumb Straps | Hive Tool Pockets - (XX Large)

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Forest Beekeeping is a very well known company for its quality beekeeping suits, among other equipment. This beekeeping suit is nothing short of the best quality. First, the suit is made of premium cotton, making it lightweight and allows the skin to breathe. The suit’s hood is constructed from sturdy mesh that will enable you to see clearly without compromising your safety. Moreover, it is detachable, allowing you to effortlessly remove it whenever you do not want to use it.

The whole body, hands, and legs are fully protected thanks to the suit elastic thumb straps and durable, brass zippers that allow them to use it dairy without jamming or breaking. Whether you are a beginners or professional beekeeper, this Beekeeping Suit will suit you better. The suit is constructed from premium cotton, making it lightweight and breathable, thus preventing discomfort and excessive sweating. It also offers full protection from nasty bee attacks and stings.

Key Features
  • Removable round veil for maximum visibility
  • It has sturdy and heavy-duty brass zippers
  • Made of premium cotton, making it lightweight and breathable
  • Ideal for both professionals and beginners
  • Comes with handy thumb straps
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Humble Bee Polycotton Beekeeping Suit, self-supporting Round Veil

Humble Bee 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

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Beginners can go for this Beekeeping Suit from Humble Bee to keep themselves safe when attending the hives. This suite features a unisex design for both men and women between 186 cm to 191 cm. Ideally, this Beekeeping Suit is made of 50% synthetic and 50% cotton blend and will provide dairy comfort in different weather conditions and outstanding protection against bee stings.

This suit is tailored with elastic ankles, elastic wrists, thumb, and foothold that keep everything comfortably in place. Something else, the suit has heavy-duty brass zippers that are durable and do not break easily. It also has durable double-stitched pockets that allow you to keep your beekeeping gear handily. The suit has a removable veil that allows easy cleaning and storage. Moreover, it has elastic ankles and elastic waist to keep your whole body protected from bee stings. Lastly, it comes with a deluxe canvas carrying case.

Key Features
  • Has unisex design ideal for men and women
  • Made of 50% cotton and 50% synthetic blend
  • Comes with deluxe canvas carrying case
  • Durable double-stitched pockets
  • It has heavy-duty brass zippers

SRV- 3X Layer Safety Protective Unisex Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

SRV- 3X Layer Ultra Ventilated Safety Protective Unisex White Fabric Mesh Beekeeping Suit Beekeeper Suit Outfit Round Veil

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This is another excellent quality beekeeping suit that comes from a top manufacturer in the market. This Beekeeping Suit is constructed from durable and extra strong 3 layers of mesh that allows maximum air to circulate your body, especially during hot weather conditions. The Polyester Mesh can be easily be switched from inside and outside, while the overall thickness of the three layers is 99 percent sting proof.

Another thing, this Unisex Beekeeping Suit, has a detachable veil that comes with 30mm Ring Pullers, which allows easy handling of the Zippers on the veil.  The Bottoms and Ankles are also Elasticated with loops. Besides that, it comes with 5 multi-use pocket that includes 1 arm pocket, 2 back pockets, and 2 chest pockets. It is a 3 Layer mesh Beekeeping Suit that it 99% sting proof. What’s more, it comes with a detachable veil with a comfort zipper and can be easily be removed for washing. The 5 multi-use pockets allow you to use it to carry your beekeeping accessories.

Key Features
  • 5 multi-use pockets on the suit
  • Made of extra strong 3 layers mesh for better air circulation
  • Fencing style veil with comfort zipper
  • Adjustable wrists and cuffs
  • Ankles and bottoms are elasticated with loops

VIVO Professional Full Body XL/XXL Cotton Beekeeping Suit (BEE-V106XL)

VIVO Professional XL:XXL Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit with Veil Hood (BEE-V106XL)

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The VIVO Beekeeping Suit is a complete set of Beekeeping jacket to get started on your beehives right away. The suit is constructed from a  lightweight, comfortable and protective fabric materials and will offer you full protection from bee sting. Moreover, it has elastic ankle openings and wrist openings to seat the suit while offering extra protection. This Beekeeping Suit comes with a collapsible Veil with zippers to provide extra protection for beekeeping.

The hood and the jacket are hand washable. It perfectly fits individuals who is approximately 6’3″ in height and the suit is 79″ from the bottom of ankle gatherings to the hood’s top. It is a petty great suit that is lightweight and has a protective design. This suit is constructed from a lightweight, comfortable, and protective fabric. In addition to that, it has elastic Ankle Openings and Wrist Openings to seal your body property to ensure your whole body is protected from bee stings.

Key Features
  • The hood and jacket are hand washable
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers and collapsible Veil offers ample protection
  • Fit someone up to about 6’3″
  • Made from a comfortable and lightweight fabric
  • Has elastic around both the ankles and wrists
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REAMTOP Professional (Gloves, Pants Jacket) Beekeeper Suits

REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit (Jacket, Pants, Gloves)

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The REAMTOP Beekeeper Suits includes gloves, pants, and jackets to provide full protection to your body and face when attending the beehives. It is going to cover every inch of skin from ankle to head. Ideally, this professional Beekeeper Suit is constructed from white polyester fabric materials with collapsible and self-supporting hood and linen fabric & goatskin gloves. It protects against stings while letting you remain cool during summer days.

Its unisex design makes it ideal for both men and women, and it is widely used for both gardening and beekeeping industries. The pants and jacket are separate, and this makes it easy to put on and take off. Subsequently, there is pockets on the jacket allowing you to keep you other beekeeping gears. This beekeeping jacket is made from Ventilated cotton-blend material, making it lightweight. It is also cool to wear during hot days. Another thing, it has full-length sleeves that feature elastic cuffs to ensure additional arm protection.

Key Features
  • Made of ventilated cotton-blend material
  • It has pockets on the jacket and pants
  • Safety elastic bands
  • Unisex design suits for most beekeepers
  • Round hat with a veil

Xgunion Professional Gloves Pants and Jacket Beekeeper Suits

Xgunion Professional Beekeeper Suit (Jacket, Pants, Gloves)

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If you want to keep yourself sting-proof when visiting beehives, the Xgunion Beekeeper Suit is one of the great gear you should check out. This beekeeper suit is made using lightweight fabric that creates excellent protection against the stings and will keep you cool even on hot days. This suit has an approximate shoulder width of 25 inches, a hat height of 6 inches, a hat diameter of 15-1/2 inches, and the length of the pants is 44 inches.

The package includes Gloves, Pants, and a Jacket to offer whole-body protection. Moreover, the suit is tailed with elastic ankles, elastic wrists, and elastic waist for added protection. It also has a unisex design making it ideal for both men and women. Above all, the jacket is offered with unconditional 30 days return service. It is a high-quality bee protecting dress that features elastic ankles, elastic wrists, and elastic waist for added protection. Besides that, it has a self-supporting veil that covers your head and face.

Key Features
  • Tailored fit with an elastic waist
  • Made of a lightweight fabric to keep you cool
  • Includes Jacket, Gloves, and Pants
  • Has a hat diameter of approximate 15-1/2 inches
  • Unisex design for men and women

Feiyy Bee Keeper Outfit Beekeeping Uniform with Veil Hood

Feiyy Bee Keeper Uniform, Bee Keeper Outfit, Beekeeping Suit Protective with Veil Hood (Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Scraper)

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Feiyy has made their suit to be user-friendly, comfortable, and long-lasting. This suit fits most adults as it has an approximately sleeve length of 22.04 inches, approximate shoulder width of 28-1/8 inches, and an approximate full chest of 51.2 inches. Ideally, this Beekeeping Uniform comes with Stainless steel J hook, making it very hard to break or bend. Other than that, it comes with 7 inches large pocket on the front to keep your beekeeping tools safe.

The package includes beekeeping gloves that are designed to offer you maximum flexibility when handing beehives and tools. Other than that, it includes pants and a jacket that covers every inch of skin from ankle to head. The elastic ankle openings and wrist makes it a perfect choice. The package includes gloves, pants, and a jacket covering every inch of skin from ankle to head. In addition to that, the groves provide you maximum flexibility when handling beehives and bee tools.

Key Features
  • Has 7 inches large pocket on the front
  • Comes with beekeeping gloves that offer maximum flexibility
  • It includes veil, pants, and jacket
  • Fits for most adults men and women
  • It covers every inch of skin from ankle to head
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Holulo Beekeeping Suits with Fencing Veil (L/4.9ft) for Kids

Holulo Beekeeping Suits for Kids, Beekeeper Suits with Fencing Veil (L:4.6ft)

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Holulo brings to you an affordable suit that is best suited for kids. It is made from a premium 100% cotton; thus, it will keep you cool even during hot days; this prevents you from excessive sweating while making you feel more comfortable. Subsequently, this Beekeeping Suits comes with a detachable Fencing Veil to allow easy cleaning and storage. Other than that, the mesh on the Veil is made of tough quality materials while it will offer all-round visibility.

The jacket is tailored to fit with the elastic cuffs and waist. Therefore, whether you are slim or fat, both can wear comfortable. The thumb holds to keep this suit seamlessly in place. Besides that, the Velcro fasteners Design usually prevents the zipper from sliding down. This high-quality Beekeeping Suits is made from premium 100% cotton, making it lightweight and will keep you cool during hot weather. Irrespective of whether you are slim or fat, you can wear this jacket comfortably.

Key Features
  • Constructed from a premium 100% cotton
  • Comfortable to wear and machine washable
  • Detachable fencing veil for easy storage and cleaning
  • Elastic cuffs and waist
  • Double-stitched pockets design for carrying tools

Silginnes Full Body Bee Suit for Women with Gloves, Pants, and Hood

Bee Suit for Women - for Professionals and Beginners - Full Body Bee Keeper Outfit - Best for Beekeeping - Protective Bee Jacket with Hood, Pants, Gloves - by Silginnes

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Silginnes Full Body Bee Suit is a ventilated beekeeping jacket that will make your life much easier by offering maximum resistance from bee stings. It is a full-body beekeeper suit with elastic bands so that it can fit almost every woman. Whether you are a professional or beginner beekeeper, you can easily go near to bees or a bee farm when wearing this Full Body Bee Suit without fearing of being stung.

This jacket comes with a veil made of mesh materials to keep bugs and bees away from the face while steel guarantees great visibility. When you want to clean the beekeeper hat, you can easily remove it because it has a zipper around ahead. Gloves and pants are included as well. It is an extremely lightweight Bee Suit that fits almost every woman. Moreover, it has a veil that keeps bugs and bees away from your face while guaranteeing great visibility.

Key Features
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners
  • Full body beekeeper outfit
  • Extremely lightweight and allows the skin to breathe
  • It is perfect for even warmer days
  • Has high visibility mesh that offers great visibility

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Beekeeper Suits

  • Size: Beekeeper Suits are accessible in different sizes and vary from small to large. Some jackets are too loose or too tight; therefore, get the comfortable one to allow you to move freely and work conveniently.
  • Veil type: Veil is the part that secures your head while covering your face. It is made of breathable mesh to offer protective ventilation and covering. Some of them have zippered closure to allow east taking off for washing and for comfortable wearing. Get a beekeeper suit that is rounded to keep the bees away from your face. Moreover, you can select between fencing and collapsible veils.
  • Temperature: In most cases, these Beekeeper Suits will cover your whole body. Following this, get the one that will make your body cool to avoid sweating, especially during cold weather. Choose a suit that is made of either cotton-blended polyester or cotton materials to keep you comfortable. These suits have ventilator panels that are breathable to ensure that you remain cool.
  • Material: Most beekeeping suits are constructed from cotton materials with exceptional properties when it comes to comfort and ventilation. Canvas made of heavy cotton is an ideal option as they offer superior comfort, utmost protection, and durability. Nonetheless, nowadays, beekeeping suits are made with ventilation that prevents moisture build-up and promotes breathability.
  • Openings and seals: To keep yourself secure and safe from stings, make sure that the suit opening is not too loose around arms and feet. Therefore, get a suit that has elastic openings around feet and hands for better fit and protection. The seals can either have zippers and adjustable Velcro straps for extra protection.


Beekeeping suit is an undeniably important protective gear that you must wear, especially when harvesting honey or when heading to the bee farms. Look for a suit that is high-quality materials, and it is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Also, remember to look at the size before buying one. Go through the list above and choose the one that satisfies your needs perfectly.

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